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    Amazon Appstore – Free App Of The Day – Pac-Man

    Don’t miss today’s free offering from Amazon, it’s that classic Pac-Man developed by Namco and worth $4.99. Click here, to download it for free. What? You want a story? It’s PAC-MAN! Eat all the dots in the maze to move to the next stage while avoiding four ghosts. Eat Power Pellets to temporarily turn the ghosts blue and soften them up for snack time. Swallow them to send their eyes scurrying back to their base. Use their recovery time to snag all the dots in every corner of the maze. Eat the fruits and bonus items that appear for additional points and see how high you can score. Will PAC-MAN…

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    Amazon Appstore Free App Of The Day – Cardio Trainer Pro

    A great deal from Amazon this today, this app usually retails for $9.99. WorkSmart Labs’ CardioTrainer Pro, which builds upon the features included in the popular CardioTrainer app, turns your Android phone into a detailed and customizable personal fitness tracking device. Keep an eye on your workouts, track your progress en route, and share your results with like-minded exercise aficionados. By recording and tracking all your workout details, CardioTrainer Pro is a handy and popular tool to keep track of each of your workouts. To download this app just click here Pro Features CardioTrainer Pro’s additional features help you stay active and make fitness and exercise more fun and thus…

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    Amazon Appstore – Free App Of The Day – Abduction! 2

    Don’t miss this free app available from the Amazon Appstore today. Abduction! 2. As cute, cuddly animals begin disappearing in droves across the world, their last hope once again rests in the supernatural leg-strength of Abduction’s bovine hero. Abduction! 2 is the follow-up title to Psym Mobile’s smash hit sensation, Abduction! World Attack, as you are once again tasked with rescuing your animal friends from their alien abductors. This time, however, you’ll find new items to help you along on your quest–trampolines, parachutes, and even rocket ships are at your disposal. Jump from stage to stage as you travel around the world, save your friends, and pick up a few…

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    Amazon Appstore Free App Of The Day – Hundred Pushups

    Don’t miss this great app currently going free over at the Amazon App Store. If you’re serious about increasing your strength, follow this six week training program and you’ll soon be on your way to completing 100 consecutive push-ups. Think there’s no way you could do this? You can! All you need is a good plan, plenty of discipline, and about 30 minutes a week to achieve your goal. No doubt there are those of you out there that can already do 50 consecutive push-ups, but let’s face it, you’re in a big minority. Most people will only be able to do 5, or 10, or 20. Or maybe you’ve…

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    Amazon Appstore – Free App Of The Day – textPlus GOLD Free Text + Group Text

    Break away from your mobile carrier’s texting limitations and keep an open dialogue with your friends–for free. GOGII, the makers of TextPlus Gold, believe in the importance of staying connected with friends and family– so much, in fact, that they’re willing to pay for it. The thought of texting for free is liberating, no doubt, but textPlus Gold offers much more than savings. This app presents unique texting opportunities, enhancing and expanding text conversations. After registering and getting your free texting phone number, you’ll be able to invite multiple friends into existing text conversations, create and join texting communities, meet new friends, and text from anywhere in the world, free…

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    Amazon Appstore – Free App Of The Day – Debt Payoff Planner

    In these tough and trying times this app may help you with your debt planning – at least it’s free today, so that should help a little. Why not download this app and see if it works for you? If you wondering which credit card or loan to pay off first? How long it will take you to become debt free? The Debt Payoff Planner app for Android can answer these important financial questions and help you manage your debts simply and strategically. You can download this app for free today just by clicking here. Dealing with Debt For most people today, managing debt is just one more aspect of…

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    Amazon Appstore – Free App Of The Day – Chuzzle

    The latest Android app to hit the Amazon Appstore and going free today looks set to become incrediblly popular. Chuzzle by PopCap Games provides non stop action gameplay. Why not give it a try out today, normally it will cost $2.99. Chuzzles: well, they’re adorable, cute, and cuddly. These googly-eyed little balls of fur giggle, squeak, and sneeze as you poke and push them across the grid. They’re also explosive when they get together in a group of three or more. And there’s only one way to make Chuzzels happy: pop ’em. Just slide, prod, and nudge the Chuzzles with a touch of the finger to match three or more…

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    Angry Birds Rio (Ad-Free) Free On The Amazon Appstore For Android Today

    Don’t miss your chance to download Angry Birds Rio to your Android device from the Amazon Appstore today, hurry, the clocks is ticking… Angry Birds Land in Rio Just when you thought they couldn’t get any angrier, the Angry Birds flock gains new cause for vengeance. Swept away by smugglers to Rio de Janeiro, their captors soon find out that these caged birds don’t sing. It’s time to bring back their unique brand of weaponry–the finger-powered slingshot–and launch the newest adventure in the world’s most popular physics-based casual game. In the original Angry Birds, this peace-loving flock was hoodwinked by greedy green pigs with a hunger for poached eggs. After…

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    Doodle Jump Going Free Today In The Amazon Android Appstore

    If there is such a thing as a "classic" in a mobile gaming genre that is still very young, Doodle Jump is exactly that. Millions have been charmed by the delightfully addictive gameplay and irresistible style of this casual platforming game. Don’t miss out on this great offer, just for today. Go here to downloand.

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    Choosing The Right Keywords For Your App

    We all know how important keywords are on the internet and Amazon have published a new article to their Amazon Appstore Developer Blog, to help you ensure you understand the process. Keywords are not visible to customers in the Amazon Appstore, instead they are used (in addition to the content in your detail page and the name of your app),  by Amazon’s search engine to match products with search phrases on Amazon.com.  Keywords can be a maximum of 500 characters per app submission and they must be relevant to the app they’re associated with.  Keywords should be separated by a comma and you can submit multiple keywords with your app submission. …