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Break away from your mobile carrier’s texting limitations and keep an open dialogue with your friends–for free. GOGII, the makers of TextPlus Gold, believe in the importance of staying connected with friends and family– so much, in fact, that they’re willing to pay for it.

The thought of texting for free is liberating, no doubt, but textPlus Gold offers much more than savings. This app presents unique texting opportunities, enhancing and expanding text conversations. After registering and getting your free texting phone number, you’ll be able to invite multiple friends into existing text conversations, create and join texting communities, meet new friends, and text from anywhere in the world, free of charge.


The more the merrier! A group text is a conversation among three or more people. To start one, just invite friends into your conversation. Add friends to a group text easily, and at any time. Your friends can participate in group texting conversations on any mobile device, and they don’t need to have textPlus Gold.

Once an invite into a chat room is accepted (via text, of course), all participants will see every response; for friends without the app, however, standard texting charges will apply. With group text capabilities, staying connected and keeping your clique tight is just made easier.



    •    Unlimited free texting with your textPlus Gold phone number
    •    Three-way or Group texting
    •    Free texts to and within the U.S. and Canada
    •    Free app-to-app messaging anywhere in the world
    •    SMS (text) and MMS (pics) capable
    •    Instant notifications and quick-reply pop ups
    •    Access to chat Communities and the ability to create your own

Usually this app costs $2.99 but today you can download it for free – you can do so by clicking here.

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