FX Photo Studio Adds Muscle and Turns Pro For Move to Mac


MacPhun has today announced the highly anticipated release of FX Photo Studio for Mac, the supercharged and more adept version of the wildly successful FX Photo Studio mobile franchise. FX Photo Studio for Mac will be available in Standard and Pro editions at launch, giving photography enthusiasts the option to choose the most suitable version for their image processing needs. In addition to its expert handling of every major file format, including RAW image files, FX Photo Studio’s easy-to-use interface and robust editing features makes it one of the most powerful image processing tools available on the Mac App Store.


With access to over 150 of the most widely used photography effects, users can blend all of today’s top trending filters while easily mastering styles of photography art such as, lomography, analog effects, vignettes, tilt-shift, sketches, textures and many more. FX Photo Studio Standard and FX Phot Studio Pro also support image resolution up to 16 and 32 mega-pixels respectively, which ensure that almost no camera will miss out on FX Photo Studio’s photo editing prowess. The introduction of new, polished photo editing tools including, sharpening, shadowing and numerous color adjusters, provide users with an unlimited realm of creativity at their fingertips.


“Our primary goal for FX Photo Studio on Mac was to provide users with comprehensive photo editing software that lacked the steep learning curve, but still packed plenty of power for professionals to utilize,” says MacPhun CEO, Paul Muzok. “Through years of cooperation with artists and photographers, our team has gained a true understanding of what users are looking for in photo processing and editing tools. That knowledge has allowed us to provide them with a photo editing program that is, dollar for dollar, one of the best photo editing tools available on the Mac App Store.”

FX Photo Studio Pro for Mac is currently on sale and available for $29.99 on the Mac App Store and you can download it here.

FX Photo Studio Standard for Mac is currently on sale and available for $14.99 on the Mac App Store and you can download it here.

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