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Due to an error by the developers of Vignette, they are no longer able to update the version of Vignette we published to the Android Market in October 2009. As of 24 February 2011, that version of Vignette is labelled "Vignette (deprecated)", and a new version can be found labelled "Vignette".

If you purchased Vignette from the Android Market before 24 February 2011, you will no longer receive updates for it from the Android Market.



    1.    You can purchase the new version from the Android Market, and uninstall the deprecated version. This way you will continue to receive updates from the Android Market, but you will lose your settings from the deprecated version.

To ensure that you get a refund as quickly as possible: if you used the Market app on your phone to purchase the deprecated version, please use that to purchase the new version. If you used the Android Market website at to purchase the deprecated version, please use that to purchase the new version.

If you still haven’t received a refund after an hour of purchasing the new version, please contact the developers here with either, or both, of your order numbers, and they’ll get it sorted out as quickly as they can. If you don’t know your order numbers, you can get them by logging into Google Checkout with the same Gmail address that you used to register your phone on the Android Market.

    2.    If you don’t want to lose your settings, you can download and install updates from this page. Follow @VignetteUpdates on Twitter for notifications of new updates.

    3.    If Vignette works fine as it is, and you don’t want updates, you can continue using it without doing anything. The version of Vignette you purchased will not stop working.

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