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Definitely one of the best photography apps out there, it comes highly recommended by – read our section here on it. ShutterSnitch allows you to wirelessly transfer images to your iPad from your Eye-Fi card, Canon, Nikon or other filetransmitter that supports uploading to an FTP server over your wireless network.

This app is available on iPad or iPhone for $15.99/Download here

ShutterSnitch has just had a major update, see What’s New below…

What’s New


• Better multitasking support. (See the settings)

• It’s now possible to use the Transmit "mount as disk" feature with the active collection folder.

• The thumbnails in the collection overview now represents the last viewed photo. If you like the old way, you can turn off "Thumbnail is current photo" in the settings.
• Stretching a collection thumbnail with 2 fingers will now let you peek into the collection and see a little size info on it.

• The histogram now pops more to the side, obscuring the photo less.

• IPTC metadata writing supported for the current basic fields.

• Added a setting to start browsing from the first photo every time you enter a collection.

• Actions are now saved inside "tasks" so you can have multiple presets to switch between. 

• Failed actions will now be added to a queue that can be run again / at a later time.

• Actions are now available from the export/selection screen.

• Invert-selection button added to the export/selection screen.

• Images displayed on an external screen now matches its resolution (old max size was 1280 pixels).

• Added a "Move to collection" action.

• Added a "Condition" action that’ll let you set up conditional actions.

• ShutterSnitch Backup and FTP transfers from the device have been optimized to use much less memory.

• Added a "None" option to the slideshow transitions.

• Bug fixes

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