Flurry Looking to Massively Promote Three Apps at SXSW


For the last several years, Flurry has worked hard to help developers succeed in the new iOS and Android economy.  At SXSW 2012 this year, they’re building on this legacy in a major way with their App Spotlight promotional series.  

Perhaps you’ll consider applying for the chance to have Flurry amplify your SXSW app launch this year, making your app a highlight of the show.  There are no gimmicks or catches.  Flurry just want to help the coolest apps stand out from the crowd.  This opportunity is open to any company, big or small, launching an app at SXSW 2012.

Here’s The Deal


Flurry has a massive presence at the heart of SXSW this year, and they want to share it with you.  They’re going to make three lucky companies stars at the show, with a complete promotional package putting the top apps in the spotlight. They have three party / press days lined up on March 9, 10 and 11.  All that’s left to do is find our guests of honor!  And they would love to consider you!

The Package

  • Two (2) round-trip tickets to Austin, TX
  • A Rocking Party at The Alcatel-Lucent & Friends Hilton Lounge
  • Party includes a Packed Room, Delicious Food and Tasty Drinks (read: booze)
  • MC’ing byVentureBeat or ReadWriteWeb Reporter, with You as Interview Star
  • Flurry Full-tilt Email and Social Media Promotion to the World
  • In-Living-Color, Live Video Streaming by TechZulu
  • Respect, Adoration & Tears of Joy from Peers, Friends, Family & More!

How To Get Selected

Just submit details about your app for consideration to receive flights for two to SXSW, major on-site visibility and press coverage. Flurry look at it like this, they figure you built the app, the least they can do is throw the party.  Please submit your app details by Tuesday, February 28. They’ll notify three lucky companies by Friday, March 2, good luck.

4 thoughts on “Flurry Looking to Massively Promote Three Apps at SXSW”

    • Hi Sean, no news yet but Flurry did confirm that they would notify winners on Friday 2 March, today – so hopefully we’ll here later on. It’s a case of watch this space – did you send up an app?

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