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iFlipTips is a brand new iOS app that has just gone live on the Apple App Store. iFlipCards lets you make Q&A flipcards, capture audio, video, text and take/use pics and answer with pics, video, text and audio, not only text. iFlipTips is simple, single button notecards with text, audio, video and pics. Both iFlipTips and iFlipCards can be shared/posted to Twitter, Facebook or email. Capture information and file it fast with unlimited Library Folders and Subfolders.

iFlipTips is free and you can download it here.




iFlipTips consists of two key programs – FlipTips and FlipCards. The app is designed to help clients seeking easy-rapid ways to build mobile “self-help” and “just enough and just-in-time” tools for their sales, support channel partners and others.

iFlipTips is part of a suite of communications and collaboration tools designed to improved personal time management and customer communications.



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