iPad – My Year In Pictures HD


The most advanced and comprehensive photo journal app yet. Perfect for those who want to take a picture everyday. 

Finally a way to take 2 pictures daily, send them to friends and family, and create your own video from these pictures. 

This app does it all. A beautifully designed calendar view lets you see a thumbnail of all the pictures you have taken for that month. Quickly scan the monthly view to look for particularly good days or bad days. Record a comment to further explain what happened on a particular day. 

The PhotoFlip view allows you to quickly flip through all the images. 

The video feature lets you create a video of all the images from the dates you set. 

The is a perfect app for those who are looking for a simple and elegant way to keep a photo journal of their lives.

This app retails for $2.99/£1.99 and you can download it here.


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