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Already approved by Apple and due to hit the store this Friday, May 4, 2012, Portfolio Pro is said to be ‘the most intuitive fully featured portfolio app to hit the iPad, it will also be the first app of its genre to support batch import from both Flickr and Dropbox’. It even works offline, making it an excellent too for client meetings.

With Portfolio Pro you no longer need to worry about your private photos getting mixed in with your professional portfolio work during presentations. You control all the content and it’s easy to hide and show galleries and photos for specific clients. Last minute changes are also quick and easy to make by triple-tapping any screen to switch between client and editing.

Bespoke Branding



You design Portfolio Pro to work with your existing brand and style. Choose colors and fonts to create custom themes. Overlay your logo onto your home and gallery screens. Write your own title and description text and add a link to your website. You’ll be up and running in no time, it’s a very easy app to configure.



When it comes to presenting your work or products to clients, Portfolio Pro shines. Its’ home page animated screensaver enables you to pick featured work. Clients then swipe to flip into the main galleries. Tapping any thumbnail in a gallery zooms into a slideshow mode and you or your client can flip through your work or let it autoplay.


Pixel Details



Portfolio Pro is retina-ready and can import high resolution JPGs, PNGs, TIFs, GIFs, MOVs, MP4s and M4Vs enabling you and your clients to zoom and pan every pixel of your artwork.




This app will launch on Friday for a special sale price of $9.99/£5.99 – check back here as we may have some codes for giveaway though 😉

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  1. Wow this looks amazing. I’ve tried most of the portfolio apps out there and this one may become my new favorite…. I really hope to give it a try as soon as possible!

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