PhotoWizard-Photo Editor – Temporary Price Drop


Powerful photo editor for editing your photos on iPhone/iPod. Play with your photos, make photo editing fun.

Either on the full image or selectively apply filters with advanced image masking tools. Mask a portion of an image with a magic touch. Apply any filter to the unmasked portion from a wider range of filter choices. Apply multiple filters to achieve custom effects. For example you can easily create color splash, hue splash, tilt shift etc. just by combining mask and filters.

This app has just received a major update. Not only that the price has dropped to only $0.99/£0.69 instead of the more usual $1.99/£1.49. Click here to download.


What’s New?



★ 20 new awesome effects under Classic Effects.

★ 3 New gray presets.

★ 4 New borders.

★ Random color and border effect generator.

★ New Bleach Bypass effect.

★ New mask eraser brush.

★ Masking brush is now super fast with hardware acceleration.

★ Masking brush’s smoothness now can be controlled.

★ Lasso’s border now has an adjustable smooth radius.

★ Lasso can be used to mask either inside or outside the loop.

★ Live preview of blend modes in the Gradient tool.

★ Space optimization, PhotoWizard will now consume lesser space on your iPhone/iPod.

★ A delete button to delete the working session to reclaim space.

★ Native Twitter integration.

★ Fixed the bug that was causing the pre-edited photos to mask and crop incorrectly.

★ Fixed a crash bug in the invert filter.

★ More zoom to do better masking work.

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