TAKTIK: Premium Protection System for the iPhone


This is a Kickstarter project that is now guaranteed to be funded, with 21 days still to go and $334,534 pledged of a $150,000 this is a sure fire winner. Let me tell you a little more about it.

Using protection isn’t always pretty. That’s why these manufactures have decided to inject their LUNATIK design DNA into protective cases. This is the DNA that fathered the TikTok+LunaTik and the LUNATIK Touch Pen. By obsessing over all the details that others neglect like fit, finish, details, feel, display integrity, robustness and aesthetics, Scott Wilson and his design studio MINIMAL are raising the bar again. From the high sensitivity display protection of their Gorilla Glass Lens to their patent pending shockproof suspension system, they have gone above and beyond to transform the iPhone into a refined and rugged everyday warrior. They want people to be excited about using protection.
Check out the video below. If you would like to find out more about this project – just go here.



We all know it’s coming. Many of us will make the jump to the iPhone 5 because we can’t help ourselves. And many (millions) will stick with the 4/4s as well. The manufacturers want to put everyone’s iPhone 5 anxieties to rest, so we are developing both cases.

You will also get to experience the MINIMAL behind-the-scenes pre-announcement strategy, the Apple keynote hysteria, the post-announcement design and development frenzy, and the on-the-ground factory work needed to get the iPhone 5 product to market for Holiday 2012. Protection never gets old, and new things need it the most.
Pledge for the Future Proof Pack and receive one TAKTIK iPhone 4/4S case (choose from Black or White Polymer Bezels or Silver Anodized Aluminum) and one TAKTIK iPhone 5 case (choice of plastic and metal colors TBD). The TAKTIK iPhone 5 case will ship separately from TAKTIK iPhone 4/4S cases. Estimated 3 months after iPhone 5 launch.

Demo Video


Gorilla Glass Lens UPGRADE


Gorilla Glass is the hardest, thinnest, most durable glass that the iPhone uses for its display and it has defined the future of tactile interaction with mobile devices. MINIMAL’s biggest complaint with any tough case is the plastic display film that makes you feel like you are using a 1996 Palm Pilot. So they are doubling down with an optional upgrade: a sealed GORILLA Glass protective lens on the front bezel including anti-glare and anti-smudge coatings. You won’t even know you are using protection and there’s no loss of sensitivity or performance. Maintaining the interaction quality of the iPhone, it’s soul, is essential and we have spared no expense to achieve this. MINIMAL’s Gorilla Glass lens alone costs more than our competitor’s entire cases.

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