KickStarter – Pictar Pro | DSLR Your Smartphone


We’re always interested to learn about innovative mobile photography projects and this one from Miggo sounds particuarly interesting. They’ve developed a product, called the Pictar Pro that bridges the gap between a phone’s power and camera’s usability with a wide set of physical controls and software features. The cherry on top is the phenomenal user experience: a pleasure-to-touch polished metal grip and an unmatched front-loaded intuitive user interface.

There’s a feature that particularly interests me, that’s the Pictar Pro Viewfinder. If you’re used to looking through camera viewfinders, or just find your smartphone screen too hard to see in bright light, then this could offer a great solution.

The Picture Pro has been designed to work with all smartphones, both Apple and Android, it’s an interesting concept. Their initial goal on Kickstarter was £19,074 but they have by far exceeded that with £142,135 pledged (at the time of writing) and with 36 days still to go.

You can learn more about this project here.

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Mob-Entrepreneurs – Lonesome City: A Fine Art Book – KickStarter with David Ingraham


We created our Mob-Entrepreneurs section many moons ago, this is a select area and we only choose to mention projects that we truly believe in.  It reflects the work of mobile photographers and artists who are pushing the boundaries of their talent into other areas. This could be workshops, app development, exhibitions anything that draws in others to our magical world.

This time we are featuring a KickStarter project by a very talented mobile street photographer, David Ingraham. He has created a book ‘Lonesome City’ that he describes as culmination of over five years of extensive photo-shooting in the streets of Los Angeles as well as other cities around the globe’. Ingraham goes on to explain that ‘this collection of images can be viewed as a visual meditation on the universal theme of urban isolation and disconnection’. I think that’s a theme that will appeal to many and can be the very reason that people spend time interpreting images.

Conceptualised and designed by the photographer, this book will be produced in an edition of 700 copies, printed in rich duotone on high-end matt paper with a printed-wrap hardcover. (75 copies will be made available as special limited collector’s editions.)

Ingraham has set a target of $22,000 and so far he has reached $7,555 of this goal with 92 backers and 23 days to go. Pledging $175 will result in one signed and numbered limited Collector’s Edition of Lonesome City as well as a custom-printed and signed 7×7 archival pigment print. There are plenty of higher and lower pledges available. If you would like to find out more about this project, please go here.

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Kickstarter – Lume Cube Life Lite For Mobile Photography


Lume Cube have already succeeded with their Life Life small portable light Kickstarter campaign. With 30 days to go and $61,360 (at the time of writing) pledged, from a goal of $33,000, this is one light that we expect to see in the flesh very soon. (It took only 29 hours for this goal to be reached).

It’s smart, it will sync to your iPhone or Android device via a simple Bluetooth powered app. The app gets smarter, it allows you to remotely adjust the settings to help you capture great images up to 90 feet away. It is waterproof up to 10 M. Chargeable via micro USB and will connect to iPhones, Android phones, digital cameras, video cameras and GoPro. This device will start shipping February 2017. Trademarks and Patents have been filed.

If you would like to support or learn more about Life Lite by Lume Cube, just go here.

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Kickstarter Project – iPhone Photography Cards


I am very pleased to learn of this exciting Kickstarter project of iPhone Photography Cards. Essentially they are flashcards for iPhone photography enthusiasts. The deck includes 10 knowledge and 40 task cards. The concept is to combine both types of cards to obtain one photography challenge – there are 400 possibilities!

This project has been created by my friend and fellow photographer Jack Hollingsworth as well as Killian Kunz a graphic designer and photographer.

They are hoping to raise €10,000 and have 30 days to go. You can read more and back this project by clicking here.

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Mobile Photography – Lomosapiens – Paris in the Digital Age


This is an interesting enterprize that I have recently been sent details of, this project revolves around the specific theme of Paris, concentrating on a body of photographic work covering life in all 20 arrondissements (districts) of the city. The work will be exhibited under the title ‘Lomosapiens’ in a gallery located in the South Pigalle district of Paris in October of this year.

Combined with signed limited photographic fine art prints, a selection of 5 images will also be printed in a limited run on Savakas T-Shirts and Tote bags. Renowned for their quality and domestically produced garments, the images are printed on t-shirts designed in-house, assuring the finest fabric and fit.  All proceeds will go towards funding the exhibition.

This is a Kickstarter project, if you would like to find out more, or back this project, please go here.

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Kickstarter Campaign – Olloclip Studio for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus


We were inspired to learn about this new Olloclip Kickstarter campaign, called the Olloclip Studio for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.  The olloclip Studio system is the combination of an all-new, more protective case design that incorporates an integrated mounting solution (patent pending) and a series of mobile photography accessories. Both the case and accessories are designed to intuitively work together the moment you pick them up. Unlike many of today’s modular mobile grip systems, olloclip’s Studio components seamlessly work together so you can focus on capturing the opportunity in front of you and not on building a rig. 

The olloclip Studio Accessory Kit includes an ingenious two-finger universal grip (you’ll never hold your iPhone the same way again), a convenient Kickstand, a set of ¼-20 mounts to attach a tripod, grip or handles (for both landscape and portrait orientation), and a set of cold-shoe adapters for lightweight accessories like a microphone or light.    

The goal for this Kickstarter campaign is $100,000 with 29 days still to go, the manufacturers have already been pledged $42,526.  If you would like to contribute or learn more about this campaign, please go here.

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Kickstarter – COVR Photo Lens Case for iPhone 6 – Now Live


We are very excited to report that the brand new Kickstarter campaign for the iPhone 6 COVR lens case has just launched. Thomas Hurst is the creative genius behind this fantastic product. An award-winning photojournalist for almost 20 years, Thomas captured photographs in some of the most dangerous places in the world. Thomas’ work has appeared in such publications as Time magazine, The New York Times, and The Boston Globe. Among his many nominations and awards, Thomas has earned three World Press Photo awards, “Photograph of the Year” from Editor and Publisher magazine and was a finalist for the 2000 Pulitzer Prize in Breaking News Photography while at the Seattle Times for the photo staff’s coverage of the World Trade Organization Riots in 1999.

The COVR Photo Camera-Lens Case is a U.S. patented protective iPhone case with a built in sliding camera lens which allows anyone who takes pictures with their mobile phone to capture candid moments of the world around them. The COVR Photo mobile phone case is a one off photography tool that helps us make better, more natural – not posed – pictures of friends, family, our children or those we meet in life’s travels and adventures. Through it’s unique design and the high-quality prism which we built directly into the case, COVR frees you to take pictures more easily with one hand and with more subtlety because you can hold your phone in various angles and positions and NOT just in front of your face.

Last year Kevin launched a highly successful Kickstarter COVR for the iPhone 5, he raised over $85,000 to bring this project to life. This time around he has a goal of $25,000 with 29 days to go, you can pledge from $1 to $3,000, click here to find out more.

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Kickstarter – COVR Photo – An iPhone Case with a Built In Camera Lens – An Interview


This is a cool little project with support and backing from both our Columnists Richard Koci Hernadez and Kevin Kuster among 986 others- $65,966 has actually been pledged so far to get this product into production. COVR Photo is a protective iPhone case with a lens built into it. Simply press the case onto your … Read more Kickstarter – COVR Photo – An iPhone Case with a Built In Camera Lens – An Interview

Kickstarter – Ember – The Night Photography Tool For iPhone


We’ve just been sent information regarding this new Kickstarter camaign ‘Ember’. It’s an iPhone light accessory for night photography that allows you to capture night images and videos with soft warm light. The Ember is a continuous light tool contoured to the shape of the iPhone 5 and 5s. The back panel illumination provides a … Read more Kickstarter – Ember – The Night Photography Tool For iPhone

KickStarter – Daguerreotype & Ambrotype Inspired Mirror & Glass iPrints –


Our friends and colleagues at have launched a KickStarter campaign in order to raise enough money to create high end print products. They have been developing new printing techniques for digital art and photography for several years. Their focus on mobile arts has enabled them to design two new products that will be accessible … Read more KickStarter – Daguerreotype & Ambrotype Inspired Mirror & Glass iPrints –

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