Kickstarter – COVR Photo Lens Case for iPhone 6 – Now Live


We are very excited to report that the brand new Kickstarter campaign for the iPhone 6 COVR lens case has just launched. Thomas Hurst is the creative genius behind this fantastic product. An award-winning photojournalist for almost 20 years, Thomas captured photographs in some of the most dangerous places in the world. Thomas’ work has appeared in such publications as Time magazine, The New York Times, and The Boston Globe. Among his many nominations and awards, Thomas has earned three World Press Photo awards, “Photograph of the Year” from Editor and Publisher magazine and was a finalist for the 2000 Pulitzer Prize in Breaking News Photography while at the Seattle Times for the photo staff’s coverage of the World Trade Organization Riots in 1999.

The COVR Photo Camera-Lens Case is a U.S. patented protective iPhone case with a built in sliding camera lens which allows anyone who takes pictures with their mobile phone to capture candid moments of the world around them. The COVR Photo mobile phone case is a one off photography tool that helps us make better, more natural – not posed – pictures of friends, family, our children or those we meet in life’s travels and adventures. Through it’s unique design and the high-quality prism which we built directly into the case, COVR frees you to take pictures more easily with one hand and with more subtlety because you can hold your phone in various angles and positions and NOT just in front of your face.

Last year Kevin launched a highly successful Kickstarter COVR for the iPhone 5, he raised over $85,000 to bring this project to life. This time around he has a goal of $25,000 with 29 days to go, you can pledge from $1 to $3,000, click here to find out more.

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  1. I have a lot of respect for people trying to create new tools for the mobile photography community. My question is how are you going to be able to take pictures and see the screen when the screen is facing the sky. Inside a home I can see this being very useful but being outdoors is going to be very difficult to frame the picture with light reflecting off the screen. In overcast weather it would be fine but with bright sunny light it would be a challenge.


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