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This is an interesting enterprize that I have recently been sent details of, this project revolves around the specific theme of Paris, concentrating on a body of photographic work covering life in all 20 arrondissements (districts) of the city. The work will be exhibited under the title ‘Lomosapiens’ in a gallery located in the South Pigalle district of Paris in October of this year.

Combined with signed limited photographic fine art prints, a selection of 5 images will also be printed in a limited run on Savakas T-Shirts and Tote bags. Renowned for their quality and domestically produced garments, the images are printed on t-shirts designed in-house, assuring the finest fabric and fit.  All proceeds will go towards funding the exhibition.

This is a Kickstarter project, if you would like to find out more, or back this project, please go here.


Paris based photographer Adrien Brunel has always been a silent observer of his surroundings, paying attention to the relationship between people and the graphic rhythms, iconography and words that architecture and advertisement offer in the streets of his city.

In 2010, he discovered Instagram, mobile photography and started to share his daily observations under the pseudonym of @neriad, sharpening, refining his favourite theme, and creating the concept of LomoSapiens. His body of work consists in relating the conversation between the city and its inhabitants, the constant dialogue between the urban and the human.


Originating from a small bohemian ship building village in England, Savakas takes inspiration from the meticulous craftsmen, ship builders and artists of its creative director, James Weston’s birthplace.

After several successful years as a strong fixture in BMX culture, something the creator was involved in since childhood, Savakas evolved into a fully fledged menswear label making quality, elegant pieces, wearable staples for everyday.

Accompanying this change, the label moved over the channel to a new atelier in Paris.

The street culture conveyed by James’ BMX background and the history of his label, coupled with his experience working in photography in London (prior to Labels launch) was an obvious match with Adrien’s urban observation in his street photography and offered a perfect ground for collaboration. 

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