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Los Angeles Festival of Photography – Thoughts From A Selection of Mobile Photographers / Artists – April 18-23, 2017

The Los Angeles Festival of Photography will take place April 18-23, 2017, at The Reef in downtown Los Angeles, California. The Los Angeles Festival of Photography is an international photographic festival bringing together photographers, curators, students, collectors, emerging and professional artists in the industry with the aim of encouraging and celebrating the art of photography. The Los Angeles Festival of Photography will include workshops with experts in the field, special exhibitions & lectures, VIP receptions, walk-throughs, artist talks, and book signings.

We are very excited that a number of Mobile Photographers will also be showing their work at this festival and our roving reporter and columnist Roger Guetta, has kindly collected a number of these artists’ thoughts on the festival and their work. We have included these below, enjoy!

Many congratulations to the following artists, Alon Goldsmith, Connie Gardner Rosenthal, Bob Weil, Armineh Hovanesian, Sara Tune, Roger Guetta, Nicki FitzGerald, Lynette Jackson, Lisa Peters, Cecily Batey Caceu and David Ingraham.


Armineh Hovanesian

My pieces were chosen in conjunction with the curator of the event.  We reviewed many pieces and decided on 10 pieces.  Most of the chosen pieces are photo manipulations and he referred to them as Fine Art category.  I have decided to print them all on glycee paper and they will be framed.  I have had shows both at galleries and at a festival however, this time around, I have my very own booth courtesy of Lumiere Awards for winning the Mobilephotographer of the Year award.  I am hoping by being solo in a booth, I may have more people interested in what it is that we do.

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Image ©Armineh Hovanesian


Alon Goldsmith

I’m displaying eight pieces that I had printed previously for the two exhibitions I did last year. They were chosen by the festival curators out of about thirty pieces I submitted. It was actually really interesting for me to see what they chose because they are not necessarily the images I would have chosen. That said I’m so thrilled to be part of this, and of course I fully trust their picks. And why wouldn’t I? After all it’s my work!

I’m totally excited to be showing work as part of a festival as opposed to a solo exhibition. To have my images exposed to a large group of people that are going to happen upon them serendipitously puts a huge smile on my face just thinking about it.

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Image ©Alon Goldsmith


David Ingraham

The images I’ll be exhibiting represent a relatively-wide gamut of my output and style within the black-&-white street-photography genre. Minor processing-alterations aside, I chose to keep it all straight-out-of-camera, for consistency’s sake.

Any opportunity to get my work seen is a good thing. But with that said, I think it’s safe to assume that the crowd that a festival draws is quite a bit larger than an opening for a gallery show, so in that sense, it’s all about the numbers. But maybe the downside is one’s work is at risk of getting lost in the shuffle at a festival, due to the large number of photographers involved, so I suppose there are trade offs.

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Image ©David Ingraham


Connie Gardner Rosenthal

I am thrilled to be showing my work.  I have participated in group shows but this is the first time I’ll be exhibiting a selection of my work.  I am thrilled to be included with such talented mobile photographers and to be part of this event. I submitted thirty eight images and the festival curators chose nine for the exhibit.  I am adding two more that I feel strongly about, so eleven in all.

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Image ©Connie Gardner Rosenthal


Roger Guetta

Due to the suggestion of Bob Weil, who is giving a workshop at the festival, the curators accepted my participation after flushing through my images on Flickr.

I have, after much thought decided to forgo showing my diversity by entering multiple images. Instead I have produced one large format 40″ X 60″ fine art museum grade lustre Epson  laminated print with a block backing so the work appears to be floating away from the wall. It is a 1/1. No other print of the image will ever be reproduced.

The piece will have a very high selling price.

My intent is to demonstrate the size capabilities of an iPhone output and express my desire to elevate ( what I call ) my mobile interpretography as a fine art modality by pricing it extremely high.

The fact that the festival organizers’ aim “is to encourage and celebrate the art of photography “, it inspired me to be bold and out of the box. I created a piece especially for the festival here in Los Angeles. Actually on Venice Beach. In a café where only a mobile artist can ply his or her trade. The device….the pocket lab. The fuel….espressos.

The curators approved the one off creation and things were set in motion. 

In a gallery show one hopes to sell at the Vernissage, or opening night. If not the artist is at the whim of walk-in trade. If the gallery is not situated correctly, the odds of selling are again reduced. My hopes is that a steady stream of viewers will visit the ‘mobile art’ area to see and appreciate our collective talents.

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Image ©Roger Guetta

Lynette Jackson

I will mainly show pieces from the ArtChitecture series. 

I am excited about any opportunity to share my work. This festival is particularly exciting because I’ll meet many artists in  person for the first time. 

Contact Details:


Image ©Lynette Jackson


Cecily Batey Caceu

Participating in the LA Photo Festival is going to be an amazing adventure for me.  I am excited to have my work shown and even more excited to be meeting some of my fellow mobile photography artists in the flesh.  Escaping the dreary Portland weather is also a big draw for me too!

The images I will be showing are from my vintage car series.  I have been capturing the vintage cars I find on the streets of Portland for quite some time now.  What catches my eye is often the lighting at the moment or the scene going on behind the car.  Often times I feel as if I have happened upon a movie set.   

The difference between the experience of exhibiting art in a festival versus exhibiting in a gallery, for me, is that the festival experience is more like a fun party and offers chances to meet lots of people and fellow artists from all over the world.  

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‘Albuquerque, NM’ ©Cecily Batey Caceu


Lisa Peters

The exhibit for mobile work was invitation only. I didn’t choose the pieces; the curators perused my gallery and requested certain selections. This was an exercise in surrender because had I submitted work, my choices would have been completely different. I’m being zen about it and looking at the artist me from a completely different perspective as a result. I’m thankful for this opportunity for reflection. 

And your thoughts of showing at a festival as apposed to a gallery: As an artist, this is never an either/or prospect. With few exceptions, if someone asks me to exhibit work, I’m there. I’m excited and honoured to be a part of this year’s Photo Independent! 

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Image ©Lisa Peters

Sara Tune

When Bob approached me about being in the show I let him know I had these pieces  already printed and framed from a previous exhibition and one I  had printed for myself.  The festival accepted those pieces into  the show.
I’m not sure  how I feel about a festival show  compared to a gallery show; besides the obvious size / intimacy  of the event  I’m not sure how they will differ for me personally . I guess I’ll find out. I think it’ll be interesting to see so many different photographers works at one show.

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