Top 5 – Latest Photographic Books From The iBook Store


There have been some excellent photography books released recently to the iBooks store. We’ve taken a look through and produced this Top 5 round up just for you to enjoy this weekend…



Anthology of Nude Photography By Dani Olivier


Stunning images of nudes that have not been ‘doctored’ in anyway. Dani Olivier creates his effects at tthe time of the shoot by projecting complex images and intrricate light patters on his models. He never touches the originals.


Year in Focus


A stunning and free book by Getty Images, Year in Focus brings you a wonderful array of images from their award winning team of photographers.


Living with Autism


A subject that means a great deal to me and one that I studied at University just to try to understand it more. This photographic iPad book goes some way to help explain this lifelong neuro-developmental disorder and its impact on all involved.


The Luminous Portrait


Elizabeth Messina’s personal approach and award-winning images are a true delight to enjoy in this flattering photographic book.


Daniel Elliot


A great little ebook by fashion and beauty photographer, Daniel Elliot. He has created a unique display of images in an effort to share some of his work.


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