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Richard Koci Hernandez recommended this book and we are so pleased that he did. We have just begun exploring it and it is fascinating. We will be publishing our full review shortly. Each page is filled with highly useful facts and tips. There are in-depth explanations of key concepts and many are demonstrated within with great videography. This book should definitely be on your iBookshelf.

It retails for $9.99/£5.99 and you can download it here.


Chapter Breakdown


The MediaStorm Field Guide includes eight chapters:

1. Gear: Provides a list of essential gear to bring to the field, plus an interactive gear guide and discussion with director of photography Rick Gershon about his kit.

2. Finding the Story: Discusses the keys to finding good characters.

3. The Video Interview: Explains how to visually compose the interview, set up audio and lighting equipment, and details best practices for conducting an interview.

4. B-roll: Outlines shooting techniques used to create good b-roll, including how to sequence and shoot for continuity, and tips for shooting on and off tripod.

5. Stills for Multimedia: Explains how to shoot stills for a multimedia piece, including how to shoot good portraits, details and sequences.

6. Audio: Shows the basics of capturing good audio, including avoiding common problems like plosives and detailing the importance of ambient audio.

7. Organizing for the Edit: Explains how to organize and backup media in the field.

8. Checklists: Provides checklists with key points from each chapter to make it easy to remember best practices even when on the go.

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