Hipstamatic Launch The Print Lab – Home Style And Travel Accessories


Hipstamatic announces Print Lab, a new print service featuring two entirely new print collections for home and travel. The Home Collection includes prints on wood panels, metal, canvas scrolls, and stretched canvas, and the Travel Collection includes prints on totes, briefcases, weekender bags and iPad covers made from reclaimed, vintage U.S. military materials. The Home and Travel Collections join Hipstamatic’s standard print offerings, in 4, 7, 10 and 30 inch sizes, as well as the company’s analog product line of iPhone cases and graphic t-shirts.

“We are obsessed with bringing beautiful images beyond the screen and into our lives. Taking old ideas and putting a modern twist on them was our goal with this new collection of products,” said Lucas Buick, CEO and co-founder, Hipstamatic. “We’ve gone beyond just standard canvas and created scrolls, which is the epitome of blending old and new. We are printing directly on wood and metal, and the results are stunning. Our new product lineup is truly a reflection of the design savvy and sophistication of the Hipstamatic community.”

Go here to view The Print Lab store.


The Home Collection


As in the Travel Collection below, you just upload an image to the online store, this image was supplied by Jessy Menchaca of ‘theappwhisperer’, as an example.


The Hipstamatic Home Collection is produced in collaboration with Hipstamatic’s long-time print partner, Color Services. All products are sourced and made in California.

“The Home Collection is gorgeous—we went to great lengths to make each piece feel customized, and there’s something for everyone, regardless your stylistic-leanings,” said Gabe Cano, founder, Color Services. “Each piece is easy to hang, and can help any room go from boring to beautiful in a matter of minutes.”

The Travel Collection


There are various styles of bags to choose from and yuo can select your own image to upload. Just like we did here with Jessy Menchaca’s ‘sinful’ image of ‘theappwhisperer’.


The Hipstamatic Travel Collection was designed in collaboration with Defy Bags, a Chicago-based company that uses reclaimed, vintage U.S. military materials such as gun metal scraps, olive tent canvas and cargo truck tarp.

“When we designed this collection, we had jetsetting on our mind. Today we travel with all of our entertainment on our iPhones and iPads, and we can even get a bit of work done with our Macbook Air. Travel can be rough on our devices, and each piece of our collection has been designed to keep our devices protected and within arms reach. Built with rugged military surplus materials, and personalized with a beautifully captured Hipstamatic moment, worlds collide as style meets utility at 30,000 feet,” said Chris Tag, founder, Defy Bags.

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