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Mobile Shorts Tiny Shutter Advantage – By Keith Tharp – Blend Modes For iPhone With Image Blender


We are sure you are going to love this weeks Mobile Shorts Tiny Shutter Advantage Column by Keith Tharp. Keith demonstrates how to use the incredibly popular Image Blender app to create your very own and personal textures for your images. If you haven’t yet picked up Image Blender then we strongly recommend that you do. It’s available for $2.99/£1.99 and you can download it here. Over to you Keith (foreword by Joanne Carter).




Walkthrough Video


By Keith Tharp

Keith Tharp is a Professional photographer working as Marketing director/ photography manager at a running sports event management company in New England. Keith is a lifelong photo enthusiast and as a result began Champion Photo, his sports photography business in 2005 which led him to his current position.

As well as all that, Keith is one of the guys behind the Tiny Shutter podcast along with co-host Marc Sadowski. They later added Matt Hoffman to the show because ‘he’s a great iPhone Photographer and fun to have around’ and of course shares the passion. You may recall Keith from the recent PetaPixel post where both he and Marc captured a wedding with nothing more than iPhones and Hipstamatic.

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I really enjoyed this! I make my own backgrounds all the time, but never thought to use Image Blender. Great idea, thanks! 😀

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