6×6 – Updated


One of the most popular apps for iPhone, 6×6 has been updated today with a range of performance enhancements and minor bug fixes, this is the sister app to 6×7 that we also mentioned and has been updated today.

Jag.gr is the developer of 6×6, 6×7 as well as the uber popular 645 PRO and PureShot apps. So many of the incredible iPhone photographers and artists that we have interviewed on this site, use these apps. We’re big fans of Annie Mallégol’s street Parisian photography and the image below is one of hers, taken with 6×6. We interviewed Annie last summer, if you missed that, you can read it here.

This is a free update, if you have previously downloaded this app. If not, you can download it here. It retails for $0.99/£0.69/download.


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