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Repix – $5 Masters Collection – In-App Giveaway

Welcome once again to our Daily App Giveaway section of theappwhisperer.  We value our readers so much and that’s why we want to share our love of apps with you. Each day we give away free apps, better make us your home page 😉

Today, we’re giving away iTunes vouchers of $5 to enable you to purchase the complete Masters Collection of Brushes for the brand new and free to purchase app, Repix.

We have just published a great reivew/tutorial of Repix and you can read that here to help you make the most from this great app.

If you would like to win one of our $5 iTunes vouchers, join our ever expanding Twitter followers and Facebook fans, RETWEET THIS POST and send a reply to the bottom of this page telling us what you love most about theappwhisperer.com. We will select winners at random from the selection of codes that we have and send them directly to your email box.




Joanne Carter, creator of the world’s most popular mobile photography and art website— TheAppWhisperer.com— TheAppWhisperer platform has been a pivotal cyberspace for mobile artists of all abilities to learn about, to explore, to celebrate and to share mobile artworks. Joanne’s compassion, inclusivity, and humility are hallmarks in all that she does, and is particularly evident in the platform she has built. In her words, “We all have the potential to remove ourselves from the centre of any circle and to expand a sphere of compassion outward; to include everyone interested in mobile art, ensuring every artist is within reach”, she has said. Promotion of mobile artists and the art form as a primary medium in today’s art world, has become her life’s focus. She has presented lectures bolstering mobile artists and their art from as far away as the Museum of Art in Seoul, South Korea to closer to her home in the UK at Focus on Imaging. Her experience as a jurist for mobile art competitions includes: Portugal, Canada, US, S Korea, UK and Italy. And her travels pioneering the breadth of mobile art includes key events in: Frankfurt, Naples, Amalfi Coast, Paris, Brazil, London. Pioneering the world’s first mobile art online gallery - TheAppWhispererPrintSales.com has extended her reach even further, shipping from London, UK to clients in the US, Europe and The Far East to a global group of collectors looking for exclusive art to hang in their homes and offices. The online gallery specialises in prints for discerning collectors of unique, previously unseen signed limited edition art. Her journey towards becoming The App Whisperer, includes (but is not limited to) working for a paparazzi photo agency for several years and as a deputy editor for a photo print magazine. Her own freelance photographic journalistic work is also widely acclaimed. She has been published extensively both within the UK and the US in national and international titles. These include The Times, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Popular Photography & Imaging, dpreview, NikonPro, Which? and more recently with the BBC as a Contributor, Columnist at Vogue Italia and Contributing Editor at LensCulture. Her professional photography has also been widely exhibited throughout Europe, including Italy, Portugal and the UK. She is currently writing several books, all related to mobile art and is always open to requests for new commissions for either writing or photography projects or a combination of both. Please contact her at: joanne@theappwhisperer.com


  • Ginger

    I love that Joanne and The App Whisper always keeps us informed! And the awesome giveaways she has!! Keep up the good work!

  • Cyndy Johnson

    I cannot pick the one thing I like the most about appwhisperer because I LOVE everything! First thing this morning I picked up repix which I heard about on appwhisperer and they already have a tutorial posted! Fantastic! Now, If I just had the extra brushes…….Thank you Joanne for your wonderful site, keep up the excellent work!

  • Candice Chidiac

    Lately i’ve been especially enjoying JQ’s and Catherine’s features!

  • Danny

    The site has grown so much…I always check for the interviews, tutorials and updates on new apps. Thanks so much Joanne.

    This app looks interesting and would be great to add to my toolset.

  • John

    Outstanding tutorials, like the Repix one today, keep me coming back to TheAppWhisperer day after day. Thanks for helping my skills to steadily grow!

  • Deborah aka Blaquira

    What I love most about the app whisperer is the fact that it’s versatile and always up to date. Wether you are looking for app reviews, tutorials, photo techniques or amazing people to follow….it’s all right here!!

  • Tracy Mitchell Griggs

    Thanks for the timely offer – I start my day by making coffee and tuning in to the appwhisperer which I attribute my creative and technical growth – am celebrating my first year of mobile photo participation. The community you have gathered here is a testament to your dedication – keep up the good work!

  • mel rolleri

    i love all the great info i get from the appwhisperer!! i so appreciate finding out new stuff on a daily basis thanks to following on FB and twitter! thanks joanne.

  • James Mochan

    TheAppWhisperer.com is my go to site for tutorials….so much knowledge shared from this site. Thank you Joanne!

  • Leslie

    I enjoy keeping up with the latest news, app reviews and learning new things via the tutorials.

  • Maryjane Sarvis

    The list is long! Love the creative columns like ‘parallel perspectives, Day in the Life, and all of the tutorials too! Mostly I’m amazed how on top of every aspect of this art form. Notices of new and/or free apps too, of course. Most of all – Joanne and her positive outlook!

  • Kevin

    What do I love most about the appwhisperer well… Everything! Plus Joanne is the only women I know that has the power of flight and X-ray vision!

  • Jennifer

    Read about this app a week or so ago and was very intrigued. Looks amazing … and will be even better if I can get all the brushes! What I love most about this site (besides giveaways like this one!) is the tutorials, and of course Richard Gray’s Friday columns.

  • Beverley

    theappwhisperer is a source of inspiration, moving my goalposts to push me further in creative thinking and skills needed. I can stay ahead of what is happening and keep in touch with up to date news in the one place.

  • fwdlk

    Always interesting news and reviews, oh and the chance to win stuff as well 🙂

  • Jose Cairo

    I’m also another who loves everything on theappwhisperer.com, but the tutorials are out of this world! :o)
    Thank you for another giveaway
    (Hope I win! :o) )

  • Jessika

    AppWhisperer is the perfect companion for someone who doesn’t have the time to scour the net herself 😉 It offers a wide range of information and tops it off with wonderful, interesting, well-written and educational articles by Joanne herself and all top-notch contributors.

  • Adrion

    After reading your review of Repix, I would love to play around with the app. It looks like an app a person could get very creative with. Thanks for always keeping me informed and for providing such great content. Always a pleasure to stop by The App Whisperer every day.

  • Darren Hunter

    For the best reviews and views on apps i always visit appwhisperer.
    Please include me in the give-away


  • iPhoneobscura

    I’m fairly new to The App Whisperer and I’ve found the reviews really helpful.

  • Chris

    For me personally “The App Whisperer” is the best place to find in depth tutorials for about any photography software/app that matters!
    Thanks for all the hard work to you and your team for that!


  • congarose

    My favorite iphoneography site does it again! I’d love to have the $5 voucher to be able to add brushes to my Repix app. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • StickyQuote

    Thanks AppWhisperer, for a great site and for providing us with the latest interviews / tutorials and keeping us up to date with new news…. Have a great day…

  • Marc Simons

    I installed Repix, it instantly reminds me of Paper by FiftyThree. What an outstanding app! This is the right way to do iPhoto on iOS or should I call it a more streamlined version of FX Photo Studio? Dotter brush is magical though a little heavy-handed. My favorite is Flares brush.

    I am drooling on Artistic brushes and Color brushes and Light brushes. All of them look incredible! Thanks for the review!

    RTed as @marcblog and https://twitter.com/marcblog/status/312223424737075200

    TheAppWhisperer has grown so much since I discovered it. But you never stop bringing more good reviews/interviews/giveaways here, including apps from indie developers. I still remember Wood Camera when it wasn’t as successful as today. I think you play an important role in its success. I hope Repix will get all the exposure it deserves too. You have done some amazing work for all the mobile photography lovers! Thank you!

  • Robyn Dudley

    Just discovered the App Whisperer today. I downloaded Repix and would love to get all of the brushes. I retweeted (@robynjoi)

  • Joseph Bennett

    I watch your site every day to see reviews, new app news, and free/reduced apps – I also enjoy all the interviews and stories. Keep up the great work!

  • Sara Augenbraun

    I love reading the latest info from theAppWhisperer, and I do so on a daily basis. It is full of advice and very helpful.

  • scott williams

    Love the reviews/tutorials on new apps. New apps are so hit or miss, that I really rely on reviews from reputable sources to decide whether I’m interested in taking the plunge. So thanks for that!

  • Esteban

    Amazing giveaway!

    Beautiful app, I’d love to win the masters collection. Please pick me, Joanne <3

    The App Whisperer rocks! 😀

  • melia

    TheAppWhisperer.com is my go to site for updates and tutorials. interviews and give-aways. thanks so much

    RTd @artfromm

  • Wayman Stairs

    The appwhisper.com is a great resource for any if the current trends/apps/reviews/tutorials in iphoneography. A wonerful tutorial i look forward to trying it out!

  • R Lennox

    Interesting combo of tools that seems to go beyond throwing a filter on a photo… interacting with colors in a fingerpaint way! Way cool tutorial … will visit more often!

  • petyr campos

    What do I like about the AppWhisperer? I just can’t keep it to one thing. I love the wealth of information this site provides about iphoneography, from tutorials, to the day in the life stories, to the weekly showcases of great art.

  • Regib

    I really enjoy the tutorials on the app whisperer and of course the interviews are great too! Keep up the good work because your my go to place for iphoneography information! Love the give-aways too!