Adorama Stocks iPhone Toolshed With Five Brand New iPhoneography Innovations


Adorama, one of the world’s largest photography, imaging, video and consumer electronics retailers, and a leading destination for iPhone® photo specialty accessories, announced the addition of five brand new iPhone 5 gadgets to its exclusive iPhone Toolshed, a curated collection of unique, useful and fun iPhone 5 accessories. New products include:

Phocus Case and Lens Bundle: The Phocus iPhone 5 case and lens bundle is a lightweight, durable case that allows iPhoneographers to easily shoot with wide-angle or macro lenses.

Habbycam iHandle: The Habbycam iHandle Support System is a dependable stabilizer that’s compatible with many modern smartphones.

Joy Factory aXtion Pro: This iPhone 5 case is an ultra-protective, ultra-rugged, ultra-waterproof case that’s ready for adventure. Shooters can take their iPhones along for the ride without fear of mud, dust, water, scrapes or bumps.

Gizmon Clip-On Circular Polarizer Filter: Kiss glare goodbye with reduced reflection from glass, water surfaces and even the atmosphere. Colors pop with crisp contrast.

Hitcase Pro for iPhone 5: A premium wide-angle lens case, the Pro is designed to give shooters more perspective so they can get more out of videos and photos. The compact yet high-quality lens, combined with rugged, weatherproof features, makes for an exceptional iPhone accessory that keeps the action-shooter’s focus where it needs to be.

“Adorama leverages its extensive expertise in specialty photography and mobile imaging to curate only the most innovative iPhone gadgets and accessories for the Toolshed, giving iPhoneographers a hand-picked selection of the very best in iPhoneography technology,” comments Brian Green, vice president of marketing, Adorama.

For those who do not have the iPhone 5 but want to jump in the iPhoneography game or simply want the latest smartphone from Apple, Adorama is offering an exclusive deal that gives customers a $100 gift card when they purchase a new iPhone 5 with a Verizon contract. The gift card can be used at a later date or at the point of purchase, effectively providing a deeper discount on the device and thus making it one of New York’s best deals on an iPhone 5. This valuable gift card offer is available only at the Adorama superstore through the end of May.

Adorama’s popular iPhone Toolshed offers a broad collection of the most unique and useful accessories for iPhoneography including tripods, cases, lenses and filter kits. Customers can also visit the iPhoneography section in the award-winning Adorama Learning Center for even more information on the latest iPhoneography photo techniques, tutorials and video apps.




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