Samsung Galaxy S II 4G Giveaway With Virgin Mobile – Worth $249.99


As our regular readers will know we have teamed up with Virgin Mobile US to offer you some great giveaways. We recently made Daniel Hernandez in California very happy when he received a brand new HTC One V Smartphone after winning our recent competition.

This time we’re offering you the chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S II 4G worth $249.99. So, I guess you’re wondering what we would like you to do, to be in with a chance of being a lucky winner, well it’s simple, just click on the link below to follow us on Twitter.

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Once you have done that, post a comment to the bottom of this post telling us what you love most about Virgin Mobile and, the winner will be selected at random and will be notified by email after the competition closes on June 28, 2013 at 11.59 PM EST.

Note: Virgin Mobile can only ship this smartphone within the US as it won’t work elsewhere, sorry about that.






47 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S II 4G Giveaway With Virgin Mobile – Worth $249.99”

  1. Not familiar with virgin mobile but I am familiar with their airline and Sir.Richard.
    For a business man I think he is a pretty cool and down to earth (sorta) guy.
    And looking good just adds to his genius.
    So a product coming from his company is one worth becoming familiar with.

    As for the appwhisperers….
    To devote time and energy to a new venue is true commitment.
    To believe in its potential and again make the investment of time and money to support it
    Are qualities that one cannot help but appreciate.
    Some might underestimate what goes into maintaining a site such as this.
    To keep something alive and thriving is difficult with must enterprises.
    To care enough so as to make it a happening , informative and communal space, well that’s enough to make me value it.

  2. Oh my…I don’t even have a phone, sighh. Would dearly love to have this one, I’ve been following The Appwhisperer for such a long time here, on the dpreview & twitter. Very sadly I’m not on Facebook. So guessing I might not be eligible but thought I’d try.

  3. Joanne and her team provide the best mobile photography tutorials. Follower @theappwhispere for the latest app sales and info…..

  4. Great giveaway! You’re awesome and so it virgin mobile is great. Love all the stuff you guys do!
    Thank you!

  5. I can’t stand contract services, they don’t provide enough value for the money. Virgin mobile has the best coverage where i live, and with an upgrade like the gs2 i would even have a decent hotspot. So hook it up!

  6. Great tutorials, and Virgin Mobile has been providing me with excellent service since my first phone with them in 2006 – an indestructible Nokia with a black and white screen.

  7. Well, Virgin Mobile is awesome because it undercuts the ATT plan I was on by about $50 a month! My HTC EVO V is also a good phone, although a galaxy would be even better 🙂

  8. I love Virgin mobile because they offer great service & great products. I love because they offer great services & helpful information to consumers

  9. I currently have Virgin Mobile and that phone is one of the best phones they have and the app whisperer seems like a real cool place to visit and I’ll be doing that everyday now.

  10. Virgin mobile is #1. 2 lines, unlimited text and data for a third of the price of the big 3 carriers.

    Appwhisperer is the best at what they do.

  11. I am a long time iPhone user. I’ve had an iPhone 3G, iPhone 4 & now a 5. I loved my first two, and was excited about the 5. After having my iPhone 5 for about 6 months now, I have never been so ready to ditch a phony than I am right now. For 5 years I’ve been blinded by nicely designed iOS but in all reality my iPhone cannot do anything as amazing as a Samsung can without being jail broken. I love the design and functionality of the S4 and really think it is the phone for me to switch to. I am ready for a battery that lasts more than 5 hours and also ready to have a phone that allows me to truly use and customize it as I please, not how the manufacturer allows me.

    I love how virgin is all about the music. It embraces what I love most. I also love virgins free music festival and that it lifts up EDM.

    I think if I had a galaxy s4 it would seamlessly allow me to enjoy my music as I like while using virgin. Thanks!!

  12. I don’t use Virgin Mobile currently, but the price is certainly right. I enjoy Appwhisperer’s articles and Twitter field a great deal.

  13. Virgin mobile has a wide variety of phones at good prices and their plans can’t be beat. The App Whisper gives me up to date news on everything mobile related . Love it.

  14. I love the coverage that Virgin offers – I love the giveaways that offers. THanks !

  15. Virgin Mobile is an amazing company that cares about its customer base….the app whisperer is a crazy and wild idea that I am so excited to get a chance to use!!!

  16. I like Virgin Mobile…they provide flexibility in the calling/data plans and provide a quality product at a great price!!


  18. Virgin Mobile is the best price and offers more flexibility than other providers. I have not tried the AppWhisper yet, but I will give it a try now.

  19. Virgin Mobile:
    I have been both rocking and recommending Virgin Mobile since the Optimus V landed. When they first released the Evo 4g I actually encouraged my Wife to upgrade before me (I still have the V)!

    Sadly, she just dropped her phone a few days ago outside on the concrete and shattered the screen (we even have to swipe carefully to avoid fragments of glass). She was so mad that she came inside and threw it on the ground (it was kind of cute!).

    Even in defeat it was nice knowing that we had enjoyed a quality phone at an affordable price. Without Virgin Mobile we wouldn’t have even tasted the likes of such phones.

    My Wife was sad to see that the Evo is not available anymore but I said ‘cheer up, there’s the Galaxy S2 (this would be a great surprise!).’ That was going to be my upgrade but I guess I’ll be rocking that Optimus V a little while longer. 🙂

    But that’s just it isn’t, it? A cell phone several years old, still usable and reliable; a payment plan so insanely affordable that you can upgrade to a new phone before you know it. If you can’t buy a month they don’t destroy you with credit reports or take away your number.

    In fact, their products and plans are so affordable that we’ve even considered getting an Optimus Elite for all of our Children instead of things like a Nintendo DS!

    A laid back company bringing phones to the public that most, otherwise, would be unable to experience. That’s where it’s at.
    I’ve never even heard of it before! Props to Virgin Mobile for introducing me to it. I hope to write a review for this place as exciting as the one I just wrote for Virgin Mobile some day soon.

    Now to spend some time checking it out!

  20. Virgin Mobile by far is the cheapest and best plan around!! Can not wait to try!! Thanks for the giveway.

  21. I love the way virgin mobile has a set of different plans that meets your needs and is very affordable, can’t
    afford the $50 plan? there’s a $45 plan , can’t afford the $45 plan? there’s a $35 plan! or you can also pay as you go. awesomeness !! I also like virgin mobile because when there is an issue or you are having trouble , you can call them and theyll do whatever possible to keep the customer happy and satisfied. they even have cheap phones online also that you can afford ! very nice phones with good features also, right now i have the htc evo 4g , I love it , love it love it especially that it comes with 4g which is super fast. with virgin mobile you can never go wrong. you wanna know what’s even better ? they have the iPhone 4 , now does boost have that ? ehhhh no 🙁 . but if its too expensive for you i believe there is a savings you can do with radioshack to save up for it , great ! no problem ! but if you haven’t had virgin mobile yet give it a try , you’ll be satisfied. I’ve had virgin mobile for a while now and I can’t seem to get rid of my service because I love my service with them , goodluck guys !,
    – leesh

  22. I love the price and no contract of Virgin Mobile. As for The App Whisperer, I just learned about it, but the photo tutorials look awesome and I’m going to check them all out. Now, if I just had a sweet phone… 🙂

  23. Wow, after reading about Virgin Mobile’s phones and plans available… I realized I’m definitely paying way too much with my current provider… which is a mistake I plan to rectify as soon as possible.

  24. I’ve been with virgin mobile for about 3 years and plan on sticking around for a while ! TheAppWhisperer seems interesting and the tutorials are wonders .

  25. I love Virgin Mobile for their great customer service and affordable plans. The Appwhisperer gives me such great information on new mobile products and apps

  26. The App Whisper is an awesome group where i can view new photographs and keep up with the new interviews and new apps and events. I hear so many great things about the galaxy sII how low the rates are and the coverage is way better than my current phone which is the huaweii ascend II with Cricket. so I would love to win this new technology and be able to take high definition pictures where I can post my photographs on the App Whisper. Thanks:)

  27. my mom and brother has the galaxy s2 and they brag how much advanced the technology is and i really would love to upgrade to one. the appwhisker is really great it has really great photos and new and if i get this phone i will take h.d pictures so i can share them alao i reall want tone because you can make the font size bigger virgin mobile has cheap and affordable plans they have a great coverage area and you never have any calls droped i really hope i get this phone with all the advanced technology thanks.

  28. Virgin Mobile is the best no contract phone company out there.
    The App Whisperer is the best place to find tutorials

  29. Checklist:
    Follow theappwhisperer on Twitter: CHECK
    “Like” on Facebook: CHECK
    What I LOVE about Virgin Mobile?
    Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson
    Started Virgin Mobile in 1999.
    Sir Branson is one of my all time role models who inspires me on a daily basis.
    One of his quotes I try to live by:
    “There is no greater thing you can do with your life and your work than follow your passions in a way that serves the world and you…” =Sir Richard Branson=
    Having the Samsung Galaxy S II 4G would be a fantastic upgrade from my present phone and the terrible service I receive from my current carrier. I have been looking to change and it seems this is an wonderful opportunity knocking at my door.
    I teach a class at the University of Texas continuing education for Mobile Devices photography. Having a Android phone would allow me to be complete in teaching both iOS and Android.
    What I LOVE most of
    Many people cannot start their day without having a cup of coffee first. I start my day reading Joanne Carter and her staff of talented guest writers before I even get my coffee.
    TheAppWhisperer challenges both sides of the brain, from the apps that are profiled, interviews with the developers of the apps and the artists that use them to create thought-provoking art; give aways and tutorials. Something for everyone, all with humor and fun.
    I recommend this site to all my students taking the mobile photography classes and anybody else wanting to have a place to learn about the fascinating world of mobile photography. Thank you.

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