The App Nerds Workshop – By Lola Mitchell With Sara Tune


We’re delighted to published the latest article to Lola Mitchell’s App Nerds Workshop Column. In this article, Lola colloborates with her friend and also very well known mobile photographer Sara Tune, don’t miss this…(foreward by Joanne Carter).


“Sara Tune is the person that made me discover iphone photography and its potential. I consider her an extremely talented photographer and artist and she is also a friend. Two weeks ago she came over to my house and we tried taking photos of each other to change from our self portraits. I thought it was extremely challenging and I learned a lot from it.

Today she agreed to share her steps and apps used to achieve this final image.


©Sara Tune




©Sara Tune App used: Kitcam


So let us start at the beginning. Here it is, this is where I shake in my sandals. here is the original photo. ..Of me in my fabulously unattended yard.



©Sara Tune App used: Kitcam, elasticam


Then she took this onto Elasticam and played around with it and this is the result.



©Sara Tune Apps used: kitcam, elasticam, superimpose


Next step was done in Superimpose where an eye was added and some yellow flowers.




©Sara Tune Apps Used: Kitcam, elasticam, superimpose


On superimpose again added background of a pic of an airstream and masked out all the green leaves.



©Sara Tune Apps Used: Kitcam, elasticam, superimpose, procreate, pixlromatic


The next image is the result of two steps, one in procreate where some paint splatters and airbrushing was added and a filter added on Pixlromatic.



©Sara Tune


The last step was on superimpose, Sara added an image of a woman on top making an elongated body, some cho effects on her body and background. She softly masked out the edges in superimposer. Here is the final image again.


If you want to see more of her work you can find it:



We both work with Elasticam a lot. Do you use it? I would love to see what you do with it!



Links to apps used in this post:








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  1. An excellent tutorial, thanks for including all the steps involved in creating this wonderful composition.


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