Exclusive – NEW – 645 PRO Mk II


With many thanks for the exclusive on this news direct from Mike Hardaker, developer of 645 Pro, that the latest version Mk II is almost ready to hit the App Store (and may infact be already there right now).

With 645 PRO Mk II Jag.gr have not gone for a simple upgrade, this is a totally new app that uses the same philosophy as the original 645 PRO, but with a completely updated implementation. Key features include:

* A slick new look derived from their filter-free app PureShot but adapted in many ways to suit the much wider range of functions provided by 645 PRO Mk II. The new app still looks and feels very much like a “real” camera—just a more modern one!
* There are nine new (or improved) Film Modes that provide spookily accurate recreations of classic film stocks as varied as Kodak Tri-X Pan, llford XP2, Kodak Portra and Fuji Velvia. These aren’t exaggerated for effect—they’re designed to look as though you are really shooting to negative or transparency.
* Film modes can be edited to provide exactly the look that a photographer may want
* Custom Film Modes can be created, saved and retrieved
* The Photo Filters have been revised to be much more accurate in the way they reproduce the use of real, glass filters.
* There are many more configuration options—it’s easy to set up 645 PRO Mk II to handle the way YOU want.
* Save processed and/or unprocessed images in HI-Quality JPEG, MAX-quality JPEG or TIFF (processed and unprocessed output options selectable individually).
* Performance is (of course) further enhanced—although it’s obviously much much quicker on iPhone 5 than, say, iPhone 3GS.
* It’s now a universal app, with a specially designed full-screen interface for iPad featuring moveable control and information panels
* And there’s much, much more… (really, there is!)

This is a free upgrade from 645 Pro, if you have previously downloaded it. Otherwise it will/is retail for $3.99/£2.99/download/upgrade

At the time of writing this version had still not arrived in the app store – but stand by for that…










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10 thoughts on “Exclusive – NEW – 645 PRO Mk II”

  1. Wow – this one looks amazing! Would love to check out its capabilities. Would not hear about these great apps if not for The App Whisperer – you are such a great resource!

  2. Joanne,

    Truly, folks really need to learn to attach filters to the lens and not in post. Though i have seen great filter effects post, change the qualities of light before it hits the sensor is the best technique.

    Ollo clip and a series of red, orange and yellow filters, a series of ND and ND grads will push your work along. Take it from me as a former Mamiya 645 owner, those filters in front of your lens gives you opportunities in the field to experiment / explore.

    Be well


  3. Already downloaded the upgrade and ready to start experimenting 😉 I’ve been using the Mk I version for a while and this looks like a really cool upgrade.

    Regards, Paul J Rose

  4. Downloaded the upgrade 6/25 and all I can say is wow. So much cleaner looking and user definable. Finally what it should have been from day one. Especially like that you can kill useless info like the histogram. I mean if you can’t change shutter speed or aperture manually, what good was that?

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