Official Statement From GhostBird Software Regarding Yahoo! Acquisition


Yesterday we announced that Yahoo! had purchased the developers of Kitcam and PhotoForge2 apps in order to strengthen photo editing and filter options for Flickr. We requested additional information from GhostBird and have published their official response below. The main point being really, is that if you have KitCam or PhotoForge2 apps on your devices, you will be able to continue to use them in their current versions. But you will not be able to update the apps. If you have previously purchased these apps, you will be able to re-download them via iCloud.




4 thoughts on “Official Statement From GhostBird Software Regarding Yahoo! Acquisition”

  1. And once again, we the loyal supporters, who purchased the apps and made in-app purchases, are expected to rejoice at their windfall. We are left with two great apps that will soon become obsolete and deleted. Thanks for your loyalty to us, GhostBird software! You do remember us, right?

  2. Absolutely heartbreaking. I still love Photoforge2 enough to say that I’ll hold up on updating my iOS until I find something suitable. It was the first app I ever reviewed, and I use it every single day in creating my montage art. Nothing I’ve found yet comes close to its photoshop-like layer blending and masking techniques. Please share your recommendations for a replacement if, like me, you will miss this app.


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