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The Guetta Fringe – Beyond The Valley Of The iPics – By Roger Guetta


We’re delighted to publish Roger Guetta’s second article to his Column with us, entitled The Guetta Fringe. Roger Guetta’s sometime’s ‘off the cuff,’ other times ‘formal investigations’ will reveal how smart the smart phone is. He will push limits by demystifying inherent creative capabilities of this wonderful hand held artistic tool. All with humor, sassiness and downright passion. We think you’re going to enjoy this Column a lot.

In this article Roger looks back at our latest Flickr Group Showcase using every single title the artists attached to their images. Using a form of wordplay Roger has created a disjointed but nevertheless cohesive narrative. He painstakingly wrote down all the titles to fit into his story line. He then highlighted the titles in either red or blue to distinguish the original titles from his additions. We have added the original images from his notes.

Roger’s article is meant to create community interplay with a sense of collaborative continuum, pure and simple.

We have also published the showcase to this post as well so you can view that directly with Roger’s commentary. This is a fabulous idea and works really well. We’d love for you to discuss it over at The Guetta Fringe Lounge – click here – see you over there!



Alone in the rain, the talented writer and the man of numbers stood on the morphed street discussing the restless void and the distorted moments when idling under one moon and being young and restless.
“There must be a place we can go where the future belongs to those who have rough dreams and fire in the belly. To be a child in time, like two fish, two ideas. Like shapes and frames engaging us in contemplation akin to no bird soars too high.” said one of the men. The other man just looked numb and said, “I am not the man I used to be and departed.
The steamy bus from Brooklyn on the way to visit the Pentagon City shadows had it’s next stop in Wembley and apparently there were giant rats in Shoreditch nesting under a barnacled incrusted chair and a bull in a heater under the San Francisco skyline which passengers paid a pretty penny to witness. So, shhhh, the showdown in Sydneytown under the moondustry would have to wait for another day and another tour.
Meanwhile on another steamy cold night by HK 7942 and Elm, Dexter and his sister Josie where window shopping when Josie shouted out, “over here, lads.” Dexter quipped. “don’t hassle the hoff, Josie.” Persephone, one of the so called lads abandoned his entourage to join the siblings. The gravitational pull was too strong and before Persephone could feel the doors closing and to stand clear, he dashed over because he knew that the future belongs to those that do not yield v.2, but puts the pieces series together. So he said to himself…”what are you waiting for, this is not a melodrama on the tube, it’s as real as morning dew, damn it.” So long story short…he got down with it! His feelings were untitled but highly charged.
From my window in a country churchyard, as truly pastoral as it can get, I fell into a trance, saw Howel living history farm, a hedge grow around an office still life, the famous bird pic#13 (not rendered in Photoshop ST) and witnessed cromochronism in three fotogene cycles. All this while resting on wall pt 3 on a Saturday which usually is for scooting. I felt a tiredness envelop me when I suddenly thought of Tasha 4.0. Apparently there is potency to that image which grips me like a vice.
I came out of the trance, felt reinvigorated but sadly all I could think of was; “Did I leave the oven on?”

Roger’s Notes










The Original Flickr Group Showcase



Roger’s work was featured at the LA Mobile Art Festival 2012 held at the Santa Monica Art Studios, where he presented both framed pieces and an installation. Roger’s work has also been exhibited at the Giorgi Gallery in Berkeley, CA; First Annual iPhoneography Miami Exhibition at Artspace, Gallery Miami, Large Format Show at Los Angeles Center For Digital Art 2012. Roger was included on iPhoneogenic’s list of the 50 Top Mobile Photographers/Artists of 2011 and has been featured in P1xels, The App Whisperer, Lys Foto Magazine and many other popular mobile photography websites. He has also had one-man shows both in Montreal and Toronto and will be showing soon at The Garden Gate Center in Berkeley, California as part of The Third Wave Show. He is currently a professor of communications in Montreal.