Nokia publishes JobLens application in the UK to help catalyse local employment market


Nokia today publishes its innovative JobLens application in the UK, a new app available exclusively for Nokia Lumia Windows Phones. The app enables job seekers to view many of the current 500,000 plus open job vacancies in the UK*, allowing you to filter them by company, by keyword, or by distance and salary range. Users can view vacancies on a map, or, on select Lumia devices, using augmented reality, it even let’s you identify people in your social networks who work at the hiring company. Powered by some of the biggest names in career services, JobLens can recommend opportunities in line with an individual’s qualifications and even enable them to create a CV and share it with prospective hiring managers. It can even go so far as to guide you to the interview via HERE Maps in addition to providing expected salary information and relevant local area demographics.

JobLens acts as a catalyst for the employment market as it lowers the barriers between job seekers and local vacancies. With JobLens running on select Lumia models, you can open the app and look through the camera lens to see nearby vacancies in your town or city, how far away they are, and information on the company offering the job. By leveraging Nokia’s industry-leading imaging capabilities together with its HERE Maps’ LiveSight technology, JobLens lets users capture more than their eyes can see.

Developed by Nokia and available now in the UK, US and Canada exclusively for Nokia Lumia Smartphones, JobLens includes UK employment, company and local area information from partners including Indeed, Twitter, PayScale and the Office for National Statistics.  The app also taps into social networks including LinkedIn, Facebook and Windows Live to identify friends and contacts already working for a particular employer.

“JobLens redefines and simplifies how people look for new jobs by combining the power of some of the best brands in career services together with social networks and HERE Maps in one single app,” explains Bryan Biniak, VP & General Manager Global Partner & App Development, Nokia. “By making it easier for job seekers to find new opportunities we hope to give Nokia Lumia owners an advantage in today’s job market.”

JobLens’ innovative approach puts job seekers in control of their search for employment.  For example, people who are interested in a particular type of role can set up custom search parameters that can be saved and pinned as a Live tile on their Start screen; the Live tile will then automatically update when new jobs that meet that search criteria are listed.

By empowering job seekers to see the jobs around them JobLens fundamentally changes the way people find local employment.

The app is available to download today:




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