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Our Daily App Giveaway – Brand New ProCamera 7 App!

ProCamera 7 is a brand new app from the developers of ProCamera! We have 100 codes to giveaway for this brand new app today. We’re working closely with the developers of ProCamera at the moment with our fantastic Photo Contest.

You need the Classic version of ProCamera to enter the competition via the Exhibition feature and we’ll be giving more of those codes away shortly too. If you already have it, then make sure you enter the competition because we have some totally fabulous prizes to giveaway, including Manfrotto kit, SnowLizard portable battery packs, and Olloclip gear. It’s free to enter, you’ve nothing to lose. To find out more about this competition, go here.

To find out more about ProCamera 7 read below and if you would like to try it for free, just join our ever expanding Twitter followers and Facebook fans, RETWEET THIS POST and send a reply to the bottom of this page telling us what you love most about theappwhisperer.com. We will select winners at random from the selection of codes that we have and send them directly to your email box.


What’s ProCamera 7?



The redesigned editing suite opens up endless creative opportunities! Quickly and seamlessly switch between the filters, image adjustment tools and crop functions for dynamic editing. 
New Vignette, Boost and Sharpen tools add even more control to the already advanced collection (including Exposure, Contrast, Saturation and Color Temperature).


Over 50 free filters designed with the professional photographer in mind including completely new color, black and white and cross process effects. Filter strength can be controlled with a simple up/down swipe on the screen.


Jens Daemgen (the creator of ProCamera) has developed 14 filters inspired by his visits to San Francisco. The filters evoke the colors of different districts and landmarks of the city. 
The Street pack contains 14 black and white filters inspired by the films used by the masters of street photography. From low contrast to high grain, there’s a look for all street shooters.


Capture sharp, noise free photos at night! Now you can drop your shutter speed down to 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and even 1 second.




Sometimes all you want to do is focus on the image! Fullscreen mode turns off the bells and whistles and lets you get to work.


Inspired by iOS 7, the new capture formats (including Square and 16:9 Widescreen) maximize screen space for accurate composition and framing. New 3:1 and Golden Mean formats have also been added.


The easy to access Rapid Fire mode captures photos at up to 10 shots per second (iPhone 5+).


New video controls include smooth video focus, real time video and 120 fps slow motion capture.


New stabilized zoom gets rid of hand shake, resulting in sharper photos.


Separate Focus and Exposure points plus White Balance Lock allow for increased creative control in both photo and video mode.


Use the dedicated Anti-Shake shutter button for sharp, blur-free photos.


Save your photos to either the ProCamera Lightbox or iPhone Camera Roll. The Lightbox lets you quickly preview and delete unwanted photos within the app.


Share your photos with your family, friends or the world through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; or batch upload your photos and videos to DropBox. Did you know you could also upload non square (portrait and landscape) photos to Instagram with our SquarePrepare tool?


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    I love your updates bringing the news of the latest and greatest for iphoneography. This looks like a great app to go with my recent iOS 7 update.

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    Awesome. Pro Camera is one of the best apps in the AppStore and its great to see an update for iOS 7. I haven’t entered one of these giveaways for over a year but this app is a great place to start again!

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    This looks amazing. Looking forward to night clots the most.. But white balance nice too!

  • Andrea Bigiarini

    The new (not an upgrade) Procamera looks nice but my nightmares come true.
    The iOS 7 will bring The plague of rebuying apps and I’m disappointed with this.
    I already have Procamera and Procamera HD and I don’t think I’ll buy another Procamera App with additionl purchases (AKA filters)
    I’m not happy with this kind of politic or strategy because I buy app since iPhone 1 and I have lots of app.
    Someone should note this Plague and report seriously with an article.
    I know that after months of developing cost energy and money but what I don’t understand as my phylosophy of life is GREED.
    Rebates/Offer/Discount on purchases (a fulgid and positive example is the soft transition applied by VSCOcam) would be good but additional purchases of app that I own (including other IAP) is not correct.
    I love the Appwhisperer
    All the best

    • Misho Baranovic

      Hi Andrea, I understand how you feel but i’ve been working with ProCamera this past year and can tell you i’ve never seen a team work harder to respond to user issues and requests. The apps been in the AppStore for almost five years and has release over 35 updates.

      This is a significantly different and improved app to the previous one. They are the least greedy people I know. Misho

      • Andrea Bigiarini

        I know exactly the problem and I always support developers buying their app also if less popular or unknown. On my 3 devices I have like 450 apps installed mostly of Iphoneography and text editors, idea maps etc.
        Today I saw my faved outline app (Omnioutliner) bypass the upgrade and placed on the AppStore with a new a iOS7 look with no more rocking fratures for 22€.
        Transitions must be soft and this upgrade will be not soft for me.
        Maybe buy an Android phone will be cheaper than buying again my faved apps with an Android look.
        All the best Misho

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    What a cool giveaway! You are the best! ProCamera is amazing! And I am really looking forward to the new update. I think I have entered th competition, ie,I submitted a photo with this email address within the app! Not sure if I am really entered…

    Thanks so much for the cool giveaway!

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