The Nimble Magazine – Have You Seen This?


This may well be ‘old’ news to many of you but not to me, I’ve just discovered The Nimble Magazine in iTunes developed by Benjamin Rabe. It’s an online iOS magazine for iPhone and iPad that showcases artwork of various finger painters from around the world.

Four issues have been published so far and a fifth seemingly was intended to be published in June 2013 but I cannot see it. The latest issue ‘Bunny and The Beardman’ features John Bavaro discussing a collaboration for a museum that turned into ‘something unprecedented’. Other issues include work by Paul Vera Broadbent, Fabric Lenny, Matthew Watkins, Nettie Edwards and many more.

Take a look at the magazine here (it’s free) and I’ll try and find out what’s happened to it in the meantime, it’s impressive.


Screenshot From Issue Three Of The Nimble Magazine


©Image – collaboration between Nettie Edwards (Lumilyon) and Matthew Watkins

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  1. Mainly what happened was a very nice summer mixed with intense project work 🙂 — thank you very much for the kind mention, I’ve just got ready to work on Issue 05, and also will make sure the ios7 transition works flawless 🙂 — your post certainly gave me an extra kick! Cheers!


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