iOS Photography App – Waterlogue – Temporary Price Drop


Waterlogue was released in December 2013 and quickly rose to the number 1 spot in Japan and number 2 in the US app store. Over 150k copies have been downloaded so far.

“The idea behind Waterlogue is that we wanted non-artists to be able to see the world as an artist might—to give people access to a creative tool that doesn’t require any training,” says Balestrieri, founder of Tinrocket, LLC. “We were inspired by what creative people like artists and architects carry with them for visually documenting the world when on-the-go: things like Moleskine watercolor sketchbooks and these little homemade kits of watercolor pigments stowed inside repurposed Altoids tins. The spontaneous and personal nature of the images they create with these tools inspired Waterlogue.”

The technology required to create authentic, real-feeling watercolor images from digital photographs took a year to perfect. “There are apps out there that apply a watercolor-type filter to images,” Balestrieri, who himself has a background in art and design, notes, “but they don’t really approach anything made by a person: which details to leave in, which to take out—all of the little decisions that make a painting communicate the essence and spirit of a scene, instead of a straight depiction of reality. It was really important to us that Waterlogue could faithfully execute this kind of visual perception in a convincing and compelling way.”!

Usually Waterlogue retails for $3.99/£2.99 but today it is available for $2.99/£1.99. If you haven’t picked it up yet, now is a good time to do so. Click here to download.


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