Birth Photography – ‘The Growing Trend’


A very interesting article in The Guardian this morning by Rachel Holmes discusses the ‘growing trend’ of birth photography and birth photographers. I have to say that personally, it’s not something I wanted photographed per se although both my husband (Kevin Carter) and I always have one or more cameras with us, so it wasn’t something I was likely to avoid. Kevin only took a few images each time (3) and admits to feeling slightly ‘weird’ during the act, I was too focused on the job in hand to take a lot of notice. But as to whether I would hire a ‘stranger’ to photograph this very private moment is another thing. Also, if I was paying a birth photographer by the hour for my first, I would have needed to remortgage but money aside, is birth photography going too far?

To any woman who has been through a birth the reality is not quite the same as the fantasy in most cases, but Rachel Holmes’ opinion having viewed Birth Photographer Becky Williams’ images at feels that the images are ‘tasteful and intimate’. Rachel is certainly considering a birth photographer for her second. I’m done in that respect so do not need to make any of those decisions but this is a very interesting read, read the full article here – please return to comment at the end of this post – I’d really like to know your thoughts, from both angles. Would you consider birth photography as employment or would you consider having your birth photographed? I think this is an excellent opportunity for mobile photographers, so please do comment below.



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5 thoughts on “Birth Photography – ‘The Growing Trend’”

  1. Interesting! Thanks for that article Joanne. I guess everything which could be banned on a chip … will be photographed. 10 years ago no one could imagine that “Jurrasic Park” szenarios could be something a couple want to have for their weeding … but it happens.
    But for me some “fields” of intimacy should be not opened for the public.

    • Thank you for coming back and leaving a comment Martin, I really appreciate that. Yes I understand your opinion, although it was nearly 18 years ago that I had my first, so it was captured on film but also, having birth photographs taken, doesn’t necessarily mean (I would hope not) that we’re likely to see them on Facebook or other social media sites, it could be that we keep these images private but would you employ a ‘birth photographer’ to take them or would you consider taking them yourself as employment? It’s an interesting idea I feel.

  2. The closer things come to your “intimacy” sphere, the more problematic it will be to decide if it is good or bad. But the basic idea isn’t bad at all. I always keep in mind that sentence: “A community that doesn’t change will have no progress”.
    And photography itself has a huge influence to all of us, whether we take photos actively or get photographed.

    • Yes indeed Martin and in many ways I think it’s an area where mobile photography could be fully utilised. A small discreet camera would be most welcome for this kind of work I feel.

  3. Privacy seems an old fashioned concept – am not sure why anyone would want a birth documented by an outside photographer – I don’t have issues with the concept, but probably would not want the results turning up in my Instagram feed 🙂

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