Sony Xperia Z2 overview: Revised model takes first place in Mobile rankings – Kevin Carter


Kevin Carter our Head of Technical Hardware as well as the Lead Technical Editor for DxOMark and the British Journal of Photography among others, recently tested Sony’s Xperia Z2 smartphone.

DPReview use Kevin’s scientific data in their reviews, as they quote Kevin here, ‘The DxOMark team reports the Xperia Z2 images show “impressive detail preservation outdoors” and “in low light, a lot of detail is still visible, even if a loss of details is noticeable compared to outdoors.” Noise levels are reasonable at all light levels, with small grain size and no chroma noise. The autofocus works in a fast and responsive manner, with only very few focus errors. The DxO team found the Z2 to deliver “good overall exposure,” “nice colors in all conditions” and a “good overall flash performance.”

On the downside, DxO says the “white balance is sometimes unstable indoors” and “outdoors, some images show a slight blue cast.” They also report “slight color shading is also noticeable under tungsten light.” Aside from the white balance issues the Z2 images show “noticeable fringing, ringing and maze artifacts.”

To read on dpreview – go here
To read Kevin’s full technical test data at DxOMark, go here.




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