Instagram – Overcoming Shyness with Margot Breby


Parisian Instagrammer Margot Breby (@margotbreby) has emerged from her shell, ‘I am very shy and fashion is a good way to express myself, growing up I wanted to become a stylist and I drew outfits I dreamed of wearing’ she said

Margot’s serene, light-soaked Instagram photos have also helped with her shyness. “It brought wonderful people into my life,” she says. “People who became true friends. I never imagined that when I began a year ago.”

Margot’s inspiration comes from eclectic sources, many of whom share her whimsical outlook. “I really love Sofia Coppola’s and Wes Anderson’s movies and Tim Walker’s photography,” she says. “I am also very inspired by other Instagrammers.”

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