MIRA Mobile Prize – Shortlist Announced!


The MIRA Mobile Photography Competition has now reached the shortlist stage and we are pleased to detail the fifty images chosen and all of these will be exhibited at the MIRA Forum in Portugal on 6 September 2014. One overall winner will be selected from all of these entries.

With many congratulations to Adelino Marques, Adria Ellis, Aldo Pacheco, Andrew Lucceshi, Antonio Goncalves, Arjan, Barbara DuBois, Cindy Buske, Connie Rosenthal, Dani Salvadori, David De Franceschi, Fiona Christian, Florence Oliver, Giancarlo Beltrame, Hans Borgorst, Helen Breznik, Jan Bijker, Janine Graf, Jay Desind, Jessika Johanansson, Jose Peres Moldes, Lee Atwell, Luisa Sequira, Mahfuzul Hasan, Marian Rubin, Mattia Vacca, Mel Harrison, Melle Amodali, Neil Atkinson, Pamela H. Viola, Piroska Boros, Robin Pope, Sarah Jarrett, Vanessa Vox, Wayman Stairs, Dixon Hamby, Dohmen Maktub, Fabio D’Andrea and Bob Weil.

We’d also like to congratuale Manuela Matos Monteiro and all the jury including Andrea Bigiarini, Brett Chenoweth, Cedric Blanchon, Eloise Capet, Emanuel Faria, Gina Costa, Karen Divine, MaryJane Sarvis, Michelle Robinson, Nettie Edwards and Roger Guetta for putting this altogether.

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6 thoughts on “MIRA Mobile Prize – Shortlist Announced!”

  1. Congrats to everyone, especially my friends – I see so many of you there, it would be too many to mention. Bravo one and all.


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