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We are delighted to welcome Bobbi McMurry as a new Columnist to  Bobbi will head up the APPart Column, previously run by the brilliant Mel Harrison. Mel paved the way in creating a sensational column in APPart, with How To’s/Tips and wonderful thought provoking articles, sadly (to us) due to personal reasons she can no longer commit the time that is needed to continue its development.  We are extremely pleased that Bobbi McMurry has accepted our invitation to run this column, we have admired her art for a long time. She is hugely talented and has some great ideas and we will incorporate those and bring you fabulous mobile artist interviews, showcases, how to’s and more.

As many of you will know we have a Facebook Group specifically for this Column – please see here. This is where you can raise questions, discuss anything you’d like to discuss, relating to mobile art and of course, post some images for conversation.

In addition we also have a Flickr Group for this column. We would like to see all your digital art and collages added to this specialised group, we will select images for curation and showcases as well as commentary. This is the link to the Flickr group.

Please join us in welcoming Bobbi McMurry to family, we are so pleased to have you, thank you!

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  1. Welcome to the family Bobbi. Look forward to reading your articles. Much love and good health for 2015. Greetings from Austin Texas.


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