iPhone Photography Award Winners Announced 2015


We reported on this news previously but it soon became apparent that the original information had not been finalised (see here). This time, it appears that it has, so we’re delighted to view the winners selected from thousands of entries submitted by iPhone photographers from 120 countries around the world.

Many congratulations to all, you find a selection of the winners and their images here.

2 thoughts on “iPhone Photography Award Winners Announced 2015”

  1. For those still mystified as to where and how to view the winning IMAGES? (if you go to the link above, the winners, their bio and personal web sites are listed and plainly visible)

    But there are no instructions either on this page – one must click or mouse over the winner’s headshot/avatar. At that point, their corresponding winning image will appear. How about just a plain static gallery of the winning images? How this should be set up is: the winning image and underneath: winner name, country and category – mouse over or link to the other information like bio and personal web site. Why bury the lede?

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