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Mobile Art – APPart – Fifth Flickr Group Showcase – TheAppWhisperer

As our group continues to grow, so does the pool of amazing art I must choose from to create our showcase! Thank you all for sharing your vision, we hope you’ll enjoy the show!

The pieces we have highlighted all share the common theme of playful and almost childlike, yet so much more. You should definitely spend some time on these artist’s Flickr feeds to become better acquainted with their work.

Here are the links you need to join our APPart groups:

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Huge congratulations to all of this week’s featured APPartists:

Carolyn Hall Young, Stefanie LP, Armineh Hovansian, Claude Labarussiat, Meri Walker, Pamela Hochschartner Viola, Claude Panneton, Diana Nicholette Jeon, Karen Axelrad, Roger Guetta, Eric Raddatz, Aldo Pacheco, Lisa Peters, Andrea Koerner, Lee Atwell, Giulia Baita, Aldo Pacheco, Tuba Korhan, Cat Morris

Tuba Korhan  / Title: Diver

Flickr link

I was delighted to find this image from Tuba as I hadn’t seen her share with us for a spell! Korhan is a notorious storyteller, and Diver is one worth investigation. Her complimentary palette, though soft, remains brilliantly juxtaposed while her subjects calmly swim about. In this surreal story the subjects are treated in a very realistic manner yet their actions are contrary to our expectations. Here’s a cute little cat swimming around with goldfish that pay him no mind. Okay, that’s not something you see everyday, nor is the regulator crafted from the remains of a dead sea urchin and an oxygen tank made of a Murex seashell! Thank you Tuba, I’ve enjoyed my dive with you today!


Cat Morris / Title: I Told You Catching Bunnies Isn’t For Roosters

Flickr link

Speaking of Cats, our very own Cat Morris has been a busy lady of late! Her amazing and numerous Fairytales series is on display at The Empty Spaces Project Gallery and can also be found in a book she is self publishing. Definitely worth checking both out if you are able! Back to our showcase … I’m not sure which I like more, her titles or her art  synergetic relationship for sure, the title suggesting a story and the image harmoniously continuing on the path. Cat’s palette is always super saturated and this piece is no different. She’s also an expert composer, carefully leading us around every corner of her work.  In this piece she’s created a circular movement with the starting point of a rooster staring you down, front and center. Your eyes continue to the young girl who is facing the opposite direction and reaching up to a sky filled with flying “lightening bunnies”. Next stop is the moon peeking through the clouds and back down to the much smaller lightening bunnies and then back to the rooster. You’ve traveled through the composition and at each point there is something to enjoy. The palette is made from bold, vibrant color and the detail created with hard edges and meticulous attention is distinctive to say the least.


Pamela Hochschartener Viola / Title: Surfer Girl

Flickr link

When you first experience this delightful summer scene you might think a child created it  just for a moment though. While it’s flat collage-like treatment is reminiscent of a young person’s style, this seemingly simple composition is much more. A child isn’t likely to depict its subject from behind or crop the figures head, yet that’s exactly what Pamela has done. Here the top of the figure starts out quite loose, not giving attention to the figure’s actual form  in fact the hands are completely non-existent.  By the time you reach her legs however, the image becomes precisely carved with defined hard edges that are realistic in shape but still void of dimension. If you follow the direction of her right arm there is a paddle shape created with what seems like white scratches and a red crayon. This curious shape almost seems like an extension of her arm, particularly when you think about the absence of hands. Is she is trying to bat the ball or scoop it up? Whatever she’s doing, this simple element creates a subtle movement that’s essential to the narrative.


Video Showcase

Bobbi McMurry received her BFA from Arizona State University where she focused on painting, drawing, and printmaking. After graduating, she spent many years as an Art Director for custom and newsstand magazines. She has recently rekindled her passion for creating personal images and has gravitated to the world of mobile art. Her work has been accepted into numerous juried exhibitions, and has been recognized in mobile art competitions including The Third Wave and the Mobile Photo Awards. Additionaly, her work is part of the current iPhonic Art Exhibit at Markham Vinyards in California. She has been featured on mobile photography blogs, and recently became a columnist for The App Whisperer. Bobbi lives and works in Phoenix, Arizona.