Mobile Photography & Art – Flickr/Instagram Group Showcase – 22 March 2020

mobile photography

22 March 2020, Mother’s Day, England, “fear educates our care for each other – we fear a sick person might be made sicker, or that a person’s life might be made even more miserable and we do whatever we can to protect them because we have a fear a version of human life in which everyone lives only for themselves. I am not the least bit afraidd of this fear, for fear is a vital and necessary part of life“, observed poet Anne Boyer. This week, like many of us, I’ve immersed myself in art, both written and visual. I found myself, once more, drawn to Bleak House by Charles Dickens, throughout the novel many illnesses are depicted, none more so, or more profound than smallpox. Dickens demonstrated an exceptional grasp of disease, he demonstrated the unique ability to offer fear as a motivator, in order to convince people to change their ways of living. In the novel one of the characters contracts the disease in a graveyard and passes it on to two others, one who nearly dies and the other who is scarred for life. But it was clear that avoidance of graveyards was not enough to prevent the spread of this disease. Other factors played a part, miasma – bad air – or poisonous gas from rotting organic matter was suspected. However, what was very clear was the disease spread from person to person. Self-imposed quarantine became a theme of two of the characters, “keep her out, Charley, if you love me truly, to the last! Charley, if you let her in but once, only to look upon me for one moment, as I lie here, I shall die“. Quarantine is emphasised repeatedly during the characters illness, to which she refers to it as ‘contagion’. There’s a juxtaposition between art and medicine throughout the book, this is deliberate, Dickens knew that the art we create offers far more than respite, it is a tool enabling us to physically and mentally gain perspective not only in troubling times but throughout our lives. Stay safe and love your mothers from afar today.

Thank you to all the talented artists for submitting your works to our showcase this week. If you would like your work to be considered for entry in to our weekly Mobile Photography and Art Flickr Group, please submit it to our dedicated group, here. You can also submit images to our Instagram tag for this section #mobilephotographyandimagery.

Michael Beresin, Vadim Demjianov, Jun Yamaguchi, Susan Maxwell Schmidt, Jill Lian, Kat McClelland, Lorenka Campos, Lindy Ginn, Oola Cristina, Meri Walker – @TheiPhoneArtGirl, Cathrine Halsor, Susan Detroy, Catherine Caddigan, Gianluca Ricoveri, Tomaso Belloni, Peter Wilkin, Judy Wahlberg, Jennifer Bracewell, Jane Schultz, p.a. hamel, Clint Cline, Susan Rennie, Deborah McMillion, soul_engine, Susan Latty – @pause.and.breathe, @aquamirena, @rejanerubin, Dina Alfasi, @iphonefineartphotography, Deborah Morbeto, Jean Hutter, Guido Colla – effe5,  le_brab – Pascal, Jenny Pieters – jenivoigt, ja_graham, wphotonick, Eliza Badoiu, Lee Atwell, klimtt – M. Cecilia Sao Thiago.

Music this week is ‘Breath of Life’ by Florence and the Machine

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Mobile Photography & Art – Flickr/Instagram Group Showcase – 15 March 2020

mobile photography

“Few travelled in these days, for, thanks to the advance of science, the earth was exactly alike all over. Rapid intercourse, from which the previous civilization had hoped so much, had ended by defeating itself. What was the good of going to Peking when it was just like Shrewsbury? Why return to Shrewsbury when it would all be like Peking? Men seldom moved their bodies; all unrest was concentrated in the soul.” ―E.M. Forster, The Machine Stops and the first book that I immediately reread thrice, when I was thirteen. It was the first book that interrupted my thought processes enough to relieve me of outside pressures. It was transient, like a mediation. This is the life we now live, we need to ensure we flesh out, some of the moral dilemmas within the drama of everyday life and remember what makes us human. We need no one to write us an algorithm for how to treat others and how to live well, although some humans, may be all the better for it.

Thank you to all the talented artists for submitting your works to our showcase this week. If you would like your work to be considered for entry in to our weekly Mobile Photography and Art Flickr Group, please submit it to our dedicated group, here. You can also submit images to our Instagram tag for this section #mobilephotographyandimagery.

Lee Atwell, Deborah McMillion, Karen Axelrad, Laila, p.a. hamel, Jane Schultz, Catherine Caddigan, soul_engine, Mark Swanson, Lorenka Campos, Hanni K, Fleur Schim, Janine Graf, Andy Alexandre, Clint Cline, Tomaso Belloni, Jun Yamaguchi, Michael Brunsfeld, Peter Wilkin, Rita Colantonio, Gianluca Ricoveri, Susan Detroy, Judy Wahlberg, @niphisi, Elaine Taylor, Jenny Pieters, Eliza Badoiu, Jormain Cady, M. Cecilia Sao Thiago, @psychephoto – Robin Cohen, Susan Latty, @duca0onte, Damian De Souza, Marsha Estes @marshadraws, @accidental_artist3, Chehalis Hegner @chehalishegner.

Music this week is by Rhodes ‘Close your Eyes’

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Mobile Photography & Art Showcase – 23 February 2020

mobile photography

Sally Brampton (founding editor of Elle magazine, UK – who killed herself after health professionals ‘missed opportunities to offer her help’, in 2016) said in her memoir on depression: “We are simply defeated by the long, hard struggle to stay alive. When somebody dies after a long illness, people are apt to say, with a note of approval: ‘He fought so hard.’ And they are inclined to think, about a suicide, that no fight was involved, that somebody simply gave up. This is quite wrong.” And so, this week, my thoughts have been with the local family of a 15 year old boy from my daughters school who killed himself. Of course, a well known British celebritiy also did this last Saturday, even with the same method. Except I’m not ‘allowed‘ to discuss the method as The Smaritans warn of the dangers of ‘imitational sucicidal behaviour‘ and request that there’s no placement regarding actual methods. But if we don’t talk about it, aren’t we ignoring mental illness and that’s become so ‘popular‘ to talk about right now? There are more suicides, certainly for poeple under 35 and more so males, than there are road deaths currently per year. Artists are also one of the leading groups of whom suicide is common. ‘Tortured Geniuses’ are most likely to commit sucide, the first-ever study of suicide by professionals from the ONS, which covered England in the years from 2011 to 2015, showed that people who work in arts-related jobs are up to four times more likely to commit suicide.  People, are so ashamed, hurt, overwhelmed for so many reasons, that they’d rather end their lives, than seek help. It was reported this week, that Caroline Flack, the celebrity I mentioned above, did reach out to a friend but her friend told her it was too much for her. If we don’t talk about it, when someone approaches us, if we don’t soothe them, offer support, listen, then aren’t we ignoring the obvious, of what will inevitably come? They already feel ignored and unsupported. Isn’t that why people confide? We must continue to talk, we must support, mentor and above all, care… isn’t that why we’re here?

In the UK the Samaritans can be contacted on 116 123. In the US, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255. In Australia, the crisis support service Lifeline is 13 11 14. Other international suicide helplines can be found at

If you would like your work to be considered for entry in to our weekly Mobile Photography and Art Flickr Group, please submit it to our dedicated group, here. You can also submit images to our Instagram tag for this section #theappwhisperer.

Many congratulations to the following featured artists this week including:

Enio Godoy, Deborah McMillion, Rita Colantonio, Jun Yamaguchi, Milly M, Candice Railton, Jean Hutter, Jill Lian, Jon Arne Foss, Gianluca Ricoveri, Catherine Caddigan, p.a. hamel, Susan Maxwell Schmidt, Lee Atwell, j.a. Graham, @deborahmorbetoffinear, M. Cecilia Sao Thiago, @berleyart – Kim Clayton, Linda Hollier, Rejane Rubino, @sunflowerof21_365 – Elaine Taylor, Michael Vaile Garner, Janis Brandenburg, @remintrusions – Damian De Souza, @Badgrowshop, Brendan O Se, @marshadraws – Marsha Estes, @ange_ombre, @jormain, Eliza Badoiu, Alisa Smith Williams, Jane Schultz.

Music this week is ‘The Other Side’ by Ruelle

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Mobile Photography & Art – Flickr/Instagram Group Showcase – 9 February 2020

mobile photography

“I’m with Edvard Munch, who said photography can’t compete with painting, because it can’t deal with heaven or hell”, said David Hockney in today’s Sunday Times. I’m inclined to disagree with this and of course, I can point to this weeks showcase to support my case. Our musical choice matches perfectly, love, loss and the nature of reality. Heaven and hell? Oh yes, having lived full lives, if we cannot cure mortality, should we at least die trying…? The one thing humans have to save them of the depths of despair is humour and like many I have a strong one, Hockney does too “Do you know why laughter is important?” he asks, “It’s the only time as human beings that our fight-or-flight response is turned off. It’s good for you.” I couldn’t agree more…

I hope you all love this weeks mobile photography and art showcase as much as I do. Thank you to all the talented artists for submitting your works to our showcase this week. If you would like your work to be considered for entry in to our weekly Mobile Photography and Art Flickr Group, please submit it to our dedicated group, here. You can also submit images to our Instagram tag for this section #theappwhisperer.

Many congratulations to the following featured artists this week including:

Jill Lian, Platohedron, Lorenka Campos, Rita Colantonio, Cintia, Fleur Schim, Sailisa Li, Laila, Paul Suciu –, Marsha Estes, Rodolfo Alcaraz, Lee Atwell, @amopassicos, Nichole Christophe. @imagomimago – Mimi Svanberg, M. Cecilia Sao Thiago, @bortolinimassimo, @withflowersinherphone, soul_engine, Milly M, Jane Schultz, Jill Lian, Enio Godoy, Catherine Caddigan, p.a. hamel, Judy Wahlberg, Gianluca Ricoveri, Erik Viggh, Rosalie Heller, Linda Hollier, Susan Latty, Mary Modale – Dale, Robin Robertis, kats_eye_phone, Robyn Mencher, patragraphy, Alexis Rotella, clau_clara.

Music this week, another of my favourites ‘Never Let Me Go’ by Florence & The Machine

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Mobile Photography & Imagery – Eighth Assignment ‘Belonging’ #tawbelonging

mobile photography

Yesterday we published our ‘Ladylike’ chapter for our forthcoming book ‘Away with Words’. If you missed that, please go here to view.  Today, we’re extending the contribution date for our latest assignment ‘Belonging’, due to the busy Christmas/holiday period.

To take part please send your image(s) to my email address – and/or to Instagram with this hashtag #tawbelonging. At the end of each month, we will gather the images that have been contributed and select one for this immersive critique.

I will personally write this essay with over 1000 words. Each critique will identify the elements, contextual meaning of these elements, interpretation and conclusion. Each critique will then be published not only on TheAppWhisperer, the world’s most popular mobile photography & art website but also throughout our vast social media channels. At the end of the year, we will publish a book featuring all of these critiques. As you can appreciate each critique will take some time to create well, so we ask, if you would like to take part to donate £10 per image that you submit (there is no limit to the number of images you submit), we feel this is fair. To do this, just select the appropriate allowance at the bottom of our donation section at the end of this post.

To date we have published chapters by the following artists: Rita Colantonio, Valeria Cammareri, M. Cecilia Sao Thiago, Peter Wilkin, Becky Menzies and Lee Atwell.

To read some of our previously published chapters, please go here.

Creating art, photography or otherwise, is an outlet to express our emotions. This eighth assignment can be interpreted in your art literally or metaphorically, or any other interpretations you may draw, all entries are welcome. This assignment window will now close on 21 January 2020, when we will announce the new one. To take part please send your image(s) to my email address – and/or to Instagram with this hashtag #tawbelonging.

Please send £10 per image to enter this assignment via the donation table below.

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Mobile Photography & Art – We’re Thankful to all of You!


Happy Thanksgiving! We’re reviving and in some cases refreshing our mobile photography and art thanksgiving post of last year because it’s as relevant today as it was then. Although we do not officially observe Thanksgiving here in the UK, for me personally, it gives me another excuse to send love and gratitude to our beautiful … Read more Mobile Photography & Art – We’re Thankful to all of You!

Mobile Photography & Art – Flickr/Instagram Group Showcase – 22 September 2019

mobile photography

The three of us, our bodies sharing a common goal and process, the same level of exhaustion reached – potentially. Coming together, tearing apart. Despite the degradation of our bodies, we pushed through. Toll was the point, haggard breaths, sweating foreheads, shaking thighs, pushed to the limits, exhaustion was the symptom but not the goal. The late night service station off the motorway, still somewhere far up North, was stark. But contained pockets of human existence joined by essential basic common needs, in the dead of the night. A millennial loved up couple, cuddled in the queue, ecstatic with the elation of food quashing their hunger, the woman pirouette’s around her man, rocking her ample breasts simultaneously, he yawns. A family, wife/mother (45) hunched and dressed in a hoodie, texting frantically, the husband/father (49) repeating loudly ‘I am so angry’ , the boy (12) expressing ‘she’s only going to live in the car for a year, Dad’. The sister (13) staring blankly into space. Another couple, man (65)  woman (25) wander slowly into view, heads down, the woman I notice with heinous black inflamed eye, as they share an order booth. She selects (with difficulty) their food, her elongated manicured white nails, not fit for a touch screen. Another couple, man (29), woman (70) attempt to select their food in the booth with coupon codes, it takes 25 minutes for them to choose, as they finalise the order, the woman cries, she wanted to add a hot chocolate, they begin again. And now it’s the two of us, having left our middle son, miles and miles up the motorway, at university, we drive home, semi autonomously. Sometimes I feel I can do without the present, the past is more than enough, I silently weep, a job well done. Homeward bound…we change gear.

Thank you to all the talented artists for submitting your works to our showcase this week. If you would like your work to be considered for entry in to our weekly Mobile Photography and Art Flickr Group, please submit it to our dedicated group, here. You can also submit images to our Instagram tag for this section #theappwhisperer.

clau_clara, marshadraws, _soulkitchen_, dayindigo, wstairs, ja_graham, joe.legrand61, klimtt – M. Cecilia Sao Thiago,  ilemusi – Ile Mont, clizit2020 – Clint Cline, mitrydate, thelma.penteado, cooksbay, alisasmithwilliams, laurence_bouchard, coeiphoneart – Gerry Coe, rejanerubino, berleyart, lillorizzo, ritaipunina, dinalf – Dina Alfasi, eva.peopleoflondon, imaco57 – Isabel Alfonso, csernusphotography, kein_grund, Lee Atwell, p.a. hamel, Susan Rennie, Gianluca Ricoveri, Andy Alexandre, Jennifer Bracewell, Cintia, Sebastian Burczyk, Jun Yamaguchi, Damian De Souza, Tomaso Belloni, Lorenka Campos, Deborah McMillion, Christine O Sobczak.

Music this week is by Freya Ridings entitled ‘Lost Without You’

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Women in Mobile Photography & Art – International Women’s Day


We are so proud to collaborate with some of the world’s finest female mobile photographers and artists. Every single day they are fabulous but we wanted to ensure they all receive special recognition today.  We’ve listed just a tiny few of the thousands that we represent and those that choose to support us too (I am so sorry that I can’t list everyone!). To every single woman who is part of TheAppWhisperer (TAW) Community – know that TAW is also an abbreviation for The Amazing Women! Thank you for all that you do.

Cara Gallardo Weil, Gina Costa, Bobbi McMurry, Jaime Glasser, Ile Mont, Meri Walker, Lee Atwell, Ilana Buch-Akoundi, Maria Cecilia de São Thiago, Christine O Sobczak, Barbara Nebel, Jill Lian, Jane Schultz, Susan Rennie, Lorenka Campos, Armineh Hovanesian and Helen Breznik.

(If you’re reading this and want to be more involved and perhaps edit a section/column of our website, please get in touch, we’re always looking for experienced and committed mobile photographers and artists to join the world’s most popular mobile photography and art website – send me a message –

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Mobile Photography Awards Eighth Annual Awards – Results!


We’re delighted to reveal that the Mobile Photography Awards (MPA) 2018 Results have now been announced. As always the wealth of talent displayed across our screens is phenomenal. This year there has been more entries to this competition than ever before and the quality of submissions has been totally outstanding across all the categories.

Huge congratulations and thanks to the Mobile Photography Awards founder, Daniel Berman and also to the jury, including, James Bacchi, Annette Schultz, Evengy Tchetbotarev, Elaine Taylor,  Brendan O Se, Sheldon Serkin, Andy Bulter and Alon Goldsmith.

I have listed every first prize winner, with their winning image as well as each and every runner up for all sections of this competition below. Huge congratulations to you all!

Mariusz Majewski, Eric Mueller, Trevor Messersmith, Joshua Sarinana, Agnieszka Domanska, Waldemar Nowak, Sally Ann Field, Patryk Kuleta, Nobuko Kmiya, Jedrzej Franek, Glenn Homann, Arik Chan, Vesna Luketic, Jose Paulo Andrade, Cara Gallardo Weil, Piroska Boros, Hanqing Qu, Jinhui Wang, RanXingZhi Duan, Xiao Yi Lee, Pierre Hauser, Carles Cosa Parareda, Chunlei Wang, Benny Lau, Keran Wang, Lee Atwell, Song Han, Mandy NG, Mateusz Kubien, Luu, Zoe Chen, Timofey Rodchenkov, Mary Grace Montives, Glenn Homann, Joseph Cyr, Jose-Luis Barcia Fernandez, Rodrigo Vieira, Dina Alfasi, Lea Munjone, Lisabeth Armstrong, Laurence Bouchard, Pier Luigi Dodi, Ileana Montano, Douwe Dijkstra, Dominika Koszowska, Jeanette Serrat, Bartosz Parzyszek, Chong Kok Yew, Andrew Love, Yongmei Wang, Teresa Wang, Eduardo Lopez Moreno, Mohd Zaini Mohd Ariff, Zhang Yihan, Demetrio Jereissati, Dan Liu, SiuMing Chan, Linh Nguyen, Fabiana Costa, Benny Lau, Luis Figeuroa, Robin Robertis, Heather McAlister, Kerryn Benbow, Trevor Messersmith, Lorenka Campos, Marco Prado, Jane Schultz, Nadine Benichou, Juta Jazz, Vladka Kocvarova, Viki Murray, Jill Booker, M. Cecilia Sao Thiago, Eleni Gemini, P A Hamel, Jo Sullivan, David DeNagel, Sasa Prizmic, Laurie Higashi, Kamil Konrad Kawczynski, Dominika Koszowska, Morten Urfe, Liu Bo, Olympia Montaldo, Tim Day, Dan Liu, Natalia Garces, Benny Lau, Joanna Cykowska, Yun Thwaits, Paddy Chao, Lucas Baldissera, Mariko Klug, Yingting Shih, Nicolas Xanthos, Leandro Selister, Dominika Koszowska, Mary Wray, Liz Anderson, Suwandi Chandra, Iam Amanda, Nancy Quach, Kinayatova Meruyert, Oleksandra Vlasiuk, Dan Liu, Chunlei Wang, Amarate Tansawet, Halina Lubas, Leanne Weber, Issac Rodriguez, Will Jawde, Jack Schim, Sheila McKinney, Debbie Cooper, Candice Dutton, Kevin Spencer, Charles Needle, Jarek Bryla, Piroska Boros, Rosie Karel, Kerstin Klinner, Ellen Kemper, James Bush, Bo Peng, Monica Castenetto, Li Wang, Rick Ruggles, Jeff Feeny, Benny Lau, John Strauss, Mandy Ng, Judd Ducios, Unai Momomito, Scott Galloway, Pirjo Laisalmi, Julia Gilbert, Mariko Klug, Simon Clarke, Irene Oleksiuk, Unai Momoitio, Tim Creamer, Kimberly Post, Kate Zari Roberts, Deena Berton, Robin Robertis, Joanna Kegel, Suwandi Chandra, Teemu Laulajainen, Liu Bo, Claudio Marchionne, Frederic Deschenes, Chen Che, Enrique Gonzalez, Colin Howskins, Dan Liu, Wei Lin, Cathrine Halsor, Hong Wan, Eduardo Vaquero, Genesis Morlabaez, Liu Bo, Anthony Palacios, Mary Grace Montives, Dixon Hamby, Tommy Wallace, Leandro Selister, William Carito, Jason Greene, Pascal Davis, Rosie Kerel, Hlaing Myint Min, William Shum, Vivi Paulson, Yuexiang Wang, Huapeng Zhao, Li Yongkang, Kathleen Mazzocco, Tyrone Rodovalho, Zay Yar Lin, Min Min Zaw, Paddy Chao, Leigh Darilek, Erik Lieber, Dave Webb, Mariana Sivakova, Evgeny Biyatov, Hlaing Myint Min, Eduardo Lopez Moreno, Shi Sun, Enrique Gonzalez, Fu Jian Guo, Hao Yao, SiuMing Chang, Tyronne Rodovalho, Laura Hashimoto, Zay Yar Lin, Robert Pearson-Wright, Tunde Valkovics, Satish Radhakrishna, Tim Bingham, Luis Rodriguez, Nico Brons, Karen Izenberg, Rad Drew, Leigh Darilek, Cindy Buske, Jennifer Downing, Joao Batsta Sousa, Jinhui Wang, Lee Smith, Li Yongkang, Russ Quackenbush, Zay Yar Lin, Joanna Cykowska, Mona Nordoy, David Ringelheim, Lily Smyth, Zhang Yihan, Marianna Maksimova, Josee Houde, Nubia Navarro, Damian Kostka, Chong Kok Yew, Evgeny Biyatov, Vince Keresnyei, Gustavo Torres, Jormain Cady, Hao Yao, Colin Hoskins, Song Han, Bikash Rai, Joel Wothington, Tuba Korhan, Cristina Ghilan, Katie Teixeira, Damian Kostka, Po-Yi Li, Pai Hsiao, Teemu Laulajainen, Fleur Schim, Tommy Vohs, Jie Jiang, Yvonne Lu, Kat McClelland, Chuniei Wang, Nicole Christophe, Laurence Bouchard, Jose Luis Barcia Fernandez, Unai Momoitio, Marco Prado, Wang Jian, Douwe Dijkstra, Katarzyna Steblewicz-Plak, Ocean Morisset, Yongmei Wang, Moin Ahmed, Ana Fernandez Quiros, Mario Perez, Xiao Yi Lee, SiuMing Chan, Song Han, Kimberley Wallis, Yiannis Yiasaris, Karen Izenberg, Manuela Mato Monteiro, Gianluca Ricoveri, Alessandro Comandini, Trevor Messersmith, Lynne Daley, Liz Anderson, Teemu Laulajainen, Charles Hively, Amy Ecenbarger, Yuexiang Wang, Lee Smith, Huapeng Zhao, Fu Jian Guo, Melissa Fraser, Nicole Bradbery, Malani Jones, Nobuko Kmiya, Nico Brons, Lisabeth Armstrong, Isabela Pereira, Roy Pan, Anirudh Koppula, Maureen Haldeman, Ted McElroy, Joanna Cykowska, Marina Chrysou, Tee Lip Lim, Tommy Wallace, Agnieska Domanska, Claudine Watanabe, Karen Izenberg, Magdalena De Jonge Malucha, Mariusz Majewski, Richard Barron, Dayen Huang, Liu Bo, Sugiman Widodo, William Shum, Yuexiang Wang, Lee Smith, Demetrio Jereissati, Carles Costa Parareda, Jeff Feeny, Smita Rakshit, Ben Cooper, Juan Carlos Pinto, Luis Figueroa, Judd Ducios, Catriona Donagh, Katrina Stewart, Silvio Rusmigo, Soemyint Winn, Shelby Wilson, Suwandi Chandra, Andrea Dixon, Evgeny Biyatov, Pyae Phyo Thet Paing, William Shum, Roi Shomer, David Kelly, Mateusz Gorny, Chunlei Wang, Zay Yar Lin, Amarate Tansawet, Min Min Zaw, Paddy Chao, Rennee Clark, Timofey Rodchenkov, Moon Park, Christine Sobsczak, Trevor Messersmith, Kamil Konrad Kawczynski, Patricia Leeds, Viki Murray, Amadeusz Jackiewicz, Amanda Parker, Jen McKenzie, Peggy Taylor Reid, Katrina Stewart, Sheila McKinney, Morten Urle, Suwandi Chandra, Rosa Yip, Pai Hsiao, Liu Bo, Mohd Zaini Mohd Ariff, Yuexiang Wang, Shi Sun, Shawn Halsey, Wilhelm Schurmann, Lee Smith, Neng Thanh Toen, Tim Day, Elliot Fergusan, Yihan Zhang, Zena Holloway, Sean Hutchinson, Mimmi Moretti, Alessandra Doederlein, Candice Dutton, Graham Macfarlane.

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Mobile Photography & Art – Tickle Your Fancy #60


Welcome back to our sixtieth post in our Tickle Your Fancy section. ‘Tickle Your Fancy’ includes a round-up of between seven to eight links to articles from around TheAppWhisperer over the past few week, that you may by chance have missed.

Just to explain the title for this sectionTickle Your Fancy is an English idiom and essentially means that something appeals to you and perhaps stimulates your imagination in an enthusiastic way, we felt it would make a great title for this new section of the site.

Artists cited include, Ile Mont, Oola Cristina, Natali Prosvetova, Kaaren Malcolm, Annie Helmsworth, Brendun Edwards, Nettie Edwards, Brett Chenoweth, Clint Cline, Carolyn Hall Young, Barbara Braman, Teresa Lunt, Trish Geyer, Lee Atwell, Nicki FitzGerald, Pat Brown, Meri Walker, Janis Brandenburg Lee, Lorenka Campos, Cecilia Sao Thiago, Susan Rennie, Catherine Caddigan, jon jon, Luison, Kat McClelland, Kerry Mitchell, Will Reyes, Louis Chibbaro, Jun Yamaguchi, Poetic Medium, columnsovsleep, Tomaso Belloni, woltarise, Milly M, Eduardo Llerandi, Candice Railton, Vadiim Demjianov, Lindy Ginn, TheiPhoneArtGirl – Meri Walker, Linda Hollier, Clint Cline, Gianluca Ricoveri, Susan Rennie, jilllian2 – Jill Lian, Liliana Schwitter, David Hayes, p.a. hamel, Karen Axelrad, Susan Detroy/Jo Sullivan, Jennifer A Thomas, Gina Costa, Rob Pearson-Wright, Joanne Carter, Pier Luigi Dodi, Emmanuel Tuts-Schie, Rino Rossi, Christine O Sobczak.



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