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Mobile Photography / Art New Year Resolutions 2021 From Artists Throughout The World

2020 has been an unstable and blistering year and the idea of making New Year Resolutions for 2021 seems overwhelming. Susan Rennie, an Award Winning Mobile Artist from California, expressed it so well, she wants “to slough off the pandemic carapace of terror, debilitation and devitalisation and recover my pre-pandemic eagerness, energy, enjoyments, explorations in creativity”. And Award Winning artist Lisa Cirenza, who managed to relocate from the UK to France during the pandemic expressed “at one point during my battle with C-Beast, I found I really didn’t think I’d ever have the energy to accept and reflect, to lead a creative life again full of roads unknown“. For Kate Hailey, photographer and educator, after suffering cancer and Covid-19 as well as work losses, her resilience was put to the test and yet, still she suceeded. Another Award winning artist Meri Walker, lost her home and so much more during 2020 but found love and support from all corners of the world. Every artists’ contribution to this years resolutions speak of the stress of coping during this pandemic but all are also postive for the future. No one is attempting to wrestle with unattainable goals, none of us want to fail. We are all aiming to be stronger, more creative and better versions of ourselves and ensure 2021, no matter what, is a success. As Award Winning artist Sylvie Prévot puts it “be healthy, be creative, be gentle to yourself and others, be screaming of joy! Vive la Vie“.

Thank you to all who have contributed to make this years resolutions the biggest ever and as always, if I have missed anyone, please know it was not intentional, remind me and I will open the post and add you right away.

Thank you to Lisa Cirenza, Mayte Balcells, Paul-André Hamel, Fiona Christian, Kerry Mitchell, Cintia Malhotra, Russ Merz, Debra Splendorio, Robin Cohen, Andy Alexandre, Nora Griffin Boker, Kate Hailey, Gina Costa, Donna Donato, Peter Wilkin, Oola Cristina, David Scott Leibowitz, Carol Wiebe, Theano Nikitas, Frederic Deschenes, Jane Schultz, Chehalis Hegner, Susan Rennie, Himanshuroy Fulwala, Rinkey Boleman, Manuela Matos Monteiro, Susan Detroy, Dale Botha, Carlos Paz, Meg Greene Malvasi, Julie Denning, Lara Khatchikian, Deborah McMillion, Clarrise Debout, Luis Rodriguez, Marilisa Andriani, Filiz Ak, Mehmet Omur, Pam Blackstone, Sarah Bichachi, Stine Loe Jenssen, Alon Goldsmith, M. Cecilia São Thiago, Diane Neubauer, Mehmet Duyulmus, Emilio Nadles, George Koutsouvelis, Cindy Karp, Kathy Clay, Rita Colantonio, Adrian McGarry, Leandro Selister, James Ellis, Susan Latty, Eliza Badoui, Janis Lee Brandenburg, David Reid, Juta Jazz, Fleur Schim, Jennifer Bracewell, Hanni König, Liz Anderson, Anastasia Potekhina, Armineh Hovanesian, Ted Silveira, Marco Prado, Clau Clara, Diane Monheit, Mariateresa Bellotti, John Williamson Lamcaster, Joe LeGrand, Judy Laurie Wahlberg, Meri Walker, Ile Mont, Phyllis Shenny, Roberta Mitchell, Jill Lian, Silke Metz Artivist, Vanessa Vox, Gabriela Scotti, Susan Rattner, Catherine Caddigan, Kathleen Magner Rios, Melissa D Johnston, Fatma Korkut, Tracy Mitchell Griggs, Stephen Pare, Jennifer Walsh, Kristie Benoit, Massimiliano Balo’, Gianluca Ricoveri, Bonobo Stone, Lee Atwell, Rino Rossi, Diana Nicholette Jeon, Jill Booker, Damla Oksuz, Paul Yan, Cedric Blanchon,  Sylvie Prévot, Tomaso Belloni, Joel A, Kathryn Meininger, Jen Burnett, Pati John, Paul Suciu, Lanie Heller, Lisa Mitchell, Yoni Mayeri, Giulia Baita, Christina Chin, Cecily Caceu, Maurizio Zanetti, Katya Rosenzweig, Andrea Bigiarini, Daria Stermac, Cathrine Halsor, Massimo Bortolini, Valeria Cammareri, Carlos Austin, Vicki Cooper, Robi Gallardo.


Table of Contents

Lisa Cirenza

Every December I pick a word to guide my decisions in the coming year. I’ve long since given up on “resolutions” that only make me feel very guilty and a failure by usually mid-February. Every year I endeavour to find a new word to inspire my art, my relationships, my life—and for the last 5 years I come back the same word: “grace”, and usually through a dance through other choices, that is anything but graceful.

This last year I fell terribly ill with the C-Beast. It forced me to slow down, then slow down more, then come to a screeching halt. The opposite of my comfort zone, to say the least. The screeching halt was, I believe, a result of my refusing to slow down—even when feverish I painted in my bed on my iPad horizontally (great things these machines are eh??) But fighting the slowdown required to recover was not a graceful battle.

Human Grace is acceptance. Grace is generosity of spirit, grace is an elegant acceptance and reflection back of the bountiful lives we lead—despite the bumps (dare I say pot holes) we might be surprised by. You want to eat an entire bowl of ice cream? Do it gracefully (and chances are by the time you get 1/2 way through, enough will be enough). You want to debate ideas with a polar opposite? Do it gracefully and you might just have a conversation. You want to paint your heart out? Seek grace in the movements of your brush and it will guide you.

At one point during my battle with C-Beast, I found I really didn’t think I’d ever have the energy to accept and reflect, to lead a creative life again full of roads unknown. My 2D art for me, is just the tip of an iceberg of a wellspring of creativity—a wellspring that had seemingly dried up.

It’s December now, and gradually I’m re-engaging—encouraged by family, friends and collectors who started asking “so what’s next?”. My answer was silence for months. As my strength returns, a new wellspring is emerging—emerging from a place within me that was just marinating in juices fed by my feverish fogs. Light and colour are emerging again, but in more subtle ways. It’s a moment of grace and joy that gives me this energy, not a week’s worth, or a month’s worth.

In 2021, my word will once again be “grace”. I will seek to channel it infinitesimally, into smaller works, smaller efforts, more graceful elegant responses to what I experience on momentary bases. I wish all those reding this a year full of grace-full moments.

With enormous thanks to Joanne, who gracefully encourages, inspires, aides and abets us to be the best creative spirits we can be!

“Recovery” 120 x 90 Archival inks on Aluminium Dibond under Acrylic Museum Glass (Cirenza March 2020)


Mayte Balcells

All I want for 2021 is health for everyone. Twenty twenty has only brought anguish to the world and has traumatized many.

My art has a place in my heart, and has given me some gratitude and peace throughout this year. Art has filled the void of so much loss. I’m looking forward to a better 2021. Things can only get better.

Love and prosper, mayte


Robi Gallardo 

Well who would have though 2020 would have unfolded the way it did? The volcano that erupted in the Philippines while I was there caused much grief and chaos, but the eruption of Covid-19 proved to be much more affecting just about everyone in the world—directly or indirectly. My 87-year-old mother was afflicted but, thankfully, has recovered; two high school classmates were struck down and one stayed down for the count. 

Oddly, in a year of restrictions and lockdowns I found myself busier than ever; not able to focus on mobile photography as much I would have liked (the upside, of course was more family time!). Whenever I had down time, however, making images was not exactly high on my priority list. I truly hope this changes for the better in the coming year! 

My hope and wish for all is that we not let go of hope, and cling to faith. Despair is an insidious poison that can darken minds and burden hearts. However, to paraphrase Samwise Gamgee in the movie version of the Two Towers, there is good in this world and its worth fighting for.  May we all, though our art and lives be channels of peace, kindness and love. May you all be embraced by grace, joy and hope in this year that is now unfolding, and may all these shine through in all the works we do!

Blessings to you all!


mobile photography

Carlos Austin

Movement, not just the exercise kind, but movement of the spirit, of the soul, move, move someone’s heart.

Finding the inspiration to create, to invent through photography. By moving, there is not time for fear, for doubts, pushes forward and be wiser.

Movement inspires and when you put it into action, it will make every single day count.

Light and Health to all of you and your families.


mobile photography

Vicki Cooper

My New Year’s Resolution for 2021 is to try to be able to handle whatever comes my way, both the unpleasant and the pleasant, with equanimity, energy and hope. I hope to be as dedicated as ever to my family, friends, and, of course, to my art. I pray to all out there in this incredible world that we can work together to make life better for everyone.


mobile photography

Valeria Cammareri

This shot  was taken in Milan, Italy,  with my trusty iPhone through a window , in the middle of October 2020 when the contagion curve of the Pandemic was at the beginning of a new unstoppable exponential growth.  I think this was one of the last lessons  in this dance school.  Now my Country is coping with another plan of restrictions but luckily  has  also started a plan of mass vaccination . I think this shot reflects our feelings of resistance and resilience  . Nothing can stop our desire to go back dancing , and we are even able to dance in the Dark.


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Cathrine Halsor

Happy New Year 2021!

Oh My.. did this past year turn out to be New, that was my chosen word for 2020! I left for Vietnam in January and because of the pandemic I had to return to Norway after two months. I was meant to stay for 6 months. Looking back now, I am so grateful for all the places I got to visit and all the memories I will carry forever.

I have decided that my word for 2021 is Grounding.

For me, to become more grounded, means to stay balanced and also become rooted in the new, whatever comes next.

I’ve read somewhere that Off is the new On. So I will take time off to explore more and to go back to a more digital art expression in my work this year.

Peace and love and joy to each of you, and thank you so much for this opportunity Joanne, xx


‘A walk is only a step away from a secret world’

mobile art

Massimo Bortolini

Leaving 2020 behind seem to please almost everybody, and yes, it’s been a strange and harsh year. But, I guess that a lot of us have had some good moments too. That’s what I will keep in memory,  those good moments, because the rest have been commented for months now and will surely still continue to be for months…

So, the birth of my second granddaughter, Madrid last January to meet close friends after years,  some dinners with family, the walking along the canal near my home, the sun on my skin… are some if the things I keep in mind.

I know we are entering another strange period full of collective hope but of anxiety too… That’s why my resolutions will be to go to the end of 2021 and to still be e able to be surprised, astonished  and happy by a smile, a word, a sunset… simply by the daily life.

Thanks for all you do Joanne.


mobile photography

Andrea Bigiarini

This year it is much more difficult than previous years to make predictions or plan something because the big problem is the external actors who, I speak for my country, are increasingly aiming to limit freedom of expression, artistic forms of any kind and create a population. of sociopaths. The last element is very important: to separate people.

The separation is harmful because they created this “Dog against Dog” on any subject and we can see it everywhere.

The Latin motto “Divide et Imperas” means “divide the population and put one against the other so that there is no” Union “between the peoples because this would be very dangerous for the System.

I won’t go any further because otherwise I would become boring and argumentative so I change the question to “What do I want for 2021” and my answer is: “A further increase in everyone’s Consciousness in order to focus on the one main problem, the slow decline democracy and freedom so as to crumble anyone who tries to do so “.


mobile photography

Paul-André Hamel

The past year has been overwhelming in many ways. Our forced confinement has meant that we have had to be far more creative in the pursuit of our art.

I therefore declare that 2021 will be the year of completed projects, of interesting encounters, and of long strolls enjoyed in astute observation and above all, of the joy of living.

I also want to continue discovering new and inspiring artists. I yearn for gloom to subside and make way for a creative groundswell.

Thank you, Joanne, for allowing us these wonderful virtual encounters. I wish a happy new year to you and to all the entire mobile art community.


Daria Stermac

My Wish for 2021

Well first 2020 our annus horribilis has been a very challenging and surreal year with its un-ending global pandemic and subsequent ongoing lockdowns.  Many died from covid and many more suffered greatly from it’s grips, economically, socially and psychologically. I often thought we were participating in a kind of Theatre of the Absurd, a Kafkaesque  misensene, …and more…

But every challenge brings with it opportunities and positive changes sometimes transformative ones. So throughout this pandemic I’ve witnessed the arising of enormous community solidarity,  support for others,  kindness, love and compassion expressed for the less fortunate both near and far.  And much more, all was and remains – positive.

THESE values will sustain us, as they are who we truly are and I hope this reawakened humanity will be the treasures that we as, a human race will take with us into the future.


As for my personal creative wishes they are- to keep creating.  I’ve been a professional in the arts  all my life through multi media but mostly film, I have an essential need to express that creative energy, I’m considering some special photography projects on the Great Reset also writing,  But we shall see?

A hug to everyone and thanks Joanne.


mobile photography

Fiona Christian

Well it’s fair to say that 2020 didn’t work out quite like anyone had planned. My year was either spent in lockdown or trying to catch up with a work backlog. Although the lockdown bits were quite enjoyable and did mean I got the garden under control! Despite the length of time spent unexpectedly at home, I didn’t seem to produce any more digital art than my continuing #365 project required. I’m reluctant to say I’ll try harder this year as I don’t honestly think I will. I’ve decided to continue the #365 project for a 3rd year but have learned one thing from all the craziness this year. I’ve learned to value the time spent with family and friends and to make every day count. So with that in mind I shall 

merely vow to do just that and make the most of each day, whether it be spent in lockdown or not. I shall endeavour to relax more and not set unrealistic targets that put myself under pressure. I’ll take each day as it comes and do my best to enjoy each one. 

That’s about all anyone can do in these strange days! 

Let’s hope 2021 sees a return to something approaching normality. Happy New Year!


Kerry Mitchell

After 2020 I go into 2021 with trepidation. Although there is a vaccine, here in the US it is already not on schedule in its delivery. We are looking at least Fall 2021 before anything can become normal whatever that may be.

I feel so blessed that I am a digital artist and a mobile photographer. This gives me an outlet while I am locked up in my home avoiding COVID-19. I have two underlying health conditions so I just can’t take any chances of getting the virus.

I want to continue to spread my wings and become as creative as I can in 2021. I want my imagination to sing beautiful artwork.

Thank you Joanne for all your support of we mobile artists!


Cintia Malhotra

First of all, thank you Joanne Carter for all you do to create a venue that is a resource of endless information and inspiration to support this wonderful community of artists.

My goals for 2021 stem from the changes that have occurred over the past year due to the pandemic, especially in the arts and education.  I want to maximize time for creative pursuits and spend more time experimenting. Will also be updating my website to be more informative about my process, post short tutorials, and make my work available for sale.

Happy 2021!  Stay healthy, friends!


Russ Merz

My resolution for the new year is to do a better job of sensing,  appreciating and capturing the small seemingly inconsequential moments of life.  If this past year has taught us anything, it is that for most of us, small events, intimate actions and personal experiences, existentially define our lives. When we are deprived of them, the meaning of our world is diminished.  To me the task of an artist is to creatively communicate the emotion and meaning of life’s moments through words, sounds or imagery—this is what I strive to do.

To better illustrate my thoughts I offer the accompanying original poem and image.

All the Best to You in the New Year,

Russ Merz

❄  Winter Voices 🌬

standing by

a bleak winter 

shoreline of 

still wetland waters,

the silence is broken

by a faint 

whispering sound,

caused by the wind

giving voice to the  

brittle thistle reeds

frozen into frosty earth…

listening closely,

the raspy rattling

of their hollow bodies,

tells a tale 

of resilience and hope,

for better times

to come…

Katya Rosenzweig

I believe that 2021 year will be the Year of Woman! Let me explain why women are in the center of my Hope. Medical battle against the viral pandemic is in the tender hands of women. Our doctors, nurses and medical assistants work in Hospitals 12+ hours shifts. They often put their lives in the battle with Covid. I do not reduce the role of men working hand by hand with women, like my son who is a nurse at a Hospital. But nobody will deny that the majority in the medical field now are Women.The nurses and doctors are first who receive the vaccines. When we win this aggression from the virus and turn it on its back, we will survive and maybe get our lives back.

As an Artist I would like to continue my everyday search for new fields in my work that will support my spiritual well being.This year was for me a new step in my artistic life, I feel myself a part of a great community! Thank you Joanne for inviting me to this wonderful world!

mobile art

Debra Splendorio

I’ve never been so glad for one year to end and another to begin. This past year I went quiet in many ways, including my creativity.  I know the turn of the clock doesn’t take away all challenges. So I’m going to embrace this new year by taking a deep breath and reset my mind. My goal is to reconnect with my creative self and to live simply and authenticity.

Thank you Joanne for all that you do for this wonderful artistic community. Wishing all good health, joy and peace in 2021.


Robin Cohen

This past year taught me gratitude for the love and connection in my life. For 2021, I hope to keep nourishing my connections no matter what the universe brings. 

Thank you Joanne! I wish you a very happy and healthy 2021💗


Andy Alexandre

L’effort qu’on fait pour être heureux n’est jamais perdu.

Alain : propos sur le bonheur.


Nora Griffin Boker

First, I’d like to thank Joanne Carter for this invite to participate in this event. This has been a tough year for the entire world. And my art has been a life saver for me , and other artists. Being in fantastic art group online has been healing for my soul. Let’s pray for a better new year!  I want to do more street photography, and take more art classes.


Kate Hailey

The road in 2020 was one of those gravelly mountain roads that never ends:

– Cancer

– Covid

– Lack of work

– Lack of creativity

– Lack of inspiration (many days)

As I sit down to put together my goals in my vision for 2021 I’m looking at the moments of gratitude in 2020 and building on those.

I’m planning more online courses and contemplating image concepts that will push my own creative boundaries.

For all the barriers ahead: find joy, find light, find stories to share. Take time for yourself; take a break when you need it but don’t stop (for too long).


Gina Costa

Thank you to Joanne Carter for all she does for the mobile photography community.  Her tireless dedication and vision have contributed vastly to making this a world-wide movement of serious image makers.

My resolution for my mobile photography practice this year is to continue and further the wonder and experimentation of my mobile practice, and inspire and learn from my colleagues. Thank you to Joanne and every artist who contributes to this movement. 2021 will be a year of wonder snd discovery.


donna donato

i don’t make new year’s resolutions and haven’t in more years than i want to count.  

as we change the calendar to another year, i pray for an evolution of human thought and behavior towards all sentient beings and the world in which we live. i will continue to follow Kurt Vonnegut’s advice, “if you can do no good, at least do no harm.”


Peter Wilkin

‘Tell me about despair, yours, and I will tell you mine.

Meanwhile the world goes on.

Meanwhile the sun and the clear pebbles of the rain

are moving across the landscapes,

over the prairies and the deep trees,

the mountains and the rivers.

Meanwhile the wild geese, high in the clean blue air,

are heading home again …’

From ‘Wild Geese’ by Mary Oliver

Whilst these words could be interpreted as being rather insensitive & dismissive, it’s not how the poet intended it to be. Her point, squeezed between metaphor & anaphora, is that terrible things have happened & will always happen in this unpredictable world of ours. And yet, she continues …

‘Whoever you are, no matter how lonely,

the world offers itself to your imagination,

calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting — ‘

Cue the creation of art, with its capability to transport us to where we want to be &, at times, places we never knew existed. Sometimes it is a painful process; at other times liberating & exhilarating.

Given all the uncertainties that we still face, I’m going to adopt Oliver’s poem as an extended mantra for the forthcoming New Year. Sometimes I expect to fail but, wherever & whenever possible, I shall be driven by my imagination to that place where edges disappear as I strive to create art that contains a thousand possible stories. At other times I shall gaze upon the artwork of others as a source of inspiration, insight & pure pleasure.

As always, thank you for the invitation to share my thoughts here Joanne. It’s such a privilege to have a place amongst this wonderful community of talented mobile artists. Sending much love to everyone & wishing you all the best of health for 2021 ??

‘The Ghost of Autumn’


Oola Cristina

I think it would be very relaxing to live in a way that’s more aligned with the process by which I create: pay attention, choose only what attracts me, don’t think too much, trust my intuition, let go of the outcome, let the pieces come together to reveal what’s there.

Thank you so much, Joanne, for all the opportunities! ❤️

Wishing everyone clear sightedness, sustainable solutions and an abundance of love. ✨🌎🌏🌍🕊


David Scott Leibowitz

Happy New Year one and all. May this year of hope and renewal bring you peace & prosperity, good health & love and art beyond reason. Gratitude and blessings.


Carol Wiebe

2020 has been a year of re-evaluation. This applies to my art practice, which I have always described as revelatory, but it also has been applied to my ideas about religion, politics, and morality. I am inspecting all with new revelations about society and my place in it. As for 2021, I am making no resolutions. Holding onto critical thinking skills, creativity and moral integrity will be more than enough. 


Theano Nikitas

I gave up on making New Year’s resolutions a long time ago. My intentions were always good; the follow through, not so much. But this past year has been unlike any other and for 2021, I plan to continue what helped me get through 2020: I will try to keep turning fear and anger into positive action, to help and support others as best I can and try to find joy, even when it’s well-hidden. Thank you Joanne Carter for bringing so much beauty and kindness into our lives. I hope you all stay safe and healthy and that we all join in making 2021 a better and brighter future.. 


Frédéric Deschênes

This year 2020 has been a rich learning year for me! Live in a more present and more conscious way. I wish us a year 2021 filled with happiness, health, smiles and magical moments!

‘Sleeping Under The Ice’ © Frédéric Deschênes


new year resolutions

Jane Schultz

I want to hug my kids and see the year through with those that I love to the other side happy and healthy. I also plan to fully embrace glimpses and rays of sunshine, metaphorically, and continue to expand my creative expression and technique.

‘Symphony in Red – The Conductor – 1st movement’


Chehalis Hegner

It often takes a grave illness to inspire us to attend to our health. Across the globe, 2020 showed us how disregulated we had become as a species. Many of us got lost in our own grief, while also learning about our resilience and hope. Let’s face it, It’s a risky thing to be alive and 2020 posed many questions we didn’t even see coming. 

     2021 asks us to take gentle care of ourselves and each other. Out of incomprehensible sadness and loss, comes a new spring: a time to reevaluate, rebuild and renew. We can do it if we do it together. 

     This photograph was taken on December 29, 2020; a still, snowy, silent night here at our farm in Northern Illinois, USA. From all of us here at Halo Hill Farm we send our warm wishes and peace to the whole AppWhisperer Global community. 

     Yours, Chehalis Deane Hegner

‘Halo Hill Farm on New Years Eve’


Susan Rennie

To slough off the pandemic carapace of terror, debilitation, and devitalization and recover my pre-pandemic eagerness, energy, enjoyments, explorations in creativity. 

My New Year Wish is to be alive and well in September so that I can take up my lottery to see the Katmai bears in Alaska. 


Himanshuroy Fulwala

Firstly, I would like to thank Joanne Carter (Theappwhisperer) to giving this wonderful opportunity to all mobile photographers as well as mobile artists to share their thoughts about New Year Resolutions.  

In the year of 2020, whole world was stuck with COVID-19 or Corona Virus but year 2020 taught us to many things.  If I talking about my side, year 2020 was so good as well as bad for me.  Good in the sense, I achieved lots of photography awards in this year 2020. And I lost many of family members in COVID-19 or corona. That’s bad things for me. 

Apart from the this, my New Year 2021 Resolutions are be supportive, take care of myself and family.  Be creative and passionate myself in photography.  So I’ll get more love from you all.  

Thank you so so much for your support and warm loves.  Stay blessed.  Once again thank you Joanne Carter.

Be Creative and Happy photography.


Rinkey Boleman

Joanne, thank you for inviting me to join in on is.  I normally don’t write New Years resolutions because I keep them in my mind as a short list and work on them that way. 2020 was quite a year and since I had recently retired from my landscape architectural practice it was good for me. It made me slow down, stop feeling like I had to produce and just do nothing on some days. Mobile photography became my new ‘job’.

This year, 2021 I’ll continue to keep looking for the beauty right here near home and continue to share that with friends and fellow mobile photographers, until we can safely travel again. Another good lesson- beauty is all around us. We only need to look for it.

Thank you Joanne for your dedication to the mobile art community. And Happy New Year to you all.


‘Moonlit Forest’

Manuela Matos Monteiro

We never know how high we are 

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886)

We never know how high we are

Till we are called to rise;

And then, if we are true to plan

Our statures touch the skies-

The Heroism we recite

Would be a daily thing,

Did not ourselves the Cubist warp

For fear to be a King – 


The pandemic gave me

the beauty of little things

the magic of the windows

the blue, grey and dark skies,

the pleasure of feeling the time

as minutes, not hours or days

the subtile flavour of bread;

the happiness of seeing

a seed growing as a plant

a pomegranate turning mature


but also,

more time to read

more time to hear music

to hear the other’s problems,

more time to enjoy the creativity

of people all over the world

and of all of you, my friends,

of our wonderful community


on the reverse,

I am more conscious

of the problems of the world

and I realize that the inequality

is so deep and unjust;

that the political decency

was not a conquest;

that the walls keep growing

higher and higher

between countries and groups

that the difference is a problem

not a quality of mankind.


I repeat the voice of Emily Dickinson:

We never know how high we are

Till we are called to rise;

And then, if we are true to plan

Our statures touch the skies

I want to aim to get higher

In all senses of my life,

to explore more the potentiality

of the real/real and the virtual territories

to learn, to learn,

to share, to share

The mobile community, all of you are in my mind making part of my world

A very special “thank you so much” to Joanne Carter for her mission to put us together sharing our creativity!


Susan Detroy

… As the year shifts and we all attempt to think ahead, I know I will be forever changed by 2020. So my resolution is to remember the year that changed almost everything. I want our hopes for calm and sanity to be realized. And as part of that hope I resolve to continue to bring myself back to the place inside me that can be calm. And always, always the calm is exemplified by art, my art, the art of others, in particular, mobile art inspiring and sustaining us. 

Thanks to Joanne and to you all for being part of a hopeful and calm future.


“My Selves:Portrait of a Woman” 

Dale Botha

For 2021 my Word of the year is FOCUS, as it was in 2020, but for very different reasons.

I have packed a “Suitcase filled with Dreams” to take with me in 2021. Space has been left for everything I learned in 2020 and there is also space for new learning in the months ahead. Curiosity and experimentation are coming along too!

There will always be room for my beautiful family and friends, as well as new connections yet to be made in 2021. Family are jewels in our worlds and friends are priceless gifts.

Building “Square Tree Studio”, creating more mobile, digital art and design that can be incorporated in my small business will be my main focus this year. Developing a new website will not only be a challenge to focus on, but a wonderful learning journey too.

My focus will also be on health and fitness, because as I get older, the importance of keeping fit and strong becomes more apparent.

Mixed media, collage and typography have been part of my life for many years and I hope to incorporate more of this work in my digital and mobile art.

I am so very grateful for everything I achieved and learned in 2020, and my wish is that I continue to be inspired by so many wonderful artists around the world! Thank you to all the kind generous souls I have had the privilege to meet either on-line or in person.

Always remember, that hope really matters, kindness is truly valuable, to never give up, to reach out to those in need, to love unconditionally and that creativity is empowering! But most of all, make time for you and please take care of our world!

Thank you so much Joanne for including me here! Much love to you all! xx


‘Seeds of Colour’

Carlos Paz

Experiencing 2020 and the whirlwind it brought was nothing short of amazing. Going through the initial fear and anxiety that that plague my personality, to the acceptance of things you have no control over is very humbling. Discovering there’s so much more to this life that your own thoughts is a gift. For 2021 I wish humanity can open their eyes and feel the plight of this rock we live in, from the plight of the cattle waiting their turn in the slaughterhouse to the mouse and the worm trying to find a safe place to endure a forest fire. We are one.

Thanks Joanne for including me on this and I wish all the artist in this community a safe new year full of love and empathy.


Meg Greene Malvasi

This coming year I will continue to practice “falling upward.” It is a reminder to me that in falling (and failing), freedom and moving forward are not far behind. I have found this especially true in mobile photography. Rules are begging to be broken all the time in this medium-and it is so exciting to me to see how artists joyfully do this in their work.

During 2020, I dove headfirst into new directions. This included working more with apps such as Procreate and Superimpose X. (Thank you Karen Divine!) What a gamechanger—and you can be sure I will continue to use them in 2021.

In the coming year, I hope to exhibit more both in physical spaces and online. I will  do more photography with dogs–they are an ongoing source of joy and inspiration for me. And I will continue work on a series exploring childhood memory, community, and imagination—something I am not sure I could have done pre-pandemic.

Thank you, Joanne, for all that you do for the mobile photography community. And thank you to all the artists and photographers who continue to challenge me as I “fall upward” in my creative  journey.

Best wishes to all for a healthy, abundant, and creative 2021!


Julie Denning

Every year we are all given a unique opportunity to reflect on what we have done or have not done. I plan to take advantage of this time to empower myself and embrace the future head on with determination. Creativity steps out into the world and refuses to give in or give up and this community gives purpose and soul to that end.


Lara Khatchikian

Hearfelt thanks Joanne for including me in this wonderful article, and for creating a loving space where we can express, connect, and relay powerful messages through art. This past year has been one of the most challenging years on so many levels in my country, and as a survivor of the cataclysmic Beirut blast who lost nearly everything, as well as an activist in the ongoing revolution, art became much more than a lifeline. For the coming year, I plan on continuing my work as activist and photojournalist, keep telling the real, raw, genuine stories that unfold, be it through mobile art or on ground. I’d like to take this opportunity to offer a huge wave of  gratitude to my friends and fellow artists in the mobile art community, whose love and support truly did bring so much love into my wounded heart, opening up spaces within, where even in the midst of catastophe of this magnitude, the love I feel for people is so very different and more profound. I wish us all better days and courage to fight the good fight and create more and more. 


Deborah McMillion

I’ve asked this before? Do you keep a Commonplace book?

A commonplace book is not a diary or journal, idea book or a sketchbook though sketches can go in it. It’s about collecting the small treasures of everyday life, said and written, all around you. I have kept one my whole life and used up its gifts in fits and starts. I choose mine for aesthetics to use the whole year and more.  Marbled paper, leather spines, and creamy paper with a fountain pen? Or, perhaps, a field journal in waxed canvas and a brass pen that ages as you use it. When you are done it goes on the shelf as a reference, old ideas not used. Feelings you wish to relive.

Not this year. I tore out the  pages for 2020 and burned them.


Clarisse Debout

2020 will remain the most dramatic year of the last 20 years, the covid will have shed light on everything that was wrong in our society and individually!  we are going through this ordeal with all the support and generosity we can!  I faltered like many but I got out thanks to my loved ones and my caring community who share their messages gave me a lot of hope and strength!  2021 will be the year of reconstruction, of appeasement, of coming back to life!  I wish you a year rich in love, joy, benevolence and above all creativity and inspiration overflowing with positivity and sharing!  it is with all this that we will emerge victorious from the jolt we all fell into one day in March 2020!  welcome to 2021 !!  From Paris with love ♥️


Luis Rodríguez

It´s been an “annus horribilis” for the whole world. No one could have ever thought or dreamt what was about to happen when 2020 began. We have been struck by a world wide pandemic, we have been locked down (still are in some places), our lives have dramatically changed over the past twelve months, and we are all looking forward to the vaccine which will, somehow, give us back our normal lives. I could not wish for anything better than getting back to my normal routine, to the life we knew lived all this happened.

Personally, what I really wish in 2021 is to keep on enjoying mobile photography as I have done for the past ten years, I don´t want to get ever tired of it, that´s all. Mobile photography has changed the way I observe the world, and I´m grateful for it. Oh, and there´s a small wish always in my head, but please, don´t tell anyone: I wish I will someday win the Mobile Photography Awards, any category, no preferences. It´s a difficult task, but I´m working on it. Fingers crossed.

I wish you all, from the bottom of my heart, a peaceful, healty and safe 2021.

Marilisa Andriani (mitrydate)

As for everyone, also for me, this has been a year full of unexpected surprises. I would have liked them to be more predictable in order to stem the mood that has shocked the world.  very close contact with death which as far as I am concerned is a moment of spiritual liberation that not many believe, so much so that they fear it … But it was the loss of an intellectual, physical, moral freedom … Which are the pivot of my existence here alive, on earth. The Pandemic was and still is an underground war that imprisoned us.  Here, what I hope for next year 2021, the resumption of life in the world that I do not know how much it will be able to return to what it was before this year. Perhaps the forced stopping has served to reflect on how we have abused our freedom. But I hope it can be remedied to find a different path, but still positive and full of light for us and for future generations.


Filiz Ak

After a very difficult year,my thoughts for 2021 are;

Firstly, to stay healthy, happy and free for me and my loved ones. I’m looking forward to connecting with the world not only virtually but real. I miss very much miss hugging my friends. I would like to explore  new places in the world and taking much more photographs and sharing them. To improve my mobile photography and art skills more. I will never give up laughing,loving and to be hopeful in spite of a bad and difficult 2020.

I wish everyone a new year peaceful, brighter, freer..

Thank you so much Joanne for this opportunity to share my thoughts.

Always with my bests&love❤️🌹❤️


Mehmet Omur

My Last year’s resolution was not to take so many pictures. Thanks to Covid !! that my wish has been completely accomplished . My wish on making mobile art projects turned into making mobile art class online courses. 

I can say that I started creating more art but more manually than mobile artistry as I did many collages and some drawing. I also used procreate to create mobile artworks. 

This year My wish is to go more out and start shooting again. I missed to take photographs  on the streets, and to share them on street groups including “Streetwise”. I will write more articles on my blog and on our “Tumobart” web site. I will finish my new photobook project that I already have begun. So many things to do. I hope to have good health and be able to do all. I wish good health to all my mobile art friends all around the world and I also wish that this terrible disease will go away.

Vive 2021 with peace, happiness, light and LOVE!

Thank you Joanne Thanks to theappwhisperer ❤️

Pam Blackstone

In the inevitable countdown to 2021, it feels hard to find anything positive to say when 2020 has been such a dumpster fire. But after the emotional roller coaster of this last year — Covid, political upheaval, the rendering of our very social fabric, and now Russian cyberwarfare — it is hard to imagine things getting any worse. That can only mean they will get better, and indeed the new year is starting off with hope in the form a vaccine and a new American president. My resolution is to do everything I can to remain healthy and protect the health of others, to get vaccinated as soon as I possibly can, and to keep making art. Gratitude to Joanne and our wonderful mobile art community that sustains us. We need each other now more than ever.


Sarah Bichachi

First of all, I would like to express my wholehearted thanks to Joanne Carter for giving me this opportunity to share my thoughts for 2021. This year has been defined with chaos, polarization, sickness and death that it led me to seriously analyze a healthy transcendence for 2021. By healthy, i mean creating awareness of my being… not to be motivated by my deficiencies, nor the need to belong, nor the need to be safe, nor the need for self-esteem… because i realized these are faulty foundations for well being. Instead, for the new year, i will focus on integration. A harmonious integration of the whole self with the world… not being above it… with purpose and direction that is not driven by fear, but in the service of realizing what is good not only for myself but everything around me. Because as the song says, we are the world. And if each of us gets better, the world will heal and will get better too. And my art? It will definitely get better with it as well. 


Stine Loe Jenssen @humancanvas232

2020 became the year many would rather forget, myself included. A year with many shattered dreams, fears and disappointments, but also a year that taught us to appreciate the little things, like the joy of being hugged, visit friends and being able to move freely outdoors without a mask. 

My resolution for the new year is to bring more love into my work. In the past I have done a lot of selfportraits and shadow work, and I feel an urge to transform into a a warmer universe, where I can connect deeply with my subjects, and continue to use my own style and artistic voice. I hope the world situation will look a little better in the new year, having taught us that we need each other, and that we can move forward with hope, faith and love. 

Thank you so much Joanne for all your have done and all your support through the past year! I cannot wait to see where the new year will bring us. Much love and gratitude! 


Alon Goldsmith

I think a lot of people assume that because 2020 is coming to a close, 2021 will be the end of our troubles. I’m sure we will continue to be challenged in so many ways and that we’re going to need to be very deliberate in moving forward to a more equitable, hopeful and mindful way of living. For my part, I’m hoping to stay healthy and connected to the people I love while stretching myself towards more optimism, learning, loving, gratitude, travel and imagemaking. Let’s do this!

M. Cecilia São Thiago

“Kindness, kindness, kindness. I want to make a New year’s prayer, not a resolution. I’m praying for courage.” Susan Sontag

For all previous years, I have always had accurate words to express my thoughts and describe my plans for the immediate or distant future. Even though I worked hard all year long, even though I created many series of photographs and sent them out for calls, 2020 took me off my feet.

There are events that are inevitable, and the current situation is one of them and we cannot avoid it, but we must learn to deal with it.

Difficulty and anguish are once again the starting point for creation.

Dealing with events means not letting ourselves be defeated by them, we have to be creative in making decisions and in the way we act. If possible, turn the opposing force into an ally, and that’s all I can project for 2021. I believe that if I am really focused on what I intend to achieve, I will find a way to get there regardless of the adversities that I will face. So I hope it will be for all of us.

Albert Einstein once said: “We do not intend things to change if we always do the same. Crisis is the best blessing that can happen to people and countries, because it brings progress. Creativity is born from anguish, as the day is born from the dark night. Crisis generates inventions, discoveries, and big strategies. Whoever overcomes a crisis overcomes oneself without getting overcome.” 

I am extremely grateful for Joanne has given me the opportunity to share my thoughts.

Wishing an inspirational and creative 2021 for everyone 

Love and Light, Always


Diane Neubauer

Thank you Joanne for inviting me to include me vision for 2021. If this past year taught me anything it was about making some personal peace with uncertainty. I expect that uncertainty will continue on many levels in our current world. For 2021 I hope I deepen my friendships in the various mobile art groups. It is in our connections with each other and our inner drive to create that keeps us all moving forward. Like many I am experiencing physical limitations that sometimes can interfere with my ability to execute artwork. Again, making peace with that uncertainty is my goal. So finding a peaceful center on all levels of myself is my main priority. Thanks Joanne for providing all the venues you make available for all mobile artists.

Mehmet Duyulmus

2020 was an unfortunate year for the whole world!  It was a year of unprecedented isolation and lockdown!  Despite the pandemic the world faced wars,  bombings, separations of all kinds.  Natural disasters poured!   We all were confined to our own bubbles.  Mobile art and sharing became great consolation and mostly our real (?) connection with the world beyond our homes!  I am grateful to art and all artist friends enriching my dull daily routine!  We all turned to what we can do best and enjoy doing the most.  I strongly hope the vaccination will make it possible to go back to old normal days and we will again have the opportunity to enjoy the exhibitions we had to cancel!  Hope to travel and be with friends and family members,  especially my daughter and son and four grandchildren who live abroad! I thank you Joanne for giving me the chance to express myself, my feelings! Nevertheless, I wish everyone a happy and healthy and prosperous year!


Emilio Nadles

About resolutions for next year, I’ll share a little bit of it because I find it useful for me & everyone. I’d expect to keep myself open minded and sensitive to our global community and illustrate it with dignity in my photography.

Do not to expect anything from anyone except everything good I put myself out there, as a chain reaction or domino effect. We know that we get or receive what we give. It’s an approach to avoid complains and instead, being responsible, I must ask myself what can I do to improve this or that?

Thanks The Divine that makes everything good possible; to my parents who have taught me values and morals to allow me to walk in this this world; thanks Joanne for creating this venue, practicing inclusion, that all together that brings good vibes and positive inputs; thanks to my fellow artists, many of you have become friends and also thanks for being loving, respectful and supportive.

George Koutsouvelis

I wish for 2021 that people come as close as possible, physically and mentally. I would also wish everyone be able to travel freely again.  Lastly I hope all of us make “mistakes” this year, trying new things, new situations, changing our being, our life, our world.

Thank you Joanne for asking me to participate in this New Years Resolution Post and all that you do for us!!!!


Cindy Karp

Thank you so much for including me with your formidable team of amazing artists.

The year 2020 was an enlightening year for me despite the maelstrom of the pandemic. My left brain was in dormancy for decades as I pursued various highly successful business channels. I never had time for ME except on my wonderful trips around the world photographing the sites and people I encountered. Then Covid came,  and we were all sequestered in our homes. It gave me the opportunity to draw from within and participate in challenging groups. That’s where I learned about the various apps and started exploring on my own. It opened up a whole new world of digital art. It opened up a whole new world a virtual friends.

I look back and how different our lives are and I have so much to be thankful for. My wish for 2021 is to find a cure or vaccine that actually works to end Covid 19 and for people to see what really is important in our lives. It is important for us to develop a stronger bond with our families or people we love, make new friends, be a listening ear and focus on our health and well-being. Find something that brings us joy and capture those small moments and have them woven into our life. Be thankful for what we DO have,  and don’t dwell on what we don’t have.

Make each moment count. Smile more and make others smile. Make a difference in this world. I wish we all find peace within us and peace among nations.


Kathy Clay

2020 has been a difficult year for everyone. My year started with the death of my mother and then the pandemic brought the world to a halt. When the lockdown began I tried to think positively and be thankful for the extra time available for art and reading but I found myself struggling with a lack of motivation.

The vaccine and the outcome of the US election has brought new hope for the coming year. I plan to reach out of my comfort zone and try new techniques when creating art.  I also hope to start traveling again.

Thank you Joanne for creating this space to reflect on where we are and where we hope to be. Happy new year to everyone.


Rita Colantonio

2020 is a year I would like to forget for obvious reasons. But it is also a year which has pivoted me and my art in new important creative directions. Maybe it was all the extra time, the emotional distractions, the warding off of depression and anxiety, the mix of so many confusing feelings, which fed into the mix. For one thing, I realized how precious my time is, how tenuous my existence and how important to fill my days making my art. It seems that I would have used my time to express my anxiety, to commiserate with my community of artists. But quite the opposite happened. Instead, I began to boldly experiment with color and design, to refocus my learning, to revel in the pure joy of expression. I have reached a point where my art expresses who I am, not what is trending or political. That is important to me.

2020 has brought me more recognition, more dear friends, more teaching opportunities. But it has also opened a door to a place that I am compelled to enter. A place without fear of self expression. Ironically, I do not fear 2021. I am hopeful and excited that the world will be in a better place, that the human spirit will rise up and the art we make will arrive invigorated with new creativity. I know this will be the case for myself and also my fellow artists. I look forward to a new world and the art it brings.

The piece I have included is titled And Then There Will Be Spring.


Adrian McGarry

As the bells ring out 2020, we’ll all raise a glass to abolish this wretched year. The hopes of health, safety and a freedom that we all long for is a heavy weight to be carried by 2021, I’ll be cautious in my optimism. Rather than raise my expectations for the next 12 months, I’ll settle for safely navigating it and pray to emerge with my loved ones at my side. An unwelcome, yet familiar, status quo.

I live within walking distance of local beaches and this is where I will once again find solace – COVID-safe, a world away from masks, gloves, sanitiser, social distancing and fear – a cherished sanctuary. Whilst adhering to the rules of lockdown, my unobtrusive, simple photographic equipment can be easily taken with me at all times. My permitted daily exercise becomes a chance to escape into photographic opportunities and forget the ongoing challenges. I’ve found a spiritual connection with the coast – the days would be darker did I not have this escapism.

My personal creative goal for 2021 is to explore ways in which I can better communicate my feelings through my coastal images. I’m searching for a photo that captures a moment in time – an expression of what I see and sense, to forge a stronger connection with the viewer. I am always considering new ways to capture light and illustrate movement to portray the emotion of witnessing awesome vistas and unbridled forces. 

My photography won’t change the world or solve the desperate challenges still to be faced. In the same way I can’t replicate the salt on my lips, the smell of kelp, the feeling of crashing waves that break around my feet, the screech of the gulls above or the chattering pebbles as the water rushes through the rocks. But the promise of nearing that perfection, of sharing that experience and lifting spirits, is what motivates me and my iPhone to return time and again. 

Thank you Joanne for my opportunity to connect with a creative community that you do so much to support and inspire. I wish you all health, peace and success in this coming year. Stay safe, stay well.


‘All of This’

Leandro Selister

My wish for 2021 is that we have a lot of health to face the challenges that will still be many. I also hope that we will never lack the ability to perceive the signs in the small things around us like the heart drawing that formed on the body of this insect. I made this image on 12/21/2020 – when the conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter occurred. I want to believe that it is a sign for the new times. We need to believe in Love and its transforming capacity. We need to love nature, life, the other. I have no doubt that this is the most important resolution for 2021: To love, to love very much.

Thank you very much, Joanne for giving me this opportunity to share my thoughts and for your work.


James Ellis

For 2021 I want to expand my creativity and go beyond my comfort zone‘s as an artist. I hope to complete some writing projects and incorporate my art into those projects. And honestly if I have survive the evil‘s that are American politics, viruses, and echo chambers that social media I have become I think I can accomplish a great many things… Although first and foremost I have to be able to survive my own procrastination issues… The one thing I’m not going to say is that 2021 can’t possibly be any worse than 2020 because we all know that God has a wicked sense of humor and if he hears it he will test us with it.  So for 2021 I wish everyone health, happiness and freedom from trying times.


Susan Latty

As I think about the year that has passed and consider what may be ahead, I find myself focusing on gratitude. Gratitude for my life, my health, my family and friends, and for my daily art practice. My art helps me to live fully in these precarious times. It nurtures attentiveness to the moment and to the beauty around me. It also helps me examine and express my emotions, enabling me to respond and, if needed, refocus with a more balanced perspective. 

In 2021, I plan to continue creating on a daily basis, recognising it as a priority in my life. I will endeavour to continue learning and improving technically but also, I will continue to seek to portray what I feel in my heart. 

I am so grateful to be a part of this wonderful mobile art community and for the ongoing commitment of Joanne Carter, even under the most difficult circumstances. I wish you, Joanne, and all my friends a safe, peaceful 2021. 



Eliza Badoiu

I am as always thrilled and honored to be part of this mobile community, that you Joanne continue to maintain United and so tightly gathered throughout artistry. 

Regardless of all the apparent bad I have faced during 2020, it has been a full , complete and so kind hearted  year, that has taught me so many things on different inner levels I am only thankful for .

If anything learnt is that I don’t have and won’t invest any energy to focus upon desired and special needs or any demands for the upcoming 2021,  but I only surrender to what it has to offer… cause I know energy always finds its best way back to me , so I have faith and I trust it all .

Have a good 2021 and see you always around in your artsy moods and expressions ! HUGS 


Janis Lee Brandenburg

What a tumultuous and terrifying year!  I am grateful I and my family is safe and healthy and that we find new ways of keeping in touch and keep the love flowing, focusing on the things in life that means the most to me.  Unlike some artists, 2020 was a year that was prolific artistically for me.  The long days of isolation and anxiety came bursting forth from my imagination and fingers.  I look forward to 2021 as a year of positive change for us all; a year of working together for solutions and togetherness.  Spurred on by the encouraging support and inspiration of my fellow artists, my artistic goal  for the coming year is to challenge myself to think outside my safety zone, explore my personal unknowns, and color outside the lines.  


David Reid

Thanks again, Joanne, for asking me to participate in this New Year’s program. I posted this picture on November 7, 2020- just after the U.S. election but also closing in on the end of 2020 with prospects of a vaccine for the coronavirus. I titled it “Rising hopes for a new day” and that captures my thoughts about 2021. Hope for an end to the pandemic and the fearful isolation we have been living with. Hope for a decrease in the acrimonious atmosphere and polarization of people in the U.S. especially, but really, around the world. And hope, on a more personal level, for continued good health and continued improvement in my photography / artwork. I want to try a new app or two since it appears I’m not going to be learning a new language or making my own bread at home!


Juta Jazz

Hello all! So happy and blessed being together with all of you here in this marvelous community…thank you so much to you for the inspirations you give, for support you send, for your love, that shining through your artworks and friendship! My deepest gratitude to Joanne Carter, who makes that circle turn. 

My new year resolution is so simple or too complicated this year – TO STAY HEALTHY…. and create my artwork as it flows….

Wishing to you, your families and all people in the globe healthy and promising year! Hugs to all! 

My image- “into the spin”


Fleur Schim

Thank you for inviting me to participate in New Year’s resolution 2021. I love being a member of an inclusive, amazingly talented, and generous mobile photography community. I am grateful for the feeling of fellowship, as a result of sharing and mentoring from both personal and virtual teachers.

2020 was and is a very challenging year. I showed up, and created art as a means of managing my anxiety. Although my realm was limited due to Covid19 social norms, I continue to be grateful that I am able to explore my local scenery at the beach or nearby canyons. I am lured to the canyon by its landscapes, and the beach by its atmospheric scenes. These transformative moments are a remarkable offset from my daily routine. 

I am hopeful that 2021 will be a kinder, gentler, safer time. As such, I am hopeful that I will be able to travel beyond my local environment and experience new and different scenery. 

 I wish everyone a healthy and happy New Year!

‘Slice of Heaven’


Jennifer Bracewell

My resolutions for 2021 are to spend more time with family and friends, with the hopes that COVID gets under control and makes this possible. I’m moving back to California in 2021 after a strange year with a lot of relocating.  I’m hoping this move home will bring me joy and inspiration, strength and love. I aspire to have peace in my life and to share it with  those around me, to work on my art and to branch out into other mediums such as image transfers and encaustics, and to continue to volunteer for animal organizations such as the SPCA.


Hanni König

Thank you for your for your call to share our expectations for the new year! I will send you the corresponding picture immediately afterwards:

As in most years before, I really only hope that everything stays as it is for me. Not because I like standing still, but because it’s good the way it is.

I would like to have time, a lot more time, for all the things that I still want to do. Read more, photograph, paint, make pictures, travel, listen to music, go for a walk ……

But the most important thing of all, as we have known since 2020, is health. And I wish that not only for myself, but also for everyone else. And that the realization is permanent (after Corona has hopefully soon left this earth as suddenly as it appeared out of nowhere) that nothing we have is taken for granted and that we should therefore live differently, much more consciously.

If there is anything good to say about the past year, it’s that it was at least a creative year and it could happily stay that way for the coming year 2021.

I wish everyone a happy, healthy and wisely used New Year!


Liz Anderson

Thanks so much, Joanne, for inviting me to participate in the 2021 resolutions. I’m very honored to be included.

After this past crazy year of Covid-19 where my wings were clipped figuratively and literally with a broken shoulder, I am looking forward to 2021 to be a time of good health and eventually returning to normal in all aspects of my life. My wishes are to get outside more to walk, be nourished by nature and be inspired by all that is around me. I long to get back my sense of creativity and imagination which has been in a slump this past year.

Warmest thanks to you, Joanne, for being such a wonderful supportive force behind so many mobile artists.

I wish everyone a joyful, creative and abundant year!


Anastasia Potekhina

Many thanks to Joanne Carter, who invited me to participate in this

project. I would like to believe that Art is independent of any

cataclysms, and it lives forever. I also think happiness is a choice –

when we can find something good, even in difficult times – the

difficult outgoing year being an example. Only we can make this

choice, in order to make ourselves happy, we must always make sure we

make the correct choice. And I wish to all – creativity and

inspiration in the upcoming new year. So that every moment in life as

well as each moment of creativity – brings joy and positivity.


Armineh Hovanesian

The new year is a time when we reflect on our gratitude for the past and our hopes for the future. And it’s a chance to welcome a fresh start to reinvigorate our enthusiasm for chasing goals and dreams.

We all get the exact same 365 days. The only difference is what we do with them.

As I look back on the past year and forward to the new one, I need to keep in mind that they’re both steps on the ladder to my dreams.

I hope the new year brings the sorts of gifts not found under any Christmas tree. I’m referring to the gifts of inner peace, personal growth, health, prosperity, and most of all, love.

Thank you very much for asking me to participate, Joanne. I wish you and your family love and light, always.


Ted Silveira

My resolutions seem to change through the year, with new ones appearing and old ones mutating all the time, but to keep it simple for the start of 2021…

Print more images. I enjoy prints, small ones and large ones both, and I like having an evolving collection on my walls. A print gives me a second view of an image, different from a screen view, and being able to handle the print, move it around into different light, brings it to life in new ways.

Take the time to learn one or two apps in depth instead of experimenting with many. At the same time, experiment with more forms and styles. 2020 was the year I encountered ICM. In 2021, I hope to find new favorites to go with the old.

And in general, clear out the rubble. Physical, mental, emotional, there’s a lot of it around, isn’t there? I’d like to end 2021 with a sense of spaciousness rather than clutter.


‘The Coast at Terrace Point’

mobile photography

Marco Prado

I normally don’t make new year’s resolution, just because I ended up making as I go. But this time is quite different, I get it more than ever.  My main goal for the upcoming year is to stay healthy ! Art Is my Medicine !

During life in isolation, I became more in touch with my internal silence, that brought me to experience a different level of creativity. I noticed a change in my work, I felt more in sync with my vision and purpose. For 2021 I’d like to continue to explore those avenues and hopefully to be able expand my network to more opportunities in bringing Mobile Art to a higher level.

Thank you Joanne Carter for your mission and vision on mobile photography art. This platform is essential for so many of us to share our diverse talents .

Wishing you all a safe and creative year ahead.


Claú Clará

I want to thank you for the opportunity you give me to give my thoughts and wishes for the next year, I describe it below:

2020 has been a dizzying year for me and for everyone, we suffered many illnesses, many of us lost our jobs and everything that gave us security. I think most of us live 2020 like in quicksand, I thank heaven that it finally ends even though 2021 does not look good.

The only thing we have for sure is the hope that little by little things will improve and that we can find a way out of each and every one of our crises. I ask heaven that 2021 give us a small truce and be a year of rebuilding everything that fell apart this year.

On the other hand, I am grateful that 2020 was a year in which art was more appreciated for the wonderful work it does on the human being in critical moments, I hope that next year it will continue to be appreciated and valued since it is an important part of each one of us.

Thank you Mil Joanne for giving me the opportunity to express my thoughts and wishes. A hug!


Diane Monheit

Navigating the pandemic this year has been difficult but photography has been my saving Grace.

My wishes for the coming year are to continue good health while enjoying my creative pursuits, and also see an end to the pandemic and travel begins again.

Biggest thanks to Joanne for everything!


Mariateresa Bellotti

From the past year we have learned to look for each other and to stay close, we have learned what solidarity and generosity means, we are waiting for 2021 with the hope that it will take away all the pain experienced but I hope it will leave in us all the good feelings we are capable of. time to be better has come. Those are my thoughts.

I wish you many beautiful things dear joanne.thank you.


John Williamson

As challenging as 2020 has been for myself and the world, I have found respite through the meditative process of making art. The creation of art is therapy for my soul. My chosen art form is photography and manipulation of images with mobile devices.

Who knows what 2021 will bring?  I have a few areas of attention I want to focus on for 2021.

1)  I want to continue to find my artistic style.  I want to spend 2021 learning new methods so I don’t rely on the same “tried and true” things that have worked for me in the past.

2)  One theme I want to artfully investigate in 2021 is childhood trauma.  I am an amputee and I have walked with crutches and wheelchairs all my life. Some of my early  life experiences have attached feelings that are difficult. Art is a special language that translates feelings that aren’t easy to articulate.

4) I want a actually gallery show of my art!! Stretch goal!

Thank you for the app whisperer!  You are a great source of inspiration, techniques, and social interaction.


Joe LeGrand

Without a doubt, the year 2020 will never be repeated.  But not to say it was a total loss, I did uncover a few things of value I want to carry with me beyond 2021.  It’s said that art can be a moment in time …. a stroke of colorful pleasure … a snap shot of where we are and where we are coming from. But what mobile art has taught me is that we are the visionaries that continually take the pulse of our world and through the speed of social media, we share.  We share our colorful emotions, the black & whites of our inner thoughts and the structure of our happiest. We share, we communicate and we emote. That’s my goal for 2021.  


Judy Lurie Wahlberg

What a year!  For me it has required deep and profound work in the area of transformation and change.  My art has been the vehicle that keeps the distraction away.

The bombardment of the harmony that one needs to hold in an everyday life has been destructive and time consuming.  I look forward with great hope that the birth of  more informed and stronger individuals will carry us to personal healing and thereby planetary healing. I am grateful for this group, for social media giving me the vehicle to share my art, my thoughts, find new friends and in general the ability to express myself outside of my personal world. I am grateful for Joanne who has created so much beauty for all of us, I am so truly grateful….

“The Vision”    


Meri Walker

Well, 2020 tore me apart, both physically and psychologically. And I am only one among the millions of us who have suffered unfathomable loss.

Torn asunder, in the space I used to call “me,” I have experienced a depth of love and kindness I never imagined I could know. I have been fed, clothed, bathed and transformed by the miracle of your friendship.

Stepping into 2021, like it or not, millions of us across the globe will be reimagining everything … personally, socially, politically, geographically, economically, ideologically, spiritually. We will need all the resilience each of us can muster, day by day.

I’m resolved to explore the length, depth and breadth of my resilience in the year ahead and to exercise it with others creatively. Besides that, once we can safely gather again, I can’t wait to share our love with one another in person. To the very last breath!

‘Phoenix Rising’


Ile Mont

After the unpredictable and overwhelming year we are about to end, the idea of making resolutions for 2021 seems a little surreal for me. I believe that after all we have gone through and for all that is yet to come we need to give ourselves more patience, grace and forgiveness, have more self-compassion and keep our goals small and sensible in order to achieve them.

For my part, my main goal is to keep working on what I do in spite of everything. To keep on looking for ways to express myself because that is what’s important to me and that is what has kept me motivated, optimistic and going. Without putting too much pressure, I will try to reinvent myself in a world that has changed so much and will remember that not only January 1st, but that every single day is a new beginning and a great one to do something amazing, to love and to live. Happy 2021. May we all be blessed.


Phyllis Shenny

Writing a New Year’s Resolution this year is probably more difficult than any other year because of the pandemic we are living through. Not that we can’t make plans or set future but we have learned something we never experienced before which is uncertainty in a larger and more obvious way. We learned we don’t have the amount of control we have been telling ourselves we have. Getting past the pandemic is obviously crucial to almost all plans. However, I see a life lesson from this past year and opening our eyes and taking something forward from this can be a blessing. 

For me, I accept that although we control our lives, that control is far from total. I want to go forward with more acceptance and tolerance of what I can and can’t have control over. That includes my own weaknesses and doubts. As I get older (and I am older) I want to enjoy my life while at the same time do good. This coming year I want to get on track for some changes. I want to focus on both my physical and emotional health. I look forward to more discipline for exercise and nutrition as well as more time spent on my artwork and hopefully back to social and friends. I want to make a difference in people’s lives, something I’ve always strived to do but not always given myself credit for doing. As for me personally, I want to increase my confidence in what I’m doing and promote more intensively. All under the umbrella of calmness and appreciation of the journey.

My work this year has been mostly abstract due only in part to the fact that I’m not out shooting. I consider it a gift this year.


Roberta Mitchell

I began an intense focus of photographic self portraiture this past year in search of my edges, of pressing beyond.  The task was to take risks, expose vulnerabilities, create vehicles for emotional release.  This didn’t preclude joyful noise; I’m capable of myriad, tandem works.  The images are usually created with formal rigor, and classic elements.

The questions for the self portrait artist are myriad.  Are we creating in isolation, are we purging? Is this content the penultimate monologue?   And yet, the response to my work has been intense; indeed, I’ve had protracted dialogue with viewers who connect deeply with the emotional content.  The work seems to be code, have universal beacons, for the human condition. In this respect, the perception of the narcisistic nature of self portraiture has been happily flattened.  I become open to you, not closed.  

I am resolute in this upcoming space in time to explore the synthesis of these dialogues into my work; to tell the story as a citizen of the world, to pay homage to the reciprocity between  myself and my viewers.  Next steps are always the most exciting.


Jill Lian

My New Year Resolution for the New Year is to continue exploring the things that bring me joy.

Let 2021 be a year of good health, light and love.

Thank you Joanne, for always being a beacon of light for the mobile community!


Silke Metz Artivist

Thank you Joanne for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts with the community.

I’m looking forward to 2021 with lots of excitement and hopes and  I think the chances are pretty high that this year will be better than 2020 ! As an artist I enjoy to transmit a warm feeling when the world seems strange, to bring a little bit of magic , to allow the spectators to have a soothing moment while looking at my artworks. 

So in 2021 I will pursue my path and work and therefore maybe be an inspiration to others to not give up and keep doing what you love.

Take care of you and your loved ones.


Vanessa Vox

Creativity means a lot to me and especially in these difficult times of the pandemic. It is a home, a space of freedom and it brings me closer to the people I love, as well as closer to myself. It also brings me closer to the beauty of this world, because everything unfolds something beautiful when you look at it with a passionate heart. I like this way of thinking.

My New Year Resolutions: giving myself daily space to new creative and artistic adventures, free improvisations, moving and dancing pictures, photographic impressions and musical inventions. In short: a rich and colourful life somewhere between the inner and outer world.

In the New Year 2021 I will continue to evaluate the vast field of experimental videos on the basis of mobile apps as I have done since 2014. And for the third time I have the honour to be a member of the jury team of the MINA film festival (Melbourne). Then of course I will furthermore be present as a co-editor of the appwhisperer mobile movies group. Plus I feel always connected to the developers of the fantastic LumaFusion film editing app.

Thanks and love to Joanne for founding and maintaining the large appwhisperer community which is part of my daily artistic life for 8 years. A community of many, many creative, sensitive and talented members. I wish you all the best for the upcoming New Year.


Do You Feel Free? (September 2020)’

Gabriela Scotti

On January 1st. 2020 I decided to challenge myself by taking one photo a day and post it on Instagram.  At the beginning of the year I was feeling that life was passing me by too quickly and thought that snapping a meaningful photo per day would make me more aware and appreciative of my surroundings, and that by looking around searching for a great photo opportunity, would make me stop and freeze the time, at least for a bit. 

Little did I know that this self-imposed challenge would help me mentally and spiritually every single day, and more so, helped me cope with the stress and anxiety caused by our lack of normalcy due to the pandemic and lockdown. 

This self-imposed photo challenge not only improved my creativity ( which I never knew I had), but was also what kept me awake at night, thinking about how to look at things differently and the reason why I jumped out of bed eager to look for that special photo opportunity. 

I still need to work on my 2021 Resolution, however I know in my heart it will be photo related… I am inclined to photograph things we usually ignore and turn them into beautiful and meaningful work of art, we’ll see…..


Susan Rattner

In this new year, may we all experience good health, peace, clear insight, compassion, love, creative spirit, and caring community.

Thanks for this opportunity to share my work.


Catherine Caddigan

After a very trying year, I am looking forward to a hope-filled year ahead. This should be reflected in my work, and my life. A more centered, energetic approach is a good place to begin, and should put me on a continuum of mindful, deliberate activity. Hopefully, I will improve my skills or at least evolve to a point of consistency. 

Organization is another huge goal of mine. I have accumulated a lot of unnecessary imagery and the stuff from a lifetime.  I want to be forward thinking and not backward looking.


Kathleen Magner Rios

Looking back at where we were this time last year it’s remarkable how very far from reality we seemed to have been.  Resoundingly, 2020 has taught me to appreciate.  It has also taught me to tune in and to look deeper.

I’ve moved past the technicality of a photograph, the composition, color, exposure.  My resolution for my work this year is to create something that can be seen with the heart.  I want my photography to stir feelings, create a sensation or soothe a soul.


Melissa D Johnston

I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions—but 2020 has inspired me to make at least one thing permanent in my life. That would be to ride the waves of change with an open mind and plenty of flexibility. And to keep developing my ability to do so. In regard to art this means not just changes in external circumstances, but also internal ones that nudge me in new directions that at first I may not be ready to go. May 2021 be a good one for all us, and bring the dawning of joy in the wake of grief. 


Fatma Korkut

2020 has been an unexpected year for everybody in the world. We have been experiencing something new every single day and our future is ambiguous. Not being able to see the future and making plans for the future keep the artists alive since in all the difficult times art gained importance. We can see many examples in the art history. For example, after the Second World War many new art movements emerged and the artists became more productive.  

The artists are so powerful that, they can turn the difficult times we live in into a positive development. We have seen the examples of the power of the artists and art during quarantine. Art has become a shelter for everybody. Musicians started to give online concerts, painters kept on drawing and painting and millions of people visited online art galleries and museums. Art is like a heaven embracing everybody. I strongly believe that, as humanity, we all need to change. We need to build a new system where excessive production, promotion and waste is ended. The artists need to be the pioneers of this change and therefore, I want to use my personal art production as a beneficial tool for this purpose. I want to generate solutions to both life-sustaining problems and art problems by using a new perspective, new ideas and new visual expressions.

I wish everybody all the best in 2021.


Tracy Mitchell Griggs

Thanks to Joanne for nurturing and maintaining a global community of creatives—a true inspiration. 

What can one say about 2020? We are carrying the pandemic forth into 2021. The year tested me—Covid killed the launch of my company after two years of business development and also my only source of income. But? I pivoted and built a “socially safe” global oyster benefit event under my company brand and established myself in the cannabis industry. After a three-year pause, I rebooted my journalism career. My first medical cannabis feature was published in the Washington Post a few weeks ago. I learned that I am resilient, creative and resourceful. 

2020 saw me making new art and music friends—Australia, India, Russia—and reconnecting with long lost friends from California, my former home. 2021 is looking great. I am returning to school in February, spearheading a new regional chapter of a national cannabis industry trade association, finally launching my company and thrilled to be taking a mobile video journalism master class starting in January. As for my photography? I’m buying an iPhone 12 Pro and an iPad Pro—hoping these new tools will inspire me to improve my technical skills. 

Pandemic Portraits • A Series 


Signals Caribbean Grille, Georgetown, Maryland USA


Stephen Pare

How much larger 2020 is than any future 2021! It looms, it shadows, it hovers, it stands behind one’s shoulder. It pushes down on one’s wrist as one types, a light pressure but distinct. 

How much more compelling it is this time to deplore the past and resolve to have the opposite!

2020, a number generated by software that is stuck repeating its last step, unable to move on. 20… 20… 20… 20… 20… To strain the metaphor, 2021 is a number that at last takes that next step. 

How attractive it is to declare a restart, to imagine that we could simply force-quit the stuck applications and hope that the device will now sort itself out.

But this is more mere numerology, this fiction that a year is an entity (a better or a worse one, it may be), one that can be discarded with the recycling. (A typical 2020 joke here might make a reference to its many empty wine bottles – but let us at least resolve to have more nuanced humor next year).

A new year began this morning, December 30th, and another one begins tomorrow morning.

I will not deplore 2020. Likewise, I will not hope for better in 2021. Do I shock you? Perhaps this will help: 

Hey all you app-happy disruptive innovative mobile-global artists, who delight and instruct, move and surprise me with all your abundant marvels: Let’s dance.

‘God, Nell, Ain’t It Grand?’


Jennifer Walsh

Although challenging for all of us in ways we never could have imagined, for me, this year was transformative. With a great amount of introspection came an equal amount of clarity.

I was stuck. So, I started a digital journal for myself, intent on looking for inspiration in unexpected places. I hoped to live outside of my comfort zone and I found myself organically joining this amazing mobile art community. In uncovering this newfound creativity in myself, I hoped I was inspiring others to do the same, in their own way.

So, in addition to my annual firm resolve to eat better and floss more, in 2021, I will continue my search for inspiration with eyes wide open and a phone in my pocket. I am committed to learning new things and finding interesting ways to expand my creativity. I will push myself to be more confident as a mobile artist and I will support others in their artistic expression as well.

Joanne, thank you for including me in this year’s Resolutions Showcase and I wish all of you the very best in 2021.

Jen Walsh


Kristie Benoit

In 2021 I would like to see more compassion and care from people, and less self-entitlement. If 2020 has proven anything at all, it is that people don’t care for their fellow human beings as they should.

It was very difficult for me to create (or want to create) anything during this pandemic due to being an essential worker, and also dealing with health issues and having to have surgery.

I don’t make New Years resolutions anymore, but rather I set intentions. So for 2021 my intentions are:

1 – to be stronger in health.

2 – to find my creativity again. I miss creating!

3 – commitment to being a better human being; listening, learning, evolving.

4 – to stand/speak up for what I believe is morally right.

Wishing everyone a healthy, safe (wear your damn mask!) and happier




Massimiliano Balo’

Dear 2021, let me get involved in your infinite places where you can explore and transform the invisible into anything we human beings have the knowledge to understand and make my soul evolve by connecting with the infinite so that I can communicate your wonders through art.


‘My Soul I Calling You’

Gianluca Ricoveri

My New Year Resolutions are essentially few and extremely simple:

1. Spend a year in good health.

2. Get out of this pandemic.

3.  To be able to go back to take photographs because due to Covid-19 my photographic tours have been very few.


Bonobo Stone

Blaming COVID for the Horses latitudes where my imagination/inspiration stalled in 2020 would be an easy excuse. But truth be told, my sails were lifeless. I was happily adrift, an artist in search of a new purpose. Portraiture was a medium I had exhausted and for the first time in my life I felt utterly uninspired artistically. It was the reason I gleefully purchased a Canon PowerShot. My hope was that a return to photography might give a lift to my imagination and put the breeze at my back. The process has been slow, tedious, yet painfully rewarding. As my creative shift unfolds I feel my true nature winking at me, reminding me that remaining loving and happy is the true artistic/spiritual quest. That’s why I am confident that as the flotsam and jetsam of my creative blockage disappears, the artist in me is destined for a 2021 rebirth.


Lee Atwell

My New Year’s resolution is to do another daily photo for a #365 project (posted on Instagram at LeeAtwell.2020). I did this throughout the last year and it was a healing salve that helped me get through the challenges of our covid lockdowns and feelings of isolation – looking for beauty close to home (most photos taken were within a mile of home) and in unexpected places. Grateful for the weekly showcases and seeing everyone’s creative process during this time was also a source of strength and inspiration. Wishing everyone a New Year filled with health, joy and abundant creativity. 


Rino Rossi

It’s true: how many of us would not have wanted to experience the terrible year that is ending ?! Perhaps for this reason the expectations for next year are very high. Putting aside our selfishness (personal, political, artistic, ideological) for a moment, I believe that we can hope for a better 2021 for everyone, both from a health and mental point of view. This period is putting us to the test, but it is our job to grit our teeth and, above all, to appeal to a common sense of civic duty (without denial, proselytism, conspiracy and various …isms). Sorry to see or hear inappropriate comments especially from people you consider close to your artistic sphere. Here I hope that 2021 will bring us closer (in all senses) more and erase that thin veil of hatred that is clouding us.

Happy New Year!!!


Diana Nicholette Jeon

First, I want to thank Joanne for again giving me this opportunity to reflect on where I have been and where I am going, and for everything she does for us all through the year, every year. 

As 2020 draws to a close, I am happy it is over. It has been a horrible year for the country, the world, the planet, and many of my friends. There was too much hate, too much loss, too much Trump, too much pandemic. But for myself, it actually was a great year, though it didn’t start out that way, and even then it didn’t turn out the way I planned. I had two solo shows scheduled, one in April in Sydney, AU (part of the Head On Photo Festival), and the other in October in Portland, OR. The May one went virtual due to Sydney closing down, and then, at very late notice, came back to a brick and mortar show on top of the Portland one, causing me to have to create 2 sets of 26 handmade tin works at the same time, along with 12 works for another show that came up at the last minute. This all combined with a huge change for the better in my personal life, but at a cost of my sleep and a lot of stress. So though things were positive, they all were not even close to plan. But those are first world problems. And I won a local award for my newest series, and an international for the work in the tins. How bad can things be. Overall, My life is good right now. Something I had desperately wished for as 2019 drew to a close. 

Last year, I said that my biggest goal was to be happy again. I am. I wish that to continue into 2021 and beyond. I wish for the US to end the strife and division and unify with the new President. I wish for the pandemic to stop claiming lives. I wish for the planet to get some healing with the US actively working on the climate change issue. Most of all, I wish for the strife that has affected so many people to end. I wish everyone joy, peace and happiness in the new year.


Jill Booker

I enjoy wandering around and taking photographs of whatever catches my eye. I look forward to continuing that, but I would also like to expand my photography, perhaps by finding different subject matter, or trying new styles (abstract, minimalist, black and white), or experimenting more with post-processing. I would also like to find ways to add more emotion and poetry to my images.

Thanks to Joanne and TheAppWhisperer community for the support and inspiration. I wish you all a joyful, healthy, creative 2021!


Damla Öksüz

What a year we had!…

2020 was an unforgettable year for all of us and I am sure we all want to leave it behind.

I always loved photography and been doing street and travel photography for a long time. When I discovered the apps that I can use to turn my photos to an art piece I couldn’t stop editing.  And with that I became a member of the mobile art community.

My New Year Resolutions are;

– to concentrate more on mobile art projects

– keep on posting daily on my instagram page @damlaoksuzphotography

– making some new art projects using my photos

– travel whenever I can (which I really missed at 2020)

And Joanne, I would like to thank you for inviting me to share my thoughts and wish you and all mobile artists a very good 2021.


Paul Yan

The only thing that is permanent is the universe is impermanence. We all withstand the winds whether we like it or not. The last year, stained by the plague, might be the most extreme change that has occurred in the lives of all of us humans, wherein activities were impeded and beloved ones passed away. We hold the hope that things will only go for the better from now on. Here’s wishing all sentient beings safety, wellbeing, and happiness.

With the advent of 2021, I strive to become a better person than last year through the practice of loving-kindness, compassion, empathetic joy, and equanimity. Arts and photography are an absolute reflection of the state of being of the person that creates them. I believe our mobile photography and art always follow our lifetime evolution as human beings. Let us all look ahead and embrace the unknown.

Best wishes for Joanne and the App Whisperer Community!


‘Look ahead, embrace the future!’

Cedric Blanchon

My resolution for the year 2021 is to taking off this f****ing mask once and for all. It’s that people stop believing everything they find on the internet. That Donald Trump is finally moving. I wish I could stop smoking as well haha. Make lots of pictures. See lots more. To love and be loved. Winning the lottery. And to meet C. To one day see again the English in the European Union, that France wins the soccer euro. Thank you Joanne for all that you do for us.


Sylvie Prévot

“Contrary to what I was hoping for in 2020, I didn’t have time for myself! Also, I decided now that it was time for me to go into hibernation, to recharge my batteries and find myself… and before Spring, I will open my window with a feeling of new found freedom!

For 2021, I hope to spend more time with my photos, create news, rework with applications that I love and that I have somewhat forgotten, well, everything that I sorely missed the last year… and also, participate in more contest and learn to put myself forward, not a small task!

And I wish everyone, within this magnificent community of photographers, carried by you Joanne, to open your window and your heart and feel free to breathe, to love, to love yourself, to create and be crazy… Be healthy, be creative, be gentle to yourself and others, be screaming of joy! Vive la Vie.


Tomaso Belloni

Last year I wrote a few lines here, but who would expect that the coming year would have been so unique and overall not at all something to remember? We all hope that this is over soon, although it will still take some time, Meanwhile, there is space for quite a few new-year resolutions. No more new gear for my camera, concentrate on focussed projects. It will make a big difference when I can travel again.

This year I managed to spend a couple of days in Barcelona for a brief holiday, just before the start of the pandemic. There I took this photograph, which in many ways I see as telling a postive story of hope for the future.


Joel A

I’ve never been much for new year resolutions or keeping them for that matter. I think if I had to make one it would be to go out on more shows. It’s been hard this last year considering the state of world but 2021 has to better. Music has always played an integral part of my creative process. Art feeding art.

I’d love to go to more shows and work on my concert photography. Whether it be an arena in Houston, Texas or some roadhouse bar down in Lafayette, Louisiana. I have to get out and be inspired. I want to capture musicians onstage being being fueled by the roar of their audience and paying them back in kind with sonic walls and reverb.

2021 better rock.


Kathryn Meininger

2020 was not a kind year. It brought so much grief and so many unexpected challenges to most of us.

It broke us down in ways we never anticipated, but it also afforded us an opportunity to dig deep into parts of ourselves we may have thought we’d lost.

In this spirit, 2021 affords us the time and a unique opportunity to reset, on a smaller scale and also a large scale, should we desire.

Change is hard for most, and change on a grand scale, a geopolitical change, is near impossible. For this, I put my faith in the young. As a generation, they want better, not just for themselves, for for all, and for the Earth as well, and appear to be willing to do what it takes.

They give me hope.

My eldest granddaughter has a philosophy that she lives every day and that I greatly admire:

“Don’t wish for it. Work for it.”

And in 2021, this is exactly what I plan to do.


Jen Burnett

I have always looked forward to the turning over, to a new start, and taking stock of the year that was. This New Year holds an even greater expectation that things will be exponentially better than 2020, which sapped me of creative drive, and due to a family member’s illness, the time and energy I would normally devote to create. This year, I am determined to grow from the difficulties, be kind to myself when judging my own work, find the creative spark, create more, and in the process fine tune my visual voice.

It is our artists, poets, writers, creatives and photographers who reflect our humanity, give emotional meaning to our experiences, and inspire us. I am grateful for this creative community. May 2021 bring more hope, health, inspiration and a better year for all!.


Pati John

I started to work with the multiple variety of new ios apps I wasn’t used to because being an android user only. It helped me to go deep into different levels of self portraitures with many unexpected expressions visible in unpredictable effects, that I associate with a wow-factor. I can’t get enough of it so may the 2021 be the perfect year to continue this process, with even better results. I also provoked myself to participate in many mobile art challenges and photography competition of 2020 to share own vision and learn from the other, excellent artists where I could also see my different fine art pieces scoring hight in few competition with some impressive international co-exhibitions as a result. I hope I would be able to dare even more instead of being blocked by anxiety and an inner belief in an insufficient experience.

Early 2020 brought me a creative impotence I couldn’t handle with, because I was looking at this situation as on a personal failure. Now I understand that nothing happens without a reason and this period of artistic drought was necessary for me to learn to stand up even faster when I fall. Because failures are to teach us how to grow not to beat us down. I desire to practice this new approach even more with every single day of 2021. I got used to be perfect in everything what can be show in public now I am keen on discovering step by step that to be ‘good enough’ is also an achievement. Because not the quantity but quality with shared emotions are the things that difine my as an artist – This is also my strongest resolution for 2021, together with: experiment more with new tools and having fun with it, be patient with bringing a finishing touch to each new art mostly this process needs to take more time, in advance.

Not forget to trust my instinct when I dare to be a inventor (however being still a self-taught newbe) because there is not one specific style, called the best to follow to be succeed. Be aware that very often artworks are not liked enough or awarded alike but each of those doesn’t have to mean it couldn’t be opposite in the future. Sometimes innovative ideas need more time to be understood in an appropriate way. Until than don’t forget that each one creating artists is unique and that’s the most beautiful and changeless principle to rule our World affected by Covid-19.

Thank you Joanne for choosing me to participate in this amazing mission to share my resolutions with the whole amazing community which you awoke to create and spread the beauty of mobile art besides every boundaries. I wish you and all the artists a hope for a better tomorrow without pandemy, just around the corner at our fingertips!!!


Paul Suciu

 In 2021 I hope the emotional climate will be better than that of the previous year, we all need this. In fact, after a crisis (and I hope we will successfully pass the current situation) there is always a chance for a revival in many areas, so we can be optimistic.

Regarding my art, will try to explore more possibilities and subjects.

I wish everybody a better 2021 full of creativity and inspiration!

Warm regards,



Lanie Heller

Thank you Joanne!! Well…..2020 was a year that many or none of us have ever experienced before. In the beginning of the pandemic I looked for light & moments of positivity. We had more time with our families, our pets, slowing down, being grateful for what we have, looking forward to the future. As the pandemic carried on I experienced sadness, despair, a lack of hope for humanity seeing the divide it caused both politically & racially. This piece I made represents this for me. I’m beginning to feel hopeful again & looking forward to 2021. Still thankful daily for what I have when so many have lost so much. This year I hope we can be more gentle with ourselves, each other & the world around us.  Even though I’m not able to create like I want to I thank you all for being part of my life for so long!

Here’s to more love, light & kindness in 2021

Lanie Heller


Lisa Mitchell

Well, what can be said about 2020 that hasn’t already been said. Who could have possibly envisaged what was to come, as we put pen to paper to write out New Years Resolutions last year.

For me personally, my life had already completely changed in 2019, when I lost the love of my life, and I had to completely rebuild my future. If 2020 has taught me anything, it is simply to live one day at a time. It has also made me acknowledge how incredibly strong I am.

For 2021, I simply want to be able to continue my journey by learning to cherish and nourish myself more again. To appreciate who I am, faults and all, and to be kinder to myself. I also long  to be able to create work again, which has been virtually impossible for nearly 2 years. I have hardly picked up the camera in that whole time. Nothing is forever, I know that, life is transient, so all these things will change. One thing for certain, is that I now know that whatever life throws at me, I can cope….because I already have. If I take one quote with me this year, it will be this…’ No matter how high the mountain, there is always a path leading to the top’ ( Taken from the film Saint Judy)

Bring it on 2021! Love & light to you all.


Yoni Mayeri

Thank you for all the work you do for our community.

Resolutions for 2021 –  I hope to reach new heights, to help others in need, to stretch and strengthen my mind and body, to be grateful for all that I am, and to continually whittle my waistline!

Cheers and good health, Yoni Mayeri


Giulia Baita

My purpose for the new year is to promote unity and inclusion of all artists and all cultures.

Our planet has learned to consider the earth as a single global village and to discover that it is not possible to create walls and borders between peoples sharing the same air.  What I will produce will be in this perspective.

I feel very grateful for all the love I feel around me and I plan to return it whenever I can.  Thank you all because each of us is linked to the others by invisible threads and we all influence each other.

Thanks to Joanne for this amazing assembly work between so many different artists.

Happy New Year to all!


Christina Chin

I would like to express my deep gratitude to our wonderful, amazing and dedicated Joanne Carter for the opportunity to participate in all her wonderful past and present events.

Though 2020 was a very different and difficult year, it was an extremely busy one of creativity, writing and mobile digital art. I’m honoured to be placed alongside amazing artists and friends in the top 100 winners of the Mobile Digital Art Competition 2020 which Joanne Carter was one of the honourable jury. The winner ‘Sanctuary’ was my choice submission, my vision of hope for the current global situation.

Fellow artists, may you continue to push the limits and excel in mobile art.


Cecily Caceu

My resolutions for 2021 are simple:

Try to stay positive

Do lots of yoga

Get out in nature as much as possible

Make art every day

Listen more

Help others get through this pandemic.


Maurizio Zanetti

Bad year 2020 that has just ended. For me it started with a tumor in the right kidney and consequent elimination of the kidney, it could not be done otherwise. I had just returned from the hospital and was starting to recover when the Covid pandemic arrived. And therefore no walks but seclusion, locked in the house like millions of Italians and citizens all over the world. And this is the bad news. However: the tumor was not malignant, I did not have to undergo chemo and even the latest tests tell me that the remaining kidney is working well. Covid was and still is a tragedy but neither I nor my family have taken it. The lockdown was a big hassle but a good opportunity to rearrange thousands of negatives of photos taken starting from the distant 1977. I continued, even with the limitations of the lockdown, to take pictures with the iPhone, share them on Instagram and FB, participate to contests and contests. In short: as we say in Italy, I see the glass as half full, it could have been worse, unfortunately for many it went worse. Promises and plans for 2021? Sorry but out of luck this year I don’t do it. I hope to be vaccinated as soon as possible, with my almost 66 years I should make it by May. I hope in the meantime to continue not to take Covid. I hope everything goes well with my family, friends, everyone I know and even those I don’t know. I hope. I will continue to take pictures, share them on social networks and in competitions. But for now “low profile”: before returning to major projects, let’s try to close this monstrous pandemic. Best wishes and a hug to everyone.


‘Alba sul Conero’

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