Harbortouch Elite Review


Harbortouch is a low-cost POS solution that specifically targets small to medium businesses. Its solutions are specially designed for restaurants, saloons, small retail shops, bars, and delivery services. Unlike many other POS providers, Harbotouch POS does not require any upfront payment, but users must use the system for at least three years. 

The POS solution is cloud-based, which allows access from different locations, and it has tailor-made software for different business categories. The merchant offers two POS plans – Harbotouch Echo and Harbotouch Elite. Harbortouch Echo is for small businesses, while the Elite targets bigger establishments. This review will focus on Harbortouch Elite.


Harbortouch Elite has many exciting features. What you get depends on the kind of business you run as there are different software for different businesses. However, irrespective of the nature of your business, the POS has perfect inventory management specially designed for the business type, the same goes for employee management, loyalty programs, reporting, and payment solution.

In addition, the POS for restaurants has tableside ordering features that allow an employee to take an order from the table and send it directly to the kitchen. It also has a table tracking that provides information about the available table and the number of customers on each table. There are also features that allow customers to make a table reservation and receive text messages when the table is ready. 

The delivery POS has features for tracking and managing drivers, features for mapping and direction. Saloons can enjoy additional features that will help them manage appointments, send reminders, and keep photos of different hairstyles.

Habortouch Elite Hardware

Most of the hardware of Harbortouch Elite POS are supplied directly by the company. As a subscriber, you will get a processor, touch screen, cash drawer, receipt printer, barcode scanner, keyboard, and mouse. 

There is also a customer display and server cards for ten employees. If you run a restaurant, you will also get additional hardware like a digital scale and kitchen printer. The hardware and installation are provided free on the condition that the business subscribes to the service for a minimum of three years. The hardware also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Habortouch Elite Operating system

As discussed earlier, there are different software for different types of businesses. You will have to choose the one that is designed for your kind of business. The major categories are:

  • Restaurants
  • Delivery
  • Saloon
  • Retail

The POS is cloud-based, hence users can access their accounts from any computer that has an internet connection. Being cloud-based also mean that the software will be upgraded periodically as upgrades are available. However, there are many complaints about how the upgrade disrupts services as it can occur at any time of the day including peak time.

Habortouch Elite Ease of Use

Because of the numerous features of Harbortouch Elite POS, the system may be cumbersome to use. It is certainly not something you will look at and I’ve got it. If you are used to operating POS before it might be easier, but if you are new to POS entirely it may take some diligent learning before you fully understand how to use it. However, after understanding it, you will certainly find it very easy to use.

Habortouch Elite Payment Processing

Harbortouch Elite POS accepts all common types of payment. You can pay in cash, cheque, or with any of the popular credit or debit cards. The system also accepts contactless payment using applications on your phone like Google Pay and Apple Pay. You might also pay through online transactions.

Credit card payment is processed through the Harbortouch parent company, shift4 payments, and the transaction charges depend on the amount involved in the transaction. The higher the amount, the lower the rate. However, many customers complained that they find it difficult to calculate the charges on their transactions.

Habortouch Elite Pricing

Harbortouch is certainly one of the cheapest POS solution available. The Elite solution comes at a monthly subscription rate of $39. There is no upfront payment. But as had been said, the free hardware and installation have a condition of a minimum of three years contract. Not many users are very comfortable with this condition anyway.

Termination of Contract

Harbortouch services come as a three-year contract with an option to renew. After the expiration of the three years, a user must inform them of his intention to terminate the contract, otherwise, it will automatically be renewed for another year and continue as an annual contract afterward. However, if a customer chooses to terminate the contract before the expiration of the first three years, the business will be liable to a payment of $600 if the contract still has more than ten months left. If the time remaining on the contract is less than 10 months, then the termination charges will be $60 multiply by the remaining number of months. In addition to this, there is also a fee for hardware which varies between $200 to $300 depending on the number of months left in the contract.

Habortouch Elite Customer Services

Harbortouch customer services can be reached through a phone call or email. The company claims that the service is available all hours of the day on every day of the week. However, many customers complained bitterly about the inefficiency of this aspect of the service. many emails sent to the customer services were reported not to be replied to even after weeks. Phone calls are always being put on a queue until you get tired and terminate them. When they pick calls and offer to visit your store, they may keep you waiting forever. Based on all these, it will be appropriate to say the general opinion of the Harbortouch POS Elite users is that the quality of the customers’ services of the company is below expectation.

Habortouch Elite Users Comments

There are many comments about the services, pricing, and functionality of Harbortouch Elite POS online by its users. The comments clearly show mixed feelings. While many users are praising the system for its great features, low price, and ease of use, many are condemning it for hidden charges, frequent loss of service, and poor customer service.


Elite plan is one of the two POS plans offered by Harbortouch. It aims at providing a point of sale and other management solutions to small to medium businesses. While Harbortouch can be used by any business organization, it is particularly designed for restaurants, bars, saloons, delivery services, and retail shops. The POS comes at an affordable fee of $39 per month without any upfront fees. But users must use the service for at least three years, failure of which will attract a $600 charge.

Harbortouch Elite hardware has a lifetime warranty and the software depends on the nature of the business it is meant for. The system uses a cloud-based software which enables business owners to access their account from anywhere and on any computer connected to the internet. This also ensures the software is regularly updated. Developing different software for different businesses made it possible to include many great features and the majority of the users are satisfied with the features, functionality, and ease of use.

However, their customer care services are below average and there are many complaints of hidden charges and system failure.