The Growing Industry of Online Business


The booming industry of online business has taken the marketing world by a storm. With the continuous shift in their increasingly busy lifestyle, most customers nowadays would rather shop online. This has given companies no choice but to keep up with the constantly evolving digital marketing trends, giving birth to the new era of e-commerce. … Read moreThe Growing Industry of Online Business

How to Succeed at the Financial Side of Photography


Photography can both be a fun and exciting hobby and many entrepreneurs who love this find it possible to create a company based around taking and selling photographs. Although the photography may seem like a fun business venture, there are still other considerations you need to fully understand about running a startup just as much … Read moreHow to Succeed at the Financial Side of Photography

How to Make Payment Processing Easier and Safer


All businesses exist to make money. Not being able to accept payments easily and safely means you are preventing that from happening. Businesses that have yet to address their payment processing issues are always going to struggle to remain productive and profitable. When consumers are limited in their payment options, they are likely to head elsewhere, to a business that lets them pay the way they want to pay. If your payment processing capabilities are restricting your business growth, then here are some key factors to consider.

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Web Content Strategy: How Important it is to Put High Quality Photos in Your Website?


Typically, site visitors get easily bored when browsing through a page with pure text content. Photos, on the other hand, are great communicators and as the saying goes “a picture paints a thousand words”. High quality photos make a website visually engaging and if arranged in an optimum layout, it will definitely have a positive impact on your website.

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These Simple Techniques Will Transform Your Photos


Introduction Producing a professional photo can take years of practice and many of us exercise a trial and error approach in order to get the desired result. Gone are the days when a photographer had to wait to finish the film and get it processed before he could see the finished results. With the advancements … Read moreThese Simple Techniques Will Transform Your Photos

Building an Online Portfolio for Your Art: A Guide


An artist’s online portfolio is very much like their creative resume in the modern world and can open the door to earning an income as a result of their talent and passion. It’s often the first place someone will visit when they learn of your work before they decide whether or not they want to contact or buy from you. This should go without saying, but your portfolio should show your very best work in high quality images, i.e. without camera flash, odd backgrounds, shadows or poor lighting. Showcase work that tells visitors who you are as an artist both technically and creatively. To help you get started, this guide will take you through the key steps when building your online portfolio.

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How to Pick Up Your Photography Hobby Again?


The advancements in digital photography have led to an explosion in the industry. People are not just in the industry as a career path, but also for its creative art form. The basics of becoming a photographer are a lot easier now, considering the multitude of online photography courses available.

Whether you engage in photography as a professional or because it’s a hobby, you need to have the skills. Photography isn’t that easy as it calls for discipline and patience to get the best shots. You also need the tenacity to put in long hours and manage your hobby in a way that will keep you interested.

If you wish to pick up your photography hobby, here’s how you can start.

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Mobile Photo Booths Are Trendier Than Ever


Photo booths were the original selfie back in the old days; they would gloriously capture moments of joy and produce it instantly. While the convenience of taking a selfie anywhere is great, but when you compare it with the photo booth ability to produce a totally hands-free photo with one or more people, you can see why it may deserve some extra recognition.

The first photo booth prototype was developed back in 1889 in Paris, and it produced a single photo in about 5 minutes, which was quite impressive at the time. The photo booth rose in popularity worldwide thanks to the Photomaton, a 1925 invention by a Siberian immigrant who built the first modern photo booth as we know it today, curtain-enclosed. The first months of business proved how revolutionary everyone thought it was with thousands of visitors from across the cities in line to get 8 photos in less than 8 minutes for only 25 cents. Starting its trip from Broadway, the photo booth hasn’t only gained popularity across the US, it also started gaining traction in Canada and many European countries. Even the police managed to utilize a model of the photo booth without curtains in mugshots. Thanks to the progressive technology in the field of photography, colors were added to photo booth shots and the need for attendants was gone as people could manually-operate the booth with complete ease. Some may believe that the age of the photo booth is gone, but we’ll be telling you why mobile photo booths are trendier than ever today.

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