3 Tips for Making Your Christmas Photos Standout on Instagram


Christmas is a wonderful time of year when we get the chance to connect and spend quality time with our friends and families. It’s a time for exchanging gifts, eating until we burst, and heading out into the snow before returning to relax in front of the fire.

It’s natural for us to want to capture these memories so that we can look back and reminisce for years to come, so we’ll often reach for our camera to take some Christmas snaps. Once we’ve taken some festive pictures, sharing them with your friends online can be the perfect way to spread Christmas cheer. Let’s look at how to make your Christmas photos stand out on Instagram.

Use The Best Source Material

Instagram has plenty of options for editing and post-production enhancements. However, you’ll see the best results if you make sure the photos you’re using are of high quality.

Pay attention to the basic principles of photography. You’ll need to think about things like colour and white balance, contrast, exposure, and composition. Don’t stick to just one photo; take several at once and choose the best of the bunch.

Making sure your original photos are of good quality is incredibly important. Not only will it help them stand out on Instagram more, but it will also give you more options for creativity. You could use a photo book maker and print your snaps into a beautiful collection.

Choose The Right Filter

One of Instagram’s most famous features is its collection of photo filters. These can be used to instantly make a picture look more professional, with filters to suit just about every photo style and tone.

For your Christmas pictures, you’ll want to choose a filter that will accentuate the warmer tones in your photograph, making everything look cosier and more comfortable. Filters that slightly oversaturate your picture are good too. These will make Christmas colours like green, red, and gold much more vivid and attractive.

Avoid filters that cool the tones in your photograph or that desaturate it. These can make your picture seem cold and unfriendly.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are a fundamental part of Instagram; they are used for categorising pictures and tagging posts as belonging to certain communities or genres. Hashtags can be made up of letters or numbers or with a combination and can be used to signify just about anything you can imagine. Users can follow their favourite hashtags to see relevant content appear in their feeds.

Use Christmas-focused hashtags to let people know you’re celebrating the Christmas season. Try hashtags like #christmas, #xmas, and #merrychristmas to help your picture stand out from the crowd.


There are an estimated 95 million posts on Instagram every day. Standing out in the face of these astonishing numbers might seem like an impossible task, but with some careful planning and preparation, it can certainly be done. Follow this guide and ensure your Christmas photos are raking in the likes this December.