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Smartphone Videography is the Next Big Thing: Trends Unboxed

Making professional videos with the help of smartphones is already a reality. Not to lag behind, read about the pros and cons of smartphone videography, useful tips, and booming 2022 trends.

It is impossible to deny that smartphones are replacing professional cameras, and more and more bloggers choose remote devices to generate video content. In the US alone, there will be 205 million smartphone video viewers in 2022. And the number is going to increase in the upcoming years.

If you are planning to use mobile movies to establish an online presence and promote your brand, this article can help. Below, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of creating cell phone videos, the best smartphone cameras, and 2022 trends.

smartphone videography

Pros and cons of cell phone videos

Before we jump into the best practices of smartphone videography, it will be wise to discuss its advantages and drawbacks.


  • Affordable. Even though smartphone brands and models like iPhone 13 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S21 cost a small fortune, they are still cheaper than most professional cameras for videography.
  • Accessibility. It is difficult to find a person that doesn’t own a smartphone. Thus, you have direct access to high-quality HD videos even if the device is a few years old.
  • Small size. Smartphones fit in your pocket and can be attached to any item: from a skateboard to a selfie stick. You can make videos without the need to carry a lot of things.
  • Easy to master. Most smartphone cameras allow shooting in an automatic mode, so you don’t have to master the science of iris control and color balancing.


  • Limited storage space. Videos occupy lots of space, especially if they are in 4K. One minute of such video takes around 1GB which means that you have to move the files to a cloud or download them after every shooting.
  • Poorer audio quality. Smartphone cameras are not designed with audio in mind, so if the person you are filming stands a few meters away, most likely the sound will be bad. Thus, you should additionally purchase microphones and adaptors.
  • Zoom could be better. When zooming in and out during a shot on a smartphone, the picture won’t look smooth. You should first set the length and then make a video. To avoid the problem, choose last-generation cell phones with an optical zoom.

If after reading the facts above you are not scared away, move on to the next paragraphs with trends and tips.

2022 smartphone videography trends

We have gathered five trends that will hit the cell phone videography market in 2022 including vertical shots, video editing apps, and social media engagement.

Vertical videos

The first mobile film trend of 2022 is vertical videos that make the content easily viewed on various screens. Here are only some of the things to consider:

  • They offer higher user engagement
  • More commonly used by millennials
  • Are utilized by popular brands
  • Easier to watch on mobile
  • Maximum usage of cuts and angles
  • Perfect for Snapchat and Stories

Autoplay feature

Statistics shows that iOS and Android smartphone owners have a rather limited attention span – up to 2 minutes. In 2013, Facebook decided to solve this problem and help marketers by introducing the Autoplay features. In a matter of years, Twitter and YouTube started using it as well which led to higher engagement and sales. Consider platforms with Autoplay if you want your videos to be watched.

Immersive content

No matter whether you use flagship models or older smartphones, understanding what the users want to see is a must. Your content should be immersive, personalized, and emotion-stirring. Create ads and campaigns that cover the modern problems and pains of the audience, and you will be second to none.

Professional videos

While amateur videos look cute, they no longer generate traffic and sales. That is why in 2022 you should rely on high-quality content with an interesting script, beautiful pictures, and immersive sounds. To achieve outstanding results, consider at least semi-professional editing software. Learn more about Movavi and you’ll understand what we are talking about.

Social media

A high-quality video editor is not the only thing to keep in mind. You should also utilize social media for posting and promoting your video content. Apps like Facebook and Instagram generate enormous traffic and have billions of monthly users. In addition, they offer numerous filters and features that will make your video content even better.

smartphone videography
How to record better

There are many ways you can create high-quality videos and spoil your viewers with great content. Six of them are discussed below:

  • Landscape. Black vertical lines on the sides of the video are among the most common and annoying mistakes of video production. To avoid it, don’t forget to shoot in a landscape, not portrait mode.
  • Zoom. We have already discussed that smartphones are not really great for zooming. But, thankfully, Samsung S21 and other top devices have a lossless zoom that keeps all details in place.
  • Stabilization. With the help of smartphone tripods and optical image stabilization, you can easily avoid handshakes.
  • Backlight. Smartphones are not able to capture backlit objects, so you will simply lose precious content if you forget to choose the light correctly.
  • Framing. To emphasize the main object, fill the frame with it. In order to create a more complex visual scene, you can also place the person or item off-center. Don’t be afraid to experiment.
  • Time-lapse. If you want to capture many elements or sceneries in a shorter time, use the time-lapse technique. Try using Chronolapse and other similar programs that help to create time-lapse videos for free.

Final thoughts

In order to keep up with the changing technologies and trends, marketers, bloggers, and business owners need to work non-stop. And to be one step ahead of competitors, you should foresee the changes and tendencies by following the market and news. To succeed in cell phone videography this year, utilize a smartphone tripod and natural light, edit videos, and listen to the audience. Good luck!