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Mobile Photography / Art – Saturday Poetry – ‘Spring Time’ by Harper Lee


Harper Lee died yesterday at the age of 89, she was of course, the famous author of To Kill a Mockingbird. Her story of race relations and legal injustice set in the American south in the 1930s, first published in 1960, won the Pulitzer prize for fiction in 1961, was made into an Oscar-winning film in 1962 and went on to sell more than 40m copies worldwide. It has never been out of print and is perhaps the most widely loved American novel of the past half-century. The book was seen by many as saying something good, something important about America itself.

Not many people know but can probably imagine long before she became famous for To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee, or ‘Nelle’ as she was known by family and friends was practicing her writing skills as a child. One of her special childhood friends, was Truman Capote and they often shared stories together.

At 11 years old, Harper Lee, wrote a poem, ‘Springtime’ and it was published in the Monroe Journal. This poem is actually incredibly rare and we are very pleased to include it below. It indicates a happy childhood for a young girl who loves nature and finds joy in the outdoors. Rest in peace, Harper Lee.


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Springtime by Harper Lee

Spring is here, spring is here!

Now is the time to be gay.

Oh, how glad I will be

For it soon to be May!

Spring is here, spring is here!

How happy we are!

The birds are singing happily

Their sweet notes ring afar.

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