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New Selfie App Allows You To Order Your Perfectly Fitted Bra From Home – Raises $8m in Funding

Personally, whenever I need a new bra I book a fitting in a good lingerie store. That way I can be ensured of the most luxurious, sumptuous and perfect fit and most women will admit, there’s not much more delicious and heavenly than a correctly fitted and supportive bra. You may be wondering why I am telling you this, although I’m sure it aroused your interest, well the reason is, a startup company called ThirdLove has just raised $8m funding supported by a long list of big fashion houses and names, even American Express have chipped in.  Thirdlove is utlisling imaging technonglies to help the customer find the correct size bra through a series of selfies that you take within the app. The app then processes and reassigns two dimensional images, into three dimensional shapes and matches them to its database of own-brand bras.

“ThirdLove is breaking through industry norms to create bras that simply are a better fit and more comfortable throughout the day than what women currently have in their lingerie drawers”, said Lori Greeley, who served as CEO of Victoria’s Secret Stores until 2013. “With the 24/7 collection in particular, they are capturing what real women expect from a modern wardrobe — style and function.”

ThirdLove are offering a ‘free trial’ of a t-shirt bra. To find out more go here. You can view a video below of the making of this bra too.

The link to download the free ThirdLove app, is below.

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