City Fragments


“Every image amalgamation within this series conveys the city as a sovereign fragment of the baroque amassed and relentlessly dismantled metropolitan screen”[Foreword by Joanne Carter].

Photographs and text by

Brett Chenoweth

These images, which are essentially my take on street photography, come from my ongoing series City Fragments. As a mobile artist, one of the things I love is being able to collage images in the spirit of double and multiple exposure.

“Generally, I am interested in human nature and what it means to be an individual in a sea of people”.

These images are created from photos I take as I wander through the world and the streets of my city.

In process, I work an image or series of images into a final image that creates a narrative.

All of my editing takes place on my iPad, mostly in the App Procreate.  You can see more images for this series here


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