Web Content Strategy: How Important it is to Put High Quality Photos in Your Website?

Typically, site visitors get easily bored when browsing through a page with pure text content. Photos, on the other hand, are great communicators and as the saying goes “a picture paints a thousand words”. High quality photos make a website visually engaging and if arranged in an optimum layout, it will definitely have a positive impact on your website.

High-quality Photos Attract Visitors

Studies show that a website that features relevant and high quality photos is visited more frequently compared to a website without images. It is best if the photos used in the site are your own, making you free to edit the images accordingly. There are several image editing software that can be used for this purpose and you may come across Aurora HDR, which allows users to create high-quality photos. But there are instances wherein this is not feasible. Hence, it is also a good practice to research and identify sources of already high-quality photos without the need for enhancements. Some of which may share the photos for free, while others ask for a certain fee.

High-quality Photos Boost SEO Ranking

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is the process of improving your site to gain quantity and quality traffic by topping the ranks in search results. Websites that feature images, which are layout in a visually appealing manner, appear on top of the ranks because the images tend to support relevant content. Images, particularly high-quality photos, increase the dwell time of site visitors and this is a factor considered in SEO. It also helps if the images are properly labeled with metadata and captions that make the search process for the site effortless. This is because most search engines have already implemented an image-recognition algorithms that are able to identify filler images.

High-quality Photos Pave the Way for a “Shareable” Site

People tend to share their good experiences, and having visited a site that paved the way for a good user experience is considered worthy to be shared. Social media is a big part in embarking for a digital footprint. Good content needs an excellent web hosting provider and Hosting Foundry is here to help. A site that gains a huge following on social media is a successful site, not only because it is more accessible, but because the traffic generated to the site through social media has a great chance of conversion. Thereby, a site with relevant, high-quality, and amazing photos are more likely to be shared on Facebook or Instagram rather a site that features pure text because of the remarkable user experience enhanced by high-quality photos.

In conclusion, most people are visual learners. Images, especially high-quality photos, are considered as a powerful method of sending through a message. Hence, it is time to break the monotony of a website designed with pure text. High-quality images will surely bring the website to life, engaging more and more users to visit and revisit the page. As they say, the message can easily be transmitted across if it is shown, rather than told. Additionally, people tend to remember more of what they see, rather than what they read.