Beginners Guide for Creating Content Using a GoPro

Over the years, cameras have significantly evolved beyond what words could describe. You now have different types of cameras with a variety of features and specs, each of which is unique and capable of doing some remarkable things. Even your phone’s camera is capable of taking superb pictures now, it is the GoPro that really changed the game when it first emerged almost 20 years ago. It allowed photographers to take groundbreaking images and videos underwater, at high speeds, and at locations that would not otherwise accommodate a camera. Now, content creators around the world use this small and extremely powerful camera to take some excellent photos and videos. Here is how you can start creating content using a GoPro:

Get the Right Model 

Before you can even consider using a GoPro for creating content, you need to figure out just which model you need. This will depend on the kind of content you plan on creating, and the medium you will be using the camera in. There are currently several models in the market, each with some unique features. The latest offering by the company is the GoPro Hero 8, released by the end of last year. It can take 360 high-quality imagery, make 4k videos at 100 Mbps, create time lapses videos, has a GPS, voice control, and a touchscreen, and comes with a ton of other features. The question is, do you really need those specs, or can you just go with its excellent predecessor, the GoPro Hero 7 Black? Read the different specs carefully and decide which works best for you.

Get the Gear

While the GoPro is a sturdy and excellent camera on its own, you should still get some gear to improve the quality of your content. With the right gear, you can leverage your camera in more versatile ways to do some cool things. You can start with some microphone attachments, which can really boost the audio quality of your videos. Yes, the GoPro comes with built-in microphones, but they are not really the best you could find. This is why getting an external microphone, and an adapter to connect it to the camera, is essential for vloggers and anyone hoping to snap excellent quality photos

You should also get yourself some red filters to capture better images and videos underwater. Without those, images can be quite blurry, and you might not even be able to distinguish anything. When you add those filters, though, what you see is what you get on camera, with vibrant imagery and great colors. Needless to say, you will also have to get a proper tripod to keep the camera stable, and to create content that doesn’t include much motion. If, however, you plan on creating content where there is a lot of movement and action, you should get a head-strap or a body-strap for the camera so you can capture everything you see. 

Use the App 

If you didn’t know this already, GoPro has a dedicated app that could help you pair the camera with your smartphone, and you need to get it! This app is very useful in editing the photos you take and posting content on social media, so it is very important for vloggers and content creators. Any social media influencers who use GoPro are known to use the app to post content regularly. 

Learn about Lighting 

If you’re really serious about creating content using any camera, and not just the GoPro, then you need to invest time and effort in learning about lighting. When it comes to photography or recording videos, lighting is everything. This is particularly more important with the GoPro if you want to make videos at higher frame rates like 120fps or 140fps. The better the lighting you have, the higher the quality of your content will be. So, make it a priority to learn and understand how to create the perfect setting for your GoPro to make high-quality videos and images. 

Understand the Camera Settings 

While this might seem like a given, a lot of people actually use the GoPro on one or two settings, ignoring the rest, which can be pretty useful. This action camera comes with a ton of different settings, and each has particular uses that can help you create some excellent content. Make sure to spend some time learning those different settings, and how you can use them. It will make a lot of difference in the quality of your content. 


The only thing that would be left for you to do after following our guide is to start shooting. The only way you can get better at using your GoPro, or anything for that matter, is through practice. You can also watch tutorials online, which may be of help for those who aren’t tech-savvy enough to figure out settings on their own.