Why You Need a VPN For Your iPhone and Android Smartphone


I’ve always been conscientious of my security online and knew that using a VPN was a smart option to take, especially if I was going to be utilizing free Wi-Fi at the local coffee shop or when working remotely with a laptop. Like several individuals, I use my phone regularly and wondered if I should be utilizing a VPN for it too. I quickly came to a conclusion after conducting research that the answer was “Yes.” is the default IP address of most Wi-Fi routers. This universal IP is used to set up and reset your router in case you are using a wireless network. I also discovered that Cox Internet provides an extensive product lineup, from high-speed internet, TV, phone, and home automation and security.

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What Is a VPN?

A virtual private network (VPN) protects browsing activity on the internet through an encrypted, secure connection. Using a VPN provides online anonymity and a safe way to surf the web. Data stays safe from hackers who may want to use it to steal important information.

A VPN service uses several private servers throughout the world in different locations. By logging in to a server that’s located in a specific city or country, it masks the regular IP address used by a phone or computer and keeps it safe from prying eyes. One of its most significant uses is hiding an IP address when working remotely.


Do You Value Your Privacy?

A VPN routes the data between a website and smartphone by utilizing a protocol. The protocol hides information that is being routed. Without a VPN, data can be easily hacked, stolen or compromised.

Have you ever had your identity stolen? It can be a nightmare to resolve. Having to call several different banks and credit card providers takes time and is highly frustrating.

Privacy shouldn’t be just for investigators or journalists. A VPN can make it extremely difficult to verify my identity when I’m browsing different sites. I like the security and privacy this gives me and know that I am not being watched or having my data recorded or stolen. It just makes sense to invest your money in the best VPN for iPhone if you want to protect your privacy and identity. It just makes sense to invest your money in the best Android VPN and the best VPN for iPhone if you want to protect your privacy and identity


Using a VPN on an iPhone or Android

Having a secure connection to the internet is important to me. The more I thought about it and conducted research, I finally decided it’s probably wise to utilize a VPN on my smartphone. There have been times when it might have been easier to use free Wi-Fi with my phone, but I decided against it knowing that it can be a security issue.

Using a Wi-Fi hotspot is not secure at all. Passwords can get stolen easily and quickly by a hacker who is searching for an unsuspecting victim. By setting up a VPN on my mobile device, it helps ensure that my information is secure and safe. I sure know I don’t want someone logging into my bank account or knowing my credit card information at an online service I use.


Obtaining Privacy from Data Collectors in Big Tech

Knowing that big tech companies record my patterns when I’m browsing is a little unsettling. Having the ability to shop at my favorite online stores via my smartphone and not worry about being tracked by big tech makes me feel like my privacy is better protected. By using a VPN, only I know where I’ve been and what I’ve looked at on the web.

Providing big tech with access to data allows them to make money on my internet usage. I’d rather keep this aspect of my life private and not have to worry about anyone watching my every move. I think most people don’t realize how much data big tech is taking for themselves.


Accessing Restricted Streaming Sites

Enjoying myself while I’m traveling with my smartphone is more comfortable when I have a VPN. Using a streaming site like Netflix is restricted when traveling to another country. A VPN allows me to use a server near my home and log into my account quickly and easily. Other online streaming services restrict access as well, which makes it almost necessary to use a VPN service when I want to relax and watch a movie online.


Using Social Media Accounts With My Smartphone When Traveling Abroad

Other areas where access is restricted when traveling abroad are social media sites such as Instagram or Facebook. Wouldn’t you want to be able to access your favorite social media site when you’re traveling? I sure do. Unfortunately, there are censorship issues when I want to log in and see how friends or family are doing.

Having a VPN on my smartphone solves that problem instantly. I can quickly get online and access the social media site I want to without having to worry about censorship.


Making It Safe to Access Important Files

Using my smartphone to access information via email is quick and convenient. However, there are times when I need to access important private files while using my phone and know that this method isn’t secure. Using a VPN connection provides the safety, privacy and security I need to access private files while using my phone.


Are There Any Cons in Using a VPN Service?

While there are plenty of pros in using a VPN service, there are a few downsides as well. One of the biggest challenges is jumping over the technical hurdle of using a VPN on a phone. Remembering to turn it on and operate it when browsing may take some time to learn. However, I know that it’s a great way to stay private and secure, so I use it regularly.

I can safely say that using a VPN service makes me feel more confident when I’m browsing the web with my smartphone. The encryption it provides helps me know that all of my data is safe and secure. It’s a cost-effective investment I’ll keep on my smartphone.